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Thread: wiz quadding in HOH

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    Default Re: soloing the dragon

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr>but you can look at spell casting time/refresh time vs damage done and see that most casting classes can sustain an extremely high amount of damage.<hr></blockquote>Yeah, they can sustain it until they run out of mana. After doing 5k damage (most wizards don't have the spells to crit this high, btw), you don't have to sit down for a minute before you can do another 5k. What you're calling sustained damage is in actuality.. not sustained damage.

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr>Caster AA's can sometimes add up to sudden big bursts of power -- canni 5, manaburn, dire charms <hr></blockquote>I agree that CannV and DC are powerful, however, they were whining about wizards, and manaburn was nerfed past most semblances of usefulness. A vast majority of wizards never bought this ability back after it was refunded, there's a reason for that.

    Damn, but there was a lot of whining in this thread. I'm a pretty well equipped wiz, in a tier-whatever-Seru-is guild, have clicky nukes, FT, mass AAs, horse, etc, and I'm pretty sure the melee in my guild keep up with me fine in xp groups. AND they're more likely to be picked for an xp group because people know they won't ever have to wait on a monk's mana. As others have said, monks do more damage over a period of time (xp grouping!) than wizards do, and we solo at times because we're forced to do so or sit around and watch groups of healer/slower/melee go xp. If you really think it's that much easier playing a caster, level one up past 60 and try your hand at it.


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    Default Re: soloing the dragon

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr>you have a few options

    1. shut the @#%$ up

    2. make a wizard and solo

    3. play another game<hr></blockquote>

    can only agree

    let em quad. let em get good exp. let em port us. let em die QUICK when overaggro on raid.

    dont forget wizards are a niche class.

    they have more boring job on raids then clerics

    they cant farm stuff for plat (they got to whore ports)

    only the ubahst of wizards can really do cool stuff without risk to die a lot. so be it

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    Default Re: soloing the dragon

    Why is it that because some one has an ability that you dont have, it needs to be nerfed. Wizards and Druids can quad, it is true. Hell knows i have seen wizards LFG for hours on end, so, i just feel that they should have an ability to make some xp.

    I myself have a bard, and we can swarm kite stuff. Seen friends of mine kill 12 mobs in one kite, and they are up and ready for a new round right after. If they are skilled enough to do this, more power to em.

    Class envy and hollering is what got Monks nerfed, why keep swinging the hatchet. I agree u guys got hit hard, and i think you all should get some of yer earlyer power back. Constructive debate on ones own class always seems to be a better way of winning through then finger pointing.


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    Default Re: soloing the dragon

    I love misinformed posts!

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr>My friend wizard quadding in HOH gets 23% AA xp per quad...

    that's around 40 minutes per aa point... any chance any one can show me any ANY uber goober woopy doo monk that can do SOLO (S O L O) aa level per 40 minutes? no.. woops sorry case closed.<hr></blockquote>

    It would be 40 minutes per AA point if it took 10 minutes per quad / med / repop. Sadly, it does not. 10 minutes per quad (sometimes more, sometimes less), 10 minutes (again, sometimes more, sometimes less) to med to full, and repop is about 15 minutes give or take. On average it about 20-25 minutes per quad cycle. That means a soloing Wizard will get an AA every 1hr 20m to 1hr 40m. Hrm, it seems that also means that a full group of 6 people can get an AA faster than I can soloing with signifigantly less risk!

    I should mention that pre-HoHo nerfs you could actually get an AA every 36-40 minutes. How was this possible? Well, you were probably the only Wizard in the zone and there were several quad spots. You could alternate between two spots and just beat their respawn timers. Sadly this is no longer possible.

    Oh, I should also mention that Wizards are a soloing class, Monks are not. Don't hate on me. <img src= ALT=":(">

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    Default Re: soloing the dragon

    Monk aren't a soloing class?

    Post nerf, maybe.

    Not prior.


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    Default Re: soloing the dragon

    Monks got nerfed, so every class should now be as impotent as you feel!

    Hey, fingers crossed, you'll all be able to get wizards nerfed so that they can't make xp solo anywhere!

    Happy happy joy joy !!

    Will druids will be your next target for a nerf call, on the same basis?

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr>let em quad. let em get good exp. let em port us. let em die QUICK when overaggro on raid.<hr></blockquote>shouldn't you be off pulling something? <img src= ALT=":p">

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    Default Re: soloing the dragon


    I have a lot of respect for you. I read the wizzy board quite often.

    You have to realize that alot of monks are upset. I am as well, but I don't flame about it. The change they made to monks has really hit home. PoP changed the game for ALL melee. It took the option of soloing away. Period. Once you level beyond 60, say good by to solo. The fact that you can even solo is a HUGE advantage.

    Remember what it was like when Wizards had a bad rep? you could sit around for a long time and go LFG? But you always had the option to solo to level up. Monks and other melee, do not have that option. And often Monks are skipped for groups because other cases can do as much or more damage/tank, and bring more versitily via spell to a group.

    Now consider this. Most tank class got an upgrade the same time Monks were down graded. All casting classes, including hybreds, got HUGE upgrades in PoP via spells. And yes the scroll drops are rare, but you can get them in any tier 1 zone. And it makes a big difference in power. You just have to put your time in. And if you get a dupe, you can help a guild mate out, or sell it for PP and cash is a rare thing in PoP.

    There are NO random drops to upgrade any pure melee's power like the spells do. To get desent gear you have to go to at least a tier 2 zone. And add on top of it all, monks are less powerful than before the PoP.

    I am not whinning, I am just stating the perspective that alot of people are missing out on. It is not so bad that monks got changed, but EVER class beside monks got upgraded. All of the changes are adding up and make the monk change worse.

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    Default Re: soloing the dragon

    What a load of rubbish....

    <sarcasm> Hey I saw a monk killing stuff and then they fell on the ground and the mob forgot it was attacking and wandered off... I want my wizard to be able to feign death as I think it's not fair... </sarcasm>

    Grow up.

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    Default Re: soloing the dragon

    if you dont like us soloing and taking your mobs, heres a simple solution let us into the group wiz are more powerfull then you think even those of us without FT15 and 50+ aa can still be more effective then a group lacking a wiz.


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