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Thread: Whats wrong with monks?

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    Default ?

    Moronic? It is good advice which will help the monk community, since it is supported by such transactions. I'm just trying to look out for you all.


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    Default what would you suggest tree dude?

    "If you feel like your class needs a helping hand, just ebay some gear from the site owner. "

    So which gear would you suggest a young monk ebay?

    And what price range would one consider spending on this gear?

    Link auctions, plz.



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    Default Re: what would you suggest tree dude?

    "Face it, with Luclin, we became the twink class of choice, and those monks grow up."

    Dont you mean Kunark.......Heh (its a joke). But I agree with everything else in your post. We did have it good there for awhile, but it still doesnt justify why they did what they did.


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    Default Whats wrong with monks?

    They are broken!!!!!!!!!


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    Default Re: whats wrong w/ monks

    So the question at this point is, how do you make a class as extremely powerful as we were without making it the choice class to twink?

    1. Level limits on items. Hell, make it retroactive...There is NO good reason for a level 20 to have a fungi tunic, that is more broken than any monk tanking AoW.

    2. Inherant damage tables...not fist ratios, but base damage tables. A level 50 monk can be made in 2-3 days played with some PL'ing, maybe more like 5 days played with just a fungi and twink gear. That's awfully fast, IMO. A level 60 monk can be completed in another 10-15 days, even without hardcore playing. 61-65 is somewhat irrelevant, considering the minimal upgrades. No other class is so easy to level without druid PL or some such.

    Why? Because we start out great and get better (at least before the nerf). I would suggust that we have our damage tables quite revamped such that a low level isn't gonna do jack with a 14/28 weapon, but a 60 is gonna slaughter the world thrice over with it. What would this do?

    Well, it would piss off the l33t d00ds who level up their monks to be badass mofakas, they'd get bored by level 20 and quit. WOOT we have our god damn *class* back, in both senses of the word. It would also reward us for making it to 60+. A warrior always tanked better than a monk, I don't care what Furur and his jackass minions parse...fact is, monks were NEVER used as a tank of choice. What we could do was fill in an xp group when a better tank wasn't available. Now clerics get gray hairs just thinking about healing a monk in PoV or god forbid a tougher zone.

    Just a thought...REDUCE the ridiculous mudflation that brought this nerf on us. I don't care who it pisses off, because right now we're ALL pissed off. If the 30% of the monk population who existed for the soul purpose of being a ph@t l3w+ twink was pissed off and the rest of us were happy, well wouldn't that be a 70% improvement? =)

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    Default Re: whats wrong w/ monks


    Ive lost faith in the community.

    Ive lost faith in VI ever really repairing what they did... I doubt they care anymore.

    Been saying this for a while but it may be time to retire the hammer and move on to other things.

    Not out yet but Im pretty resigned to the fact that the monks are jsut the first class to go flatline in EQ. Funny considering we are the most survivable mele. Guess we cant FD out of this one.

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