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Thread: Rallos Zek Script Trigger Mobs.

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    Default Rallos Zek Script Trigger Mobs.

    A little tidbit for those doing the RZ script in Tactics. Unlike all the statics in the halls, the trigger mobs (Decorin Berik, Decorin Grunhork) do NOT path back to their spawn points if aggroed and FD'd off. This means that there's no need for a raid to clear to the first trigger. A competent monk can flop to one and flop it back to the raid waiting at the first tee. There a chanter can mez, and the raid can just clear to the 2nd trigger. Saves a lot of time and impresses your friends.

    Get yourself SOE'd, make sure your earthwalk and mend are up, have a cleric Bestow Divine Aura on you, and make a mad dash for the north trigger. I typically FD at max throwie range, and let all the mobs I aggroed path back part way.

    Stand, throw at the trigger mob, and fire off Earthwalk. Run back (Don't run too fast, he'll lose interest). When you get close to the raid, FD and let the statics reset a bit. Then just pop and drop, letting the adds path back, until he gets to you. Call for a mez, yell like mad that no one should DoT him, and start clearing to the other trigger. Half an hour saved.


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    Default Re: Rallos Zek Script Trigger Mobs.

    A competent monk can flop to one and flop it back to the raid waiting at the first tee.

    You don't even need to flop.

    Put sneak on and just run along the wall until you get to one.. You won't agro anything as the ones on the far side are too far to agro, and with sneak your behind or at 90 degrees to those on your side so again won't agro.

    Then throw a missile at the decorin, and run like hell back towards the raid, then just FD 100' from the raid (pray FD does not fail), get a CoH, and re-tag it solo.

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    Default Re: Rallos Zek Script Trigger Mobs.

    Yeah I use sneak...when you got the ones side by side always go with the Hendin Shadow masters (get behind them)

    Once your back there you can toss a surikan or whatever and bring him to the TOP of the T. If you bring him any further towards the stairs they do not corpse camp. Something I found out running ahead trying to make the RZtW script raid night go faster.

    Get the trigger snared and mezzed and bring he along for the ride to the south trigger, the south trigger corpse camps to keep your guild out of the corner tag the south trigger bring him out a lil bit away from his 2 friends...FD..friends go back (their assist radius is a joke so like 2 seconds of him running is more then enough).

    Kill 1st trigger, kill 2nd trigger while in the corner as far as you can get and WIN!~

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