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Thread: New spells, shifts in power, and why the nerf was unneeded

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    Default Wezloc...

    ...stop acting like our pets can combine ala' lets say transformers to make a super pet. Air pet tanks but has low dps, water pets cant tank and have high dps. Monk can tank better then air and do more damage then water.

    When the pets can combine to form some sort of sick super pet then, and only then will our pets be overpowered...


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    Default Re: Wezloc...

    I've seen the Beastlord role argument popping up here. I have a level 32 beastlord, highly twinked (Basically all of my monk's gear plus affliction haste boots and brown chitin legs). Because of pet heals being rediculously better than my self heal (in the neighborhood of 10 times better) and the fact that I can chain cast an 81pt nuke (which I can trade off in two levels with a 140pt nuke), not to mention the blazing speed at which mana regens compared to health, it's more efficient for me to sit back and let my pet tank rather than step in. Unless I'm in a group with a MT that can out taunt my slow aggro or one that's killing so fast that I don't have time to take damage, I do the same thing.

    It's a tradeoff of time to kill vs downtime. If I step in, I kill slightly faster with much more downtime, when I sit back, I kill slightly slower with much less downtime. Pretty simple equation to me. Would be nice, though, if they let pets get more aggro than the players so that I could always play both sides of the coin. I seem to remember meleeing aside my pet as a mage back in beta 3 while he was taking most of the hits, but that was a long time ago.


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    Default PRE-50, all melee fun

    "I find it hard to concieve of a melee only group that would provide any real credibility."

    Before level 50, a group of 6 monks has quite a bit of credibility.

    Take for instance, 6 monks in Crystal Caverns at level 42.

    That's a group with enough credibility to 1) Pump out the proper amount of DPS to wreck the mobs ... 2) Feign off any potential hazards 3) Bandage and Mend fast enough to recover HPs well enough 4) Feign aggro off on each other keep from getting too low on hps.

    This style of group works, till you hit the higher levels.

    But of course it requires 6 monks.



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    Default /yawn

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr>When the pets can combine to form some sort of sick super pet then, and only then will our pets be overpowered... <hr></blockquote>

    Oh you mean the mage epic reward? <img src= ALT=":lol">

    You are such a lame troll. I never said mage pets were overpowered. I even said they are not good enough. However that doesn't change the fact that I feel monks have been crippled by the nerf. If a mage is uses his water pet that can out damage the majority of monks in the game then obviously he doesn't need a tank. Also the mage epic pet can out tank and out damage the majority of monks in the game.

    By majority I mean the 1150ac 2600hps t-stave wielding monks. Since they make up the majority of the people that play monks in the game I am talking about them. If this is the stats of the average monk then the epic pet can surely out tank and out damage them.



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