Questions for SOE

1. Did you nerf monk defense because monks defended too well or because monks were too powerful?

If they defended too well, then why did you not compensate for the resultant loss in over all class power by adding more damage output capability?

If they were too powerful, please tell us the classes which when compared appeared lacking.

2. How more situational is rogue damage than monk damage in PoP with respect to the fact that both require a plate class tank in order to operate at all. Should monk damage be closer to rogues than warriors/rangers or do you think being marginally above warriors with similar equipment is where monk damage should be?

3. When you lessened the monk classes reward for reaching 65 did you consider adding any other replacement incentive to reach that level? How do you think the monk class compares to other classes in terms of the amount of reasons or power increase for reaching 65?

4. As hybrid spells become more powerful going from 61-65, what did you do to make pure melee classes as desirable to groups? Is keeping the relative combat ability of the classes the same whilst increasing spell power fair on pure melee classes?

5. If disciplines and pure melee innate skills were used as a balance against hybrid spells, why have none been added in the last 2-3 expansions?

6. Since the majority of Hybrid AAXP are designed to avoid their basic game balancing design aspect.. gain of DA for BSTS, gain of Triple ATK and Bashes whilst using 2handers for knights, gain of infinite arrows for Rangers... why did you then add such underpowered AAXP for the pure melee classesthat surely require better AAXP in order to maintain any semblance of balance?

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