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Thread: I shouldn't have read this...

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    Default I shouldn't have read this...

    Re: i dont think thats the case


    This whole post would have been much shorter if the disgruntled peeps would realize that, OF COURSE, we are including our pets in avg DPS. I, myself, do 120-160dps REGULARLY as a Class (part of which is my pet). So, for my slot in the group, I am providing that kind of DPS. In addition, if I add in pet procs and weapon procs, clearly it is much higher. I group with 60 monkies frequently and they typically avg 30-50dps below what I avg (with pet) for any given fight. Beastlords simply do more damage than monks, all things (buffs, same start time for atk, lvl, approx gear lvl, etc). PERIOD. Of course, gear and AA can unbalance this. Of course extenuating circumstances can unbalance the numbers. But when looking at almost 1000 fights with comparably leveled and equipped monks. The numbers are relatively consistent. NEXT TOPIC!

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    But I was sent to that thread by a friend, beastlord.

    Why they are asking to get nerfed (that's what it does) is beyond me.

    Edit: I'm higher level, have more AC, more HPs, better wep, allmost as much attack when buffed and I'm doing half her dps on average...

    It would make think twice before picking a monk rather than a beastlord of same level.

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    Default Re: I shouldn't have read this...

    shhhhh, I'm starting a beastlord

    This is not the thread you are looking for....move along


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    Default Re: I shouldn't have read this...

    Personally, I find that VERY alarming.

    Of course I've never really understanded pet classes. Should their pets be balanced against the average melees equipment ? Or the ubers ? Right now it seems the latter.

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    Default hate to say this but ...

    I hate to be a doofus and say this but ...

    Beastlord DPS and, actually, MONK DPS don't have all that much to do with the monk damage mitigation nerf.

    I guess you could say it's loosely on topic because BSTs are now getting groups easier than monks.

    BUT, that has nothing to do with the monk damage change.

    I think this is a wonderful topic to discuss, mind you. I just think it needs to be discussed in the general forum.



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    Default The monk image.

    If this bugs you then DON'T, under ANY circumstances, look at parses for mages, necro's and charmed chanter pet DPS. It's better not to know, and just feel in your heart that your the number 2 source of DPS in the game.

    It may be delusional, but you have to take what pride you can.


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    Default Re: The monk image.

    Casters classes can have a high DPS, if the grp has to wait for a pull after ever kill, but if a mob is always park and ready to kill so zero down time the DPS on casters go down a lot.


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    Default Re: The monk image.

    It's all part of the monk change if you like.

    Not the nerf in a strict sense but as another stone to the grave of some very lacking point of view over our class and how it balanced compared to others.


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    Default Re: The monk image.

    Actually, mana is conserved and its power increased, and mana regen spells are so good these days, that casters don't need to med anywhere near as much as they used to. Their damage doesn't spike way up and down anywhere near like it used to.

    By the way, anyone seen what chanters with the 64 charm spell can do? Frogs hit for 500 in PoS.


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