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Thread: Poll - What would you like to see?

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    Default Poll - What would you like to see?

    If one thing could be added to the monk class, one skill, upgrade, or ability BESIDES reversing the mitigation nerf, what would that be?

    Curious to see what others want out of the class.


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    Default Re: Poll - What would you like to see?


    a beastlord pet?

    a batphone to dev?

    Aa skills to 100% mitigate the nerf and AAs to increase dps or a mix of that to set in stone we have ub0r damage to compensate for the lack of tankability.

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    Default Re: Poll - What would you like to see?

    Well I'd like to see them undo the base mitigation nerf, remove AAXP mitigation abilities from monks and add damage increasing AAXP.

    However if they're adamant about a base mitigation for monks (no matter how many problems that creates).

    Then I guess a small base (damage table) damage increase. Or some other method of putting monks into balance with rogues, IF that is the role VI want monks to fill.


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    Default Re: Poll - What would you like to see?

    Seeing as how monks can no longer tank a wet paper bag but pulling

    hasn't been completely taken away by other classes yet.

    i would suggest an aaxp ability to work with the stone stance

    disc, 9pts one lvl.

    the aaxp ability would be activated on use of SS, increase

    SS duration to 30 seconds, full 360 degrees , and unstunnable for the duration of the disc. also damage during the SS would

    drop to 15% of normal.

    This would allow monks to do thier jobs a quite a bit better but the limit on time would not allow

    them to tank anything they could not before.

    As for offense: aaxp extended thunderkick.

    this ability would cost 5 aa points per rank and have 3 lvls

    it would allow ALL flying kicks to be a thunderkick for 30,60,

    and 120 seconds. not just a one single insignifigant 92 damage kick per disc use.

    And while were at it:

    the core abilities of a pure melee character are pretty simple

    DO melee damage and TAKE melee damage, with a few utility abilities thrown in for flare.

    with only one exception,that being a warriors tanking ability

    with /disc def, /disc evas , ANY one of our core abilities can

    be done better by hybrids.

    This being the case, sony may as well homogenize all the pure melee classes into 3 new hybrid varients, and hand over a nice leather bound

    SPELLBOOK to us monks, rogues, and warriors.

    Of course if this ever happened,we former pure melee's would surely have to give up our stranglehold on being the best at

    our core abilities, you know,,,, "DO melee damage and TAKE melee damage. Oh but wait,, seems to me that hybrids are allready capable of doing more damage then all three of us, and tanking signifigantly better then rogues and monks.

    Hmm: yeah hand over the damn SPELLBOOK!!!





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