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Thread: Guide to killing Vox and Nagafen, LEADING THE RAID

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    Default Guide to killing Vox and Nagafen, LEADING THE RAID

    I feel that most of the current guides floating around on how to lead Vox and Naggy are woefully outdated. Fresh from 2 successful raids in 1 week (Naggy Sunday, Vox 8 days later on monday) I figured I would post the generic strats I used.

    First of all, pick something easy, and simple. I hate channel names like dienaggy, and voxtodie. nagafen is what I use for naggy, vox is what I use for vox. If it is a guild sponsored event tho, feel free to use the guild's abbreviations, i.e. cojnaggy, or jpvox

    Start advertising early. at least 2 hours before you want to go, and count on it taking an hour after that. As raid leader, this raid is going to suck for you more than anyone else on the raid. Have your next meal prepared, so you can go afk for 1 min to grab it, and eat it at CPU. Have tylenol and something to drink at your CPU as well.

    <span style="color:red;font-size:large;">STAGE 1: RECRUITING</span>

    At this point, I inform my server's auction channel about once every 2-3 minutes or so, of the raid. You should include levels, any reserved loot, and channel name.

    Sammiel tells bazaar: Open raid on Lady Vox, channel name is vox. Paladin book has been reserved. 45-52 cle/bard/enc, 49-52 all others

    I limit my raids to 49-52 unless you are a raid vital class. Cle/Bard/Enc for vox, Cle/Bard for naggy. This makes your raid take MUCH longer to get together. This assures your raid's success. Going with this strat, I have killed the Dragon on my first try every time.

    I also start going through, class by class, doing a /who all 49-52 wiz for example, and send them a brief blurb about the raid. Never send them more than one tell, and try to reply to them thanking them for their time if they say no. I have not once gotten a complaint about doing this, most people are very grateful to find out about the raid. If you are getting close to enough people, go ahead and throw the limit down to 47 to fill up on numbers. Better to have a few lower level people than noone at all.

    <span style="color:red;font-size:large;">STAGE 2: LOOT RULES</span>

    Loot rules can make or break a raid. To go by my level restrictions, I have to make Nagafen free for all on all droppable loot. Here is how it works out

    Paladin Book - Paladins only

    Red Scale - Warrior bard only

    everything else, that means everything, anyone can roll on. This is really the only way to get enough wis and int casters on Naggy raids, who can't get anything if you run it NBG.

    Vox however, has a much more even loot table, thus I run her NBG.

    Paladin Book - Paladins only

    White scale - bards only

    Dragon Hide - this one gave me trouble, cause I had completely forgotten about it, and BAM it dropped. Its also No-drop, so you must get everyone who can roll on it rezzed within 30 minutes. Thats not as easy as it sounds, it took 20 mins to get them all rezzed on my raid, its very hard to keep people organized when you are locking down a big dragon corpse. Furthermore, she sometimes falls on top of a corpse. That makes dealing with the hide and the book the most important parts of the raid. Loot everything thats droppable, in case when you pop off of the corpse and someone ninjaloots, the damage they do is minimized. The cloak is all/all, 10 wis/int and 75 mana, with improved damage 3. I had been told the result was int caster only, so I didnt allow wis casters to roll, which provided problems afterwards when someone else linked the cloak in the channel.

    For both raids, I let monks turn in Tink bag for raid to roll on in exchange for dragon bag. if multiple monks have tink bags to exchange, they roll to determine who gets to make turn in. Then the rest of the raid (including the monks who didnt get to turn in their tink) may roll on the tink.

    On my vox raid, no haste belt dropped, only the crystalline spear. So the melees pretty much got the shaft. People will always complain about the drops, don't worry about it overmuch.

    <span style="color:red;font-size:large;">STAGE 3: SETTING GROUPS</span>

    Assuming you now have everyone you want, I like to have about 30 people for 5 full groups. Group composition is far and away the most important part of an open dragon raid. You must have groups set up properly, so that the important people on the raid stay alive long enough to do their thing.

    here is an example of my MT group from the vox raid

    50 SK MT

    50 CLE

    51 DRU

    52 PAL 2T

    52 BARD

    52 SHAMAN

    Only reason I used a lvl 50 as MT, something I would not ordinarily do, is because he was the alt of an AoW capable guild on my server, and was full of loot that would have otherwise rotted, such as a Vindi BP.

    Ideally, you want a 52 Paladin or SK as your MT for naggy and vox. Only take a warrior if its an incredibly well equipped warrior, or if your paladins and SKs are too low level, or have really crappy equipment. Paladins and Shadowknights can generate a good little burst of aggro quickly, and thus you can have the entire raid go in at once, instead of wasting time having the MT build aggro.

    You will note that that group is very full of healing. It actually deprived the rest of my raid of alot of healing. However, Vox stayed on that MT until 25%, when he went down. That included a complete heal for 7.5k, so he could have easily finished her off.

    48 PAL

    45 CLE

    52 WIZ

    52 ROG

    52 BARD

    51 MONK

    that is an example of a DPS group, minus the paladin. the paladin was me. Ordinarily, I never put myself in that kind of group, but I had booted several people from this raid and was wary of ninjalooters. Ideally, this group is 1 bard, 1 cleric, and 4 wiz/monk/rog or other good DMG classes. These 2 groups have FIRST priority on Clerics. these groups MUST STAY ALIVE.

    After you have all of your high DPS classes grouped with clerics, start grouping people up the best you can to try and let them live.

    50 WAR

    51 RNG

    48 BST

    50 PAL

    49 SHM

    49 SK

    this is an example of a group without much healing power at all. its got some at least, but unfortunately, when you dont have clerics to throw around, people get left out.

    <span style="color:red;font-size:large;">KILLING LORD NAGAFEN</span>

    The following is Nagafen specific

    Lord Nagafen, lvl 55 Dragon Warrior

    Max hit is 195, has a 500 point area of effect fire based breath weapon which includes a dispel effect. He also has a magic based area of effect fear spell. I believe he dispels more effectively than Vox, or else more often, because when I survive Nagafen fights, all my craps are gone and Yaulping is the only thing that kept my good buffs around. When I survive Vox, half my craps are still gone.

    Once you have about 20 people or so, you can begin clearing Fire giants. I like position # 15 on the EQatlas map of Solusek B.

    Fire giants are either on a 6 hour or 8 hour timer, either way, if you see a fire giant respawn while you are in Sol B, something is very wrong with your raid.

    As you kill the giants, you want to move up to 'Naggy prep' room which is at -650, -1100 or so on the eqatlas map.

    Most importantly, and this caused my first Nagafen attempt to wipe, there are 3 giants INSIDE NAGAFEN'S LAIR. Magus Rokyl and 2 warriors. these must be pulled out, and whoever pulled them must camp to clear Nagafen aggro. NAGAFEN CANNOT LEAVE HIS LAIR. Once you get back outside (not sure how far out) he cannot pursue you. To check to see if Nagafen is aggroed on someone, target him (bind sight is one good way) then /assist. if you get someone, obviously he is aggroed.

    Once you have everyone settled down in Naggy Prep, with the giants pulled out and everyone off of Naggy's hate list, you should begin the buffing process. Make sure noone does any buffing at all without your permission. You pretty much lead people through this on a leash.

    Give people about 2-3 minutes to get crap buffs. 4 is a good number that most people use. Once you have crap buffs up, start cleric buffs. Now comes the easy part of buffing, group buffs. have your group leaders, once their group has cleric buffs, send tells to a 52 druid for circle of winter and a whatever level enchanter for group resist magic. Now, depending on how many enchanters you have, you will do haste. If you have 2 enchanters, separate melees by class til you have about an equal number (i.e. war/pal/rng and sk/monk/rog) and have first set of classes send tells to enchanter #1, and second set send tells to enchanter #2. Casters should be set up in a similar fashion for clarity.

    Now go In and kill a dragon. The only important part at this point is to keep him out of the lava. Everyone should try to go in at same time, with MT in lead. Let your MT do all the ordering people at this point. Do tell your MT to get him as far back in his lair as he can. Have everything at all done from melee range, including healing. This is easier if you have enough bards to sing resist songs, but its important that you have everyone dealing their damage to naggy without having to run. You should be moving as little as possible, just sitting their killing naggy. Anyone not meleeing (I.E. casters) should be in naggy's face with the MT. If one of them draws aggro, you dont have to worry about Naggy turning on everyone, (most importantly so rogues can keep mashing backstab without having to worry about strafing around) and you don't have to worry about Ping pong.

    You should soon after have a dead dragon. Don't let all the exuberance distract you until you have looted him of everything droppable you can. Get everyone rezzed quickly, first priority is clerics rezzed, then rezz everyone who needs to roll on no-drop loot. (which should just be paladins for nagafen)

    Now...BRAG TO EVERYONE. You just killed a Dragon.

    <span style="color:red;font-size:large;">KILLING LADY VOX</span>

    Welcome to something at least twice as complicated, if not moreso, than Lord Nagafen. First of all, while there is a Halas book, Permafrost is still in the ass end of Antonica. wizards cant get you very close at all, only druids can get you to surefall glade. so it takes awhile to get people there.

    Furthermore, there are Bear Pits on the way to Vox. these will be the bane of people new to leading Vox, I assure you. First of all, read the map at eqatlas of Permafrost Caverns.

    there is one path that doesnt have the pitfalls. That is the way to take your raid. Furthermore, that is the place I use for Vox prep and its where I have casters bind. But i'll get to that. The important thing about the bear pits, is that its possible to have bards (probably other classes, but i've never had a bard die while pulling corpses) pull corpses from the bear pits. this is infinitely faster and cheaper than having em summoned back up, so make the bards go get em. there are 3 ways to fall into bear pits. I 1 different person do each one on my last Vox raid. Stupid person decides to explore. Don't really need to shout at him, because everyone else in the raid channel will. It happens, get his corpse and let him stay on raid, unless this person has repeatedly been stupid. Stupid person isnt paying attention while fighting giants. I always pull all of Vox's lair at once, its really quick, and surprisingly easier than it sounds. (obviously, im leaving vox behind in her lair) I dont get many deaths doing this, and even when I do, Its ten times faster than having someone pull them down one at a time. I scold them a little bit for not paying attention to where they are, but its not that big a problem. The final way to fall in, is to get hit by a knockback spell at an inopportune time. This happened to me once, so don't laugh, it really can happen and isnt your fault. Snicker at them and get their corpse.

    I always have everyone gather up for Vox at location # 3 on the eqatlas map, this is known as the king room, it is where the goblin king spawns. You will constantly have people opening the door and pulling the ice giant diplomat when he spawns, but hes way lower level than the others, and goes down quick. Just dont let anyone go any deeper. Once you have everyone in their groups, start moving up towards Vox prep, killing all giants as you go. I use the spot at 975, -25 or so. Its the only ramp that doesnt have a bear pit, and as long as noone goes up any further, you wont aggro the stuff in her lair yet. Have casters bind here, It makes a big difference with Vox. Once everyone is up here and ready, tell them all to sit still, and wander up towards 1025, -75. On the eqatlas map, this looks like a straight line indicating a wall, but its actually the tunnel up to vox, it has a little rock door you have to click out of the way. You shouldn't need to open that, once you get close to it, you will chain aggro everything around. Should be 3-4 giants and 1-2 icy terrors. Let your raid party know they are incoming (you will see them all start casting when you aggro them) and run back to the middle of your party. they will warp in. Kill em dead. Get everyone rezzed once everything is dead, then have your entire raid party camp out, then come back immediately. If you are worried that people won't listen, you as raid leader, can instead zone out to everfrost and come back. The ice giant diplomat might be back up, but hes a big wimp, just bring him back to where your raid party is. If anyone is too low in the chat channel, remind them to camp out.

    Once everyone is back in and groups are reformed, start the buffing procedure. Exact same as buffing for naggy, but with cold resists instead of fire resists.

    Give people about 2-3 minutes to get crap buffs. 4 is a good number that most people use. Once you have crap buffs up, start cleric buffs. Now comes the easy part of buffing, group buffs. have your group leaders, once their group has cleric buffs, send tells to a 52 druid for circle of summer and a whatever level enchanter for group resist magic. Now, depending on how many enchanters you have, you will do haste. If you have 2 enchanters, separate melees by class til you have about an equal number (i.e. war/pal/rng and sk/monk/rog) and have first set of classes send tells to enchanter #1, and second set send tells to enchanter #2. casters should be split up in a similar fashion for clarity.

    Vox is a lvl 55 Dragon Cleric

    She melees for 195, Cold AoE for 500 with dispel, AoE fear. She also nukes for 500, and can complete heal for 7.5k hps. Here is a group which I used for Vox.

    51 PAL

    51 CLE

    52 BRD

    52 ENC

    50 ENC

    49 PAL

    That 49 paladin was a late show who I filled into that group. One of the people I kicked from the raid was a 51 enchanter, who had been in that group. When you are killing Vox, enchanters are part of that group of important classes, you want them to mana sieve Vox non stop to get her OOM before she starts trying to cast complete heal. Another good way to interrupt her, is to steadily push her across lair. You can do this in one of two ways, both can be complicated, and I haven't gotten to work, but if you can nail this, than Vox will never CHeal on you. The MT runs to back of lair and engages her on the side of her close to her lairs entrance, and the rest of the melees get on the opposite side of her, and start steadily pushing her back towards the entrance. The other way is to have MT run in, pull her back to near entrance, then flip around her and be on the opposite side of her from entrance, and have melees slowly push her away from entrance.

    If She gets off a complete heal, dont sweat. Just imagine it didnt happen and keep killing her! I killed her after one complete heal with enough people still standing that I believe I could have gotten her down if she managed a second one. 7500 hps goes by faster than you would think with a well balanced raiding party.

    CONGRATULATIONS! You just killed Vox, an even more impressive feat than killing Nagafen. I spent 7 hours leading a Vox raid on one day that I had to end up calling off, then 3 hours later that night on someone else's Vox raid, which also failed. The night after, I spent 3-4 hours, and she went down. the feeling you get from killing a dragon, even if you see no loot, is such an awesome high.

    <span style="color:red;font-size:large;">CORPSE RETRIEVAL</span>

    I can rather proudly say, I haven't had to deal with this much. The only thing I can tell you is that evidently, lvl 53+ people have an easier time pulling corpses. I dont know why that is exactly, so if someone wants to post how that is, I will edit it in.

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    Default Re: Guide to killing Vox and Nagafen, LEADING THE RAID

    CR Naggy

    Have someone aggro him, run into the buff room and SIT but not camp. He looks like he wants to warp through the doors. He cannot. If done correctly, anyone should be able to drag corpses without aggroing naggy.

    CR Vox

    Sneak is god. With sneak on you can even get close enough to hit her. Sneak and drag corpes out of the lair to your heart's content. CRing bear pits is a bit harder but a monk with FD can do it quite easily.

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    Default Nukes

    what nukes and spells would you recomend for naggy and vox other than the no brainers like ice and fire respectively??


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    Default Re: Nukes

    I've done so many CR for both Naggy and Vox...maybe i can share my experiences.


    Much harder to do then Vox. Simply what i do, is one get all resist that i can, i use Rainbow shield that i bring on all raids for that reason alone.

    Sneak your way to the door, open door, make your way to the corpses, Naggy should be in the middle of the lair..AS SOON as you see him move ..FD

    Luckily, you have a high enough FD and...hopefully it doesn't fail. Let Naggy simma down and he return to his spot.....Stand up...walk a few paces, for right now Naggy will see you quickly so as soon as you get up, get ready to FD. Repeat this process until you are as far as the last corpse. While FD drag all the corpses that you can.

    I would compare this steps as raking leaves...make a pile of dead bodies here and there. Then make your way back. same thing. Stand...FD drag corpses to new spot ..while FD.

    IF you have another monk let him stay BEHIND the door, FD so he can drag from there to the Buff room. Naggy will never EVER pass the door, However the AE can hit you further down the steps.

    A few hints and tips, as some folks know if in lava look up and move forward lava damage is reduced, also while doing CR, NEVER EVER allow anyone to come in that arent supposed to. How many times have i died cuz some joe blow wanted to help or get his corpses, aggro the beast AE hit you while FD and boom you are dead!


    VERY easy, sneak and drag, stay clear off her line of sight, again keep unwanted people out of Lair for your sake.

    The pits!

    Invis to animal works wonder ! goblin gazughi ring is so nifty there. You will bypass, bears, spider and wolves! drag all those doomed corpses to the ladder. CAREFUL! witch near the first ladder, easy to spot.

    You go up the 3 ladders, BE CAREFUL, at the top of the ladder and of the ramp there is 2 tentacle mobs, you have to sneak and FD right away, they cast so you cant wait. FD as soon as you hit the top of the ramp, drag all your corpses back. ALL AT ONCE trust me if you get knocked down the lair or die there it's a pain. You want to drag all your corpse in ONE single shot, it takes time to drag but it's better dragging all of them then going 10 times with one corpse. Drag the corpses across the tentacles mini lair and drag them as close to the ledge as you can.

    Drop down into Vox's lair...hopefully you successfully killed her...if not make sure you sneaked. and drag away back into buff room. Voila, you got all the corpses out and got the honor of being one of the few that can say that you went right by naggy or vox and seen them up close and personal one on one!

    In the event that you suffered a wipe....a few things that relate to Vox, the giants MAY respawn and even a diplomat when you got some poor pally naked or warrior.... well their HTH will most likely suck. They are gona take a beating, make sure you got someone to clear the path or the rezzed folks will get in trouble. Again if folks don't have business in lair keep them out.

    One thing i have humbly learned, other monks may want to help.....sadly when a monk level 60 showed up to do the CR, at first i wanted to help out....thing is it's better to have ONE that only does it then two. In both cases, Naggy or Vox, it's safer for one monk then two, more monks=greater chances for a failed FD !

    Well, it was my first attempt at writing a form of a guide...i hope this bit of info will help you do a complete CR on your next dragon raid! I hope it helps you and maybe clarify some of the points made earlier in this guide...I've lead one raid, but did countless CR.

    See you on vox or naggy!

    Senadin monk 53, Bristlebane Shackle of Tynn

    (stay on the brink of 52 for more dragons..about to be done tho with those 2 beast)


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    Default Re: Corpse Retrieval

    The last suggestion I have for corpse retrieval is to setup hotkeys. If you want this done faster, setup multiple hotkeys you can slam to drag as many corpses as you can target out.

    I've dragged four corpses before with 2 hotkeys. I am sure there are probably easier ways to write the hotkeys, but what works, works.


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    Default Re: Guide to killing Vox and Nagafen, LEADING THE RAID

    Another excellent Vox guide, from the bard on Xegony known for his "Vox Burger" raids.

    Including a "Classes" planner spreadsheet / checkbox for making groups w/o using /raid.

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    Default Re: Guide to killing Vox and Nagafen, LEADING THE RAID

    Naggy CR is fairly easy.

    If you have someone walk into Naggy's room, as soon as naggy runs toward them, have them exit the room, and stand at the wall at the bottom of the stairs (normally where all the Clerics wait to C-Heal). They should be able to turn around and see Naggy trying to get them through his doorway.

    Since they did no damage, Naggy won't summon them, he will just sit there trying his darndest to get though that door way.

    Next have anyone with Sneak, Monk sneak works good, rogue sneak is good too, Any one with sneak will work. Naggy will be concentrating on the person at the wall, even though he will be ready to attack, he will be so intent on nailing the guy on the wall, that you can sneak right past him and grab every corpse you want. Take as long as you want too, until the person that agro'd naggy dies/logs, or moves out of line of sight, you can CR happily all day long.

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    Default Re: Guide to killing Vox and Nagafen, LEADING THE RAID

    Well i am curious about that one, i will be sure to give it a try!


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    Default Re: Guide to killing Vox and Nagafen, LEADING THE RAID

    Naggy CR is quicker and easier, someone 52 or under agros Naggy, stays back, anyone drags corpses out then. Preferably 53+ for draggers, the agro on the person who is holding agro will decay, and at 53+ the draggers just get sent to the Lavastorm zone in.

    Vox CR is pretty easy since you can cover most of the lair with sneak. Again 53+ is handy since you get zoned out instead of potentially killed.

    Vox bear pit CR, I just bring a cleric and a porter down for the job. Dragging corpses over the ledge with the Icy Terrors is unreliable, and I've found it usually doesn't work. The drop at the top of the first ramp lands you in a safe area of the bear pits.

    To make the Vox bear pit CR easier, place emphasis on dying in place or not running around in the bear pits. Someone will not listen, but you can always hope.

    With the Ice Witch, I'd imagine it's a bit more of a pain now.. I solo the bear pits at 59 (since the xp and mitigation nerfs, I'm wondering why these days.. I tell myself "because there's no competition") but she is difficult to avoid being killed by without help since she tends to chain cast early (and hit harder once that's over with than other bear pit mobs).

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    Default Re: Guide to killing Vox and Nagafen, LEADING THE RAID

    The icy terror are a pain, but saying if you sneak and Fd rapidly. The main thing is to not rush things up. bear wolves and spider ,,,use Gazughi ring...fool proof!


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    Oh wow, I show up as a guest in this post?

    I'm raising this from the dead out of an interest to see if anyone has a 1 group strategy recommendation for this. My wife and I have started a warrior, cleric and rogue for the purpose of Naggy and Vox, they've been levelled to 52 and all you get for AA at 52 is the first 5 points of the stat AA's and run speed, so I have that all maxed for all 3 characters...

    Last night we tried with our 3 mains plus a cleric, caster dps and melee dps merc. We got to about 43% on vox. I figure my wife can probably do CH in a more mana efficient way than the merc so we probably need another DPS merc, maybe more cold resist gear because I don't think AE got resisted, but the warrior resisted all of the fears.

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    Ok now that I have this down a bit better, and we've gotten enough Vox kills to get everything we need and 1 Naggy kills...

    We're working with 3 main characters: cleric, rogue and warrior. My wife has been known to get sleepy before we finish our dragon hunt, so I've often 3 boxed the encounter.

    The merc configuration that seems to work best if you get the dragon single is to use all melee DPS mercs. I couldn't get consistent output (I'm not sure they engaged) when I tried caster DPS, I've also used 1 healer merc successfully.

    The old guidelines still apply, get resists above 200. Very easy now with defiant gear and food. I don't even bother with resist buffs, they get dispelled. Even with 3 junk buffs, you have everything dispelled by the end of the fight. But with 200 unbuffed resists, I resist most AE fire/cold and I might have 1 fear if any that lands.

    The pulling is the trickiest part of the event. Clearing the lair of the dragon, I do this by pulling with the warrior and letting him die, and then hoping the dragon goes back first. I use a main character to clear, either my 68 monk or wife's 75 bard.

    But it doesn't always work. With Naggy, I found Magus Rokyl usually walks back before Naggy. With Vox, there's an icy terror at the entrance to the lair that I've found sometimes doesn't join the giants on the pull, and other times tends to walk back early. I've run into situations where I have these single mobs in the lair with their respective dragons. A strategy that works is, having a cleric main and a healer merc, I tank the guard with my main char rogue, then have the rest of the raid on the dragon until dead. (For this, designate the main warrior as main tank and main assist to ensure your mercs focus where you want them. I've failed without this because the mercs don't know where to go, and nothing does fast.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xorshaik View Post
    The merc configuration that seems to work best if you get the dragon single is to use all melee DPS mercs. I couldn't get consistent output (I'm not sure they engaged) when I tried caster DPS, I've also used 1 healer merc successfully.
    The Dragons are Belly Casters so since your caster dpa mercs would stand back and cast everything would be resisted.
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