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    Default 10th Coldain Ring War Guide (Added)

    I've done the 10th ring war many times now, including my own. Most have been successes, some have been failures. From these I thought I'd write up a guide on how to run the 10th war.

    It's not like I'm giving away any secrets. Nowadays any reasonable tier 2 guild can do a 10th ring war, so hopefully I'm saving a little heartache and reducing the chance of failing a war, so saving you and your guild time, and saving causing grief to others who want to use GD/Thurg.

    In the official guides section there is already a guide for the 9th ring []HERE[/link], at the bottom of which is a very short section on the 10th ring. Itís wrong on a number of points.


    For this War you need the following.

    1.9th Coldain Ring.

    Please read the guides elsewhere on the MB boards on how to get this.

    2. Declaration of War.

    This is obtained by handing your Dirk of the Dain (the uncorrupted one from 9th ring) to the Dain, and following the text. You should never destroy your Dirk of the Dain, as if you lose the war you can get a fresh Declaration and try again. Normally it's best to get your declaration upon getting your 9th ring if possible and keep it in the bank ready for the day, because as sure as night follows day you can bet someone will have killed the Dain the day before you want to trigger it.

    3. Enough force to do the war.

    I'd suggest a minimum of 5 groups of 60th level fairly well equipped people. You should be very comfortable with killing Vindi, and also as far as possible a "raid accomplished" force so able to follow commands, know how to buff, etc etc. We've done it with 4 groups before, and it was damn hard and very close with deaths almost every wave. With 6 groups we walk the encounter.

    If your own guild is not strong/big enough to do the war, you can always enter into an agreement with an allied guild, with the promise of future reciprocal help, or of a share in end loot.

    This is of course "official" groups. You will always get several individuals "helping" out. Whilst it's probably best to not directly encourage them as they only add to lag, don't piss them off. They ARE trying to be helpful after all. However it's really a 50+ level encounter only. Level 30's tend to get squashed to mobs that hit for 200.

    4. Sentry Badain up in GD.

    He's in the West side "hut" (hill.. whatever.. I'll call them huts here) beside the river near Thurg.

    5. Time.

    The War normally lasts "a good" 2 hours. Make sure your guild has time to do it. You don't want people logging off half way through.

    6. Beer

    Lots of beer for afterwards, or someone with Beer Goggles. Nothing like getting sloshed after a major War.

    Gather your forces in GD in between the two "huts" near Badain. This will be your meeting point, buff station and rez station from now on. * (NB. See note on KOS people). Some people put it further back nearer the falls, but there is no need, as giants are easily interceptible at this spot, giving you time to catch "runners" before they reach Thurg. It's also a nice spot because you can use the dwarfs there if necessary to help kill runners.

    Make sure you warn the zone for a good 30 minutes before hand what is going to happen in both ooc and shout and give warnings every 5 minutes.

    When the war is triggered, ALL mobs in the zone de-pop, the Nexus scion de-pops (ie, no port up, although you can still port down), and very soon a large proportion of the zone will be over run with lvl 50+ giants. Give people time to finish their camps, port out (or up to Luclin). I'd suggest you time the start with the 2nd port up of the Nexus portal. This gives people 2 chances to escape the zone via TP.

    The Velks area and the druid/wiz ring are safe areas, and no giants go there.

    Make sure you have a wizard with shards at the buff station ready to TL people out for free if necessary, and I'd also have a click stick cleric ready to rez any unfortunates who "get in the way accidentally". You will get good "press" for doing so.

    The reply to people who want to help "on the fly" should be "Be careful and don't die, don't agro the dwarfs. Don't expect heals/buffs, and rezes will be given out when we have time."

    Also expect a good number of faction taggers, and scavengers to turn up. Faction taggers run around hitting every mob for faction. Scavengers hang around hoping to loot the swords and axe's off the giants to sell for some pp. There is little you can do to prevent this, and I'd suggest you don't get angry about it. If they die, drag them to the middle and tell them they will be rezed AT THE END.


    One thing you need to be aware of is the lag.

    When the war is running you can have 50+ people running around in a fairly small area with 10 odd giants, and sometimes 10-20 dwarfs as well. Not only do you get video lag (slow frame rate), you also get data overload lag (data flooding).

    Any "lag prevention" measures you can take are best taken early. Turn off anything you don't need, and set your clip plane appropriately. Make sure critical people are not those always going LD when there are more than 15 people in the same place. You really don't want the MA on Narandi to go LD half way through.

    The worst lag occurs during the Narandi fight, so again be prepared for it, esp the clerics and MA.


    When you are all ready, hand the Declaration of War and your 9th Ring to Sentry Badain in the West side hut.

    [20:15:44] Sentry Badain Breathes deeply and blows into an ornate horn. The sound echos through the mountain pass. All local inhabitants scurry to take cover.

    [20:15:44] Sentry Badain says 'I'll be right with you, Azathool.'
    You will get your 9th Ring back. At this point the Nexus scion will de-pop along with all zone mobs !. So make sure the zone knows your about to do it.

    Your sure to get someone who was not listening and in the middle of a fight their mob de-pops and do a WTF ? Well. That's not your problem.

    If you now walk out of the hut and towards Thurg, and cross the river about half way there a ring of "Hero Dwarfs" will spawn.

    Wait and listen to them talking... This text can take quite a while (~10 mins).

    [20:16:40] Sentry Badain says 'Excellent! All of your commanders have reported to the Dain, and none too soon mind you. We are getting reports of Kromrif troop movement in the area and final preparations must be made. Follow me and the Seneschal will brief you.'

    [20:16:58] Kargin the Archer 's stomach growls loudly.

    [20:17:33] Garadain Glacierbane says 'With all due respect, Seneschal, I feel my men are best suited for the eastern post. If the outlander has rounded up enough soldiers to hold 'em off from the south then they'll definitely test us in the gorge. We'll be needin' a solid defense there.'

    [20:17:44] Seneschal Aldikar says 'Very well, Garadain, the eastern post is yours. I'll place Kargin and his bowmen on the hill to the west, and Churn, you'll station your troops up near the caves just past them.'

    [20:17:48] Churn the Axeman says 'Understood sir.'

    [20:17:51] Sentry Badain says 'Excuse me, Seneschal Aldikar, you instructed me to report to you when the outlander returned. I have brought him.'

    [20:18:38] Seneschal Aldikar says 'Perfect timing outlander, please be seated and listen carefully. Badain, yer dismissed.'

    [20:20:13] Sentry Badain says 'Sir, yessir!'

    [20:21:00] Seneschal Aldikar says 'We knew the day might come when the Kromrif would discover the location of our beloved city. It was only prudent for there to be a plan for such a circumstance. In light of recent developments, however, our plans have been adjusted. Outlander, the Dain has appointed you to lead our armies in defense of Thurgadin.'

    [20:21:47] Seneschal Aldikar says 'I will stand here with a handful of men as a final line of defense. Should I fall, all will be lost. You will have these men and their soldiers to command. Use them wisely, you will be richly rewarded if your forces are able to keep them alive.'

    [20:22:34] Seneschal Aldikar says 'Garadain will post his men in the gorge to the east. Churn and his men will await your command in the caves to the west. Dobbin will have his forces at the ready in the clearing directly south of here near the towers. If any Kromrif make it to his vicinity he and his men will attack with or without your command.'

    [20:23:21] Seneschal Aldikar says 'Lastly, Corbin will hide his men in the worm caves to the south, call on him for a surprise attack. Remember where these men are stationed, outlander. Should they call out for help you may wish to send some of your people to aid them.'

    [20:24:09] Seneschal Aldikar says 'The leader of this invasion is a powerful Kromrif named Narandi. Rumor has it that he is more powerful than any ten of his peers. He must fall. When he is slain you must show his head and the ninth ring to me.'
    Eventually Seneshal Aldikar will ask for your Ring.

    [20:24:56] Seneschal Aldikar says 'Scout Zrelik here will follow you and serve as your herald. He will relay your orders to the troops. Show me your ninth ring now to verify your identity and I will give you the orders to memorize.'
    Give him your 9th Ring, and you will get it back along with a note. This contains instructions on how to command the dwarfs.

    [20:25:02] Seneschal Aldikar says 'Commit these orders to memory, Azathool, have them ready to speak at a moment's notice. When you are finished memorizing, repeat them to me. Tell your soldiers to prepare themselves. When the orders are handed to Zrelik we will take up our positions.'
    Write down the commands (if you want to..), and then hand the instruction note to Zrelik the Scout. You have a maximum time limit to hand in the note to Zrelik, so don't take too long.

    ** Seneschal Aldikar says 'Outlander, the enemy approaches. If you do not hand Zrelik the orders you will not be able to command the Coldain armies. You have one minute remaining.

    [20:29:08] Zrelik the Scout says 'At yer service, Azathool. Remember now, before issuing me an order ya must disengage from any combat and be sure yer speakin to me. I advise yo to avoid combat at all costs, your leadership is crucial.'
    At this point Zrelik the Scout becomes your "pet" and the War itself is triggered. Within a few minutes the dwarf armies will spawn, and the first wave of giants will spawn.

    The following shouting match should occur, but personally I've never seen it. One of the many quest bugs I guess.

    Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'Good citizens of Thurgadin, hear me! Our city, our people, our very lives are in danger this day. The Kromrif are at this very moment marching towards us in an offensive they hope will bring about our demise...

    Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'I hereby command, by authority of Dain Frostreaver the Fourth, that all able bodied Coldain fight to the death in defense of our land. Children, disabled citzens, and unseasoned travellers are advised to evacuate immediately!

    Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'My fellow soldiers, take heart! For we are not alone in this endeavor. One among us, an outlander, has earned the title Hero of the Dain for valiant service to our people. This newcomer has brought with him allies that will fight alongside you to help bring about our victory.

    Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'My friends... Brell did not place us here so many centuries ago to be slaughtered by these heathens. Nor did our forefather, Colin Dain, sacrifice himself simply to have us fail here now. Through these events we were brought to this day to test our strength and our faith.

    Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'Will we be shackled together to slave away in Kromrif mines or will we stand united and feed these beasts Coldain blades? By Brell I promise you, 'It is better to die on our feet than to live on our knees!'

    Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'TROOPS, TAKE YOUR POSITIONS!!

    Narandi the Wretched shouts 'No need to pray to your little God stumpymen, you'll be meeting him in person soon enough!

    Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'You'll be begging Brell for forgiveness by the day's end, vile beast!

    Narandi the Wretched shouts 'Kromrif! Form up! Dispatch these tiny fools and destroy Thurgadin. Theres a keg of ice mead waiting for every man back at home.

    [20:32:25] Kementar tells the guild, 'POP SOUTH'


    Zrelik the Scout is a dark blue con to a 60th level, and will follow you around. He will assist exactly the same as an enchanter pet in that you have to be hit for him to assist you. However you cannot call him off. Don't worry about having SOW or whatever, he will run pretty fast to keep up.

    He CAN be killed, but don't worry overly. If he is killed you just lose the ability to command the dwarf armies. He is NOT a hero, and you lose no "end loot" by him dying. But more on that later. As a monk/SK, if you FD you also FD off your pet. Meaning he no longer moves around. So I'd suggest leaving him in the middle with the other dwarfs rather than in the middle of the battlefield.

    Some people actually purposefully get Zrelik killed as he can be a pain. Myself, I just FD'd at the huts and left him there nice and safe.


    The goal of the war is to stop Seneschal Aldikar being killed, and to kill Narandi the Wretched. If any giant reaches Thurgadin, the Seneshal will (usually) be killed, and you lose the war.

    If this happens, then a line of giants pop outside Thurgadin "guarding it", and every NPC inside Thurgadin de-spawns (dies). This is usually for about 2 hours duration.

    You will be pretty unpopular for de-popping Thurg for 2+ hours, so don't start the war unless you know what you are doing.


    The Dwarf armies consist of 6 "camps" of dwarfs.

    The 1st is right at the Thurgadin entrance itself. It's commanded by Seneschal Aldikar himself standing near the zone line, with some crossbow men outside in the vally. If he dies (ie, a Giant reaches the falls) you lose.

    The 2nd is a little down the river at the "huts" (or towers as Aldikar calls them). This is commanded by Dobbin.

    The 3rd is to the East of that point, near the needle in the valley towards the EW zone. It's commanded by Garadain.

    The 4th is up the hill on the West towards the Tizmak caves. It's commanded by Churn.

    The 5th is to the West of the huts at the bottom of the hill down from the Tizmak caves. It's a line of crossbow men commanded by Kargin.

    The 6th is just outside the Wurm caves tucked into a little alcove to the west of it, and is commanded by Corbin.

    These are the hero's you must protect during the War if you want any of the "extra" end items. If a dwarf camp gets over run and the hero killed, you will lose his item.

    You cannot heal any of the NPC's, but they have their own clerics, so usually there is no need.

    If your a caster, be careful to not use any AoE spells around the dwarfs, because you will agro them.


    The war itself consist of three "major" waves. Once a major wave is finished there is usually a 10 minute break where everyone can rest for a while and get ready for the next wave.

    Each major wave itself consists of several "mini" waves of mobs. The number of mini waves is semi-random, and the number of mobs in each mini wave is semi-random. As long as you kill each mini wave fairly quickly you will end up with around two minutes between them, but if your slow they can over lap.

    Wave 1

    The first major wave consists of Kromrif Recruit's and Kromrif Captain's.

    The Recruits are pretty easy and can be handled by just about any 60th solo, even unslowed. They are not very MR and can easily be slowed, nuked, rooted and snared. They are akin to the simple blue con trash mobs at the WL zone of Kael, but have more HP's.

    The Captain summons and needs a couple of people on him, even so, not too hard. Leave the Captain until last.

    At the end of the First Major wave, the following text should occur.

    Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'Outlander, our scouts report no more Kromrif for the time being. Resurrect your fallen and heal your wounded. I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of them.

    Narandi the Wretched shouts 'Interlopers! You've chosen the wrong side in this war. My warriors will succeed where the young recruits have failed. You shall suffer the same fate as the pathetic vermin you serve. Your heads shall be perched upon our spears along with those of your Coldain friends!

    Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'Pay no attention to his babbling, outlander. It is our destiny to emerge victorious. Prepare your army for glorious battle!

    Narandi the Wretched shouts 'My warriors approach, I offer you one final opportunity to bow before the might of Rallos Zek. Throw down your weapons and surrender. You will live out your lives in relative peace, rightfully serving your Kromrif masters.

    Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'Enough! Show yourself coward! Your blasphemous words shall be etched upon your spacious brow. All will mock you for generations to come. Your own god will forsake you when he witnesses your defeat here today!

    Narandi the Wretched shouts 'Warriors! Charge through these pompous fools. Any you manage to capture shall become your personal slaves. The outlanders and the Seneschal must die! Bring me their heads!

    Wave 2

    The 2nd major wave consists of Kromrif Warrior's, Priest's of Zek, and sometimes a Kromrif General.

    Tougher, and you will probably need the mob slowing or a CH. Once slowed they can be solo tanked pretty easily, but have a large number of HP's so will take a while. Two people can handle one fine once slowed.

    The Priests and Warriors are around level 50.

    Take out the Priests before the Warriors.

    Generals are around level 55, and are as hard as Vets in Kael and should be killed last in each wave.

    2nd wave still slowable with a few resists, magic lands fine and can be snared.

    All giants in the 2nd wave summon, and Generals enrage.

    Again, at the end of the second wave, the following text should occur.

    Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'Well fought, friends! May the piles of Kromrif corpses strike fear in the hearts of our overgrown enemies.

    Narandi the Wretched shouts 'Silence fool! Speak not of our fallen. They who die honorably in combat earn an eternal rest in the company of our greatest heroes... even Rallos Zek himself!

    Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'It is your misguided beliefs that made this war necessary. Now you feel the sting of your errors. Return to Kael and preach the doctrine of Brell Serilis in hopes that your people may someday be spared.

    Narandi the Wretched shouts 'Enough chatter. Our veterans approach now to finish you. You have been tested and your weaknesses have been assessed. Bid farewell to your dear Thurgadin, those of you who are fortunate enough to survive the slaughter shall make a new home in the Kromrif slave pens!

    Narandi the Wretched shouts 'Veterans! Be sure that this time we allow none of the stumpymen to escape to create yet another city. This shall be our final war with these unworthy beings.

    Wave 3

    The 3rd major wave consists of Kromrif Veteran's, High Priest's of Zek and 4 Kromrif Warlord's. So sometimes you will get a WL in a wave, and sometimes not.

    A typical pop is 8 Veterans, 2 Priests and a Warlord.

    Veterans are around level 58, hit for 200 and will very quickly beat a none tank down. They are pretty MR, and you'll be lucky to land a magic based slow unless fully debuffed or snare on them. Tanks will die unless they have healing close by. Disease slow lands ok.

    The Priests can be slowed by magic.

    Warlords are level 60, hit for 350 odd and are similar to a PoZ (Kael), and it's usually best to have a defensive warrior solo tank them with a dedicated cleric until the other mobs in the wave are dead. Some WL's are also casters.

    You should kill the High Priests first, then the Veterans and then the Warlord.

    Once you get your 4th Warlord pop in a wave, get ready for Narandi, because he usually appears very soon.


    There are also 2 permanent placements of Giant Spearmen. These don't pop immediately on commencement of the war, but usually after the first mini-wave.

    One is up near the Wurm cave "Needle" in the valley towards the Spires, and the other is directly opposite across the ice plain towards the druid ring. These stay in place and de-spawn soon after the end of the war.

    Giant Spearmen are of themselves not too hard, however they summon which can be a real problem if you get within agro range of them. You will not easily be able to escape them once summoned,

    As stated elsewhere, if you have the forces, try and kill the two lines of spearmen during quiet moments of the first wave.


    At the end of the 3rd major wave Narandi the Wretched spawns down the river from Thurgadin near the wurm caves. When this occurs, all of the normal Coldain Dwarfs will de-spawn except for the hero's.

    Each mini wave can spawn in one of three places.

    1. Directly south of Thurgadin near the Wurm caves.

    * * * * These will run straight down the river towards Thurgadin.

    2. Near Nexus spires.

    * * * * These can head in two directions.

    * * * * West towards the river, and then down the river.

    * * * * OR North towards the needle and the dwarfs there, and then West towards Thurgadin.

    3. West plains.

    * * * * These can head in two directions.

    * * * * East towards the river, and then when half way there run North/East towards the dwarfs and Thurgadin.

    * * * * North straight up the hill towards the Tizmak caves and the dwarfs on top.

    For 2 & 3, until you have killed (see below) the spearmen, it's not a good idea to approach the giants spawn points as you can agro the spearmen and get summoned. Once the spearmen are dead, you can engage the pop whenever you want.

    Each wave can be of a varying size, so it's a good idea for the tracker to call out on a pop if it's small or large, and for the 3rd wave if it has a Warlord or not.


    There are many ways of doing the War, but I'll describe the way our guild does it. Many successes (and a couple of failures) have fine tuned this.

    1. Have a tracker or two placed up the river towards the Wurm cave entrance. Their job is to TRACK. Not fight. The only fight they should do is Narandi (who has no faction hit btw). When a wave pops, it's their responsability to say where, how big and what direction it's heading in. It's best for them to stay invis/out of the way if they can, because a dead tracker cannot call new pops. We use a +Giant faction tracker so she can run around them as she wishes. And she always gets the solo exp kill on Narandi as well. Damn AM3/disc Rangers.

    2. Do NOT command the dwarfs around (using the Zrelik the Scout).

    * * * * It causes lag, they are pretty useless, they get in the way of KOS people and you can lose hero's doing it. See (how to use the Dwarfs) below.

    3. Do NOT split your forces unless you get multiple spawns at the same time. See more tactics below.

    4. Kill the spearmen with one group during the first "major" wave during gaps between waves or at the end of the 1st major wave.

    If you can spare a group (healer, slower, damage) have them start on the East side spear men, and work their way down the line killing them. When the small east side is dead, move to the larger West side. They have to be careful not to get trapped by a pop.

    This helps hugely at later stages of the war. It reduces lag, and gives you far more freedom of movement. Being able to engage a pop earlier helps a lot to reduce the risk of wave overlap. We now always do this every war, and the difference it makes in being able to move to engage is significant.

    5. When fighting the giants, try and keep then as closely packed together as possible. If able, try and draw them close together. If your off 100 yards away on your own, heals may not be incoming, and it's hard for another tank to come to your aid.

    6. DO NOT TRAIN Thurgadin. I don't know how many times this has to be said, but do NOT train Thurgadin if your in trouble. If a giant reaches Thurg, you lose. This goes for anyone in the zone. Train the opposite way, towards the wurm caves and/or other groups away from Thurg. Better to die and get a rez than lose the war.

    Be very careful of sowed newbs doing this. Giants run at sow speed, and if someone agroís one, and runs for Thurg the giant can be hard to catch. The newb will/can train the giant all the way to Thurg.

    7. Make sure you know how many groups you have and who generally is in them. If you get a multi-pop, you will have to split your forces, so will have to know which groups to send.

    Also be aware of what warriors you have, and if they have defensive up or not. Very important for the Warlords and Narandi.

    8. If you die, get a /loc before you do, and consent your group and say where you died. It's their responsability to drag you back to the buff station for a rez.

    At the start of the War we have everyone waiting at the buff station, and the tracker calls out when a pop occurs. The will be one of 3 options.

    A. "POP SOUTH. All go South and engage".

    * * * * Everyone should run south down the river and engage.

    B. "POP WEST.. Please wait for more info."

    Option 2 can then be further defined as..

    * * * * "WEST POP Heading E to river. please go South and engage"

    * * * * Everyone should run south west heading towards where the ring is, and engage.

    * * * * "WEST POP Heading N to Tizmark. All go West and engage".

    * * * * Everyone should head directly east up the hill towards the tizmak caves.

    C. "POP EAST. Please wait for more info."

    Option 3 can then be further defined as..

    * * * * "EAST POP Heading west to river. Please go South and engage"

    * * * * Everyone should run down the river and engage when they get there.

    * * * * "EAST POP Heading N to needle. All go East and engage".

    * * * * Everyone should run East towards the needle in the valley.

    For "almost" all of the fights you will only have a single "mini" wave spawn at any one time Rarely you can have two mini waves pop at once, or overlap. So the way we generally do it is have everyone run to the fight and engage the giants.

    If you have 5 good groups, you very rarely have any overlap between waves as you can kill them reasonably fast.

    I've seen strategies where you split your forces and have one group east, one west and three middle. Personally I think it's a waste of resource and your better off having most of the one force moving together.

    However, the tracker MUST keep a lookout for more spawns. If an extra mini wave pops, then (by group number) the raid force should be split and the 2nd pop engaged. That's why it's important that the tracker keeps on the lookout, everyone listens to orders and you know how/when to split your forces.

    However, in every War we have done we get very few overlaps/multi-pops per war and it's usually not that bad. Just keep on your toes and only split your forces when you need to.

    For mini-waves, you should always kill clerics first, warrior giants 2nd and leave the "boss" mobs till last (ie, Warlords).

    Melee tactics

    Generally wherever possible every melee should engage a mob. If you have limited numbers of people, you will often find that you end up with 10 mobs and 10 melee. It's important that all mobs are engaged, else they run for Thurg and you lose.

    Be careful when you engage as the giants start out close together, and you can end up with three on you at once.. and for the 3rd wave this can be fatal. So try and split one out if possible and then tank it until help comes.

    Keep an eye out for solo casters, especially later in the war, as they will die very quickly.

    Cleric tactics

    It's going to be hard for you, as mobs are spread out, and melee are spread out. Communication and vigilance is the key. If a cleric is near 2 mobs engaged by 2 melee, then you are not needed there. Look for single/lone people tanking mobs.

    Make sure you have a good spread of spells loaded, CH, Celestial and a fast heal (DL or whatever). Don't bother with Stuns, they don't work. Also have DA and DB loaded because if you have 2 mobs on 1 person, and you CH one will usually jump you.

    MoK/MoR lands fine on the first two waves of mobs, but not Vets.

    Slower tactics

    It's the slowers job to slow as many mobs as possible. This includes enchanters. However the veterans in the 3rd wave are very magic resistant, and usually only shammies disease slow will traditionally stick. With the new resist changes, if the mob is sufficiently debuffed first however magic based slows land.

    Watch your agro slowing so many mobs.

    Forget trying to nuke etc. Slowing everything is your number 1 priority. Once slowed just about any of the mobs can be solo tanked so your first minute of any wave will be running around slowing things. Make sure if there are multiple slowers you split up the battlefield and know where each of you is going.

    Nukers tactics

    Normal tactics apply. Don't over agro. Also have snare loaded. The first two major waves can be snared.

    Keep an eye out for runners. We usually leave runners to the casters to catch, and then throw a melee onto them.

    Buffers Tactics

    Make sure you have your buffs loaded when your at the rest spot. Aego/Focus/Sta/KEI/VoG/CoP/SoE/BMB/Regen are the most common. Try not to have the whole raid force's buffs fade at once, as you will have to refresh them at regular intervals. MGB helps enormously.

    It's a 2+ hour fight, so be prepared to refresh buffs several times, especially haste.


    You should generally try and leave a group at the buff spot. This serves a few purposes.

    1. If anyone dies, their corpses can be dragged back and rezed.

    2. Anyone who needs buffs can generally get them there.

    2. Runners. It's possible for a runner to break away from the main force and make a charge for Thurgadin. It's therefore vital that these runner giants are stopped before they reach Thurg.

    After each mini wave is killed have everyone run back to the central buff station and wait for the next pop. Whilst there you can rez and re-buff.

    Make sure everyone keeps their buffs up !!

    Here are the timestamps/log extracts from my own war to give you an idea of the frequency of waves etc. As you can see, we get just over a minute rest between each mini wave, and around 10 minutes rest between each major wave. Each wave consists of between 6 and 11 giants, so your looking at around 180 giants in total for a whole war. Which means your killing on average a giant every 40 seconds.


    [20:32:25] Shiannan tells the guild, 'POP SOUTH'
    [20:32:25] You say to your guild, 'Dwarf armies pop'
    (end of wave)
    [20:35:03] You gain party experience!!

    [20:36:33] Shiannan tells the guild, 'pop east and pop spearmen'
    (end of wave)
    [20:38:28] You gain party experience!!

    [20:41:44] Shiannan tells the guild, 'pop true east'

    (Got a overlap on end of wave here, so rolled straight into..).
    [20:44:14] Shiannan tells the guild, 'large pop west'
    (end of wave)
    [20:47:08] Kromrif Recruit has been slain by Ztin!

    [20:48:40] Shiannan tells the guild, 'pop west'
    (end of wave)
    [20:51:31] Your faction standing with Claws of Veeshan got better.

    [20:52:11] Shiannan tells the guild, 'big pop centre'
    (end of wave)
    [20:54:58] Kromrif Recruit has been slain by Bruke!

    [20:56:24] Shiannan tells the guild, 'lol pop east'
    (Double wave pop here !.. forces are split!)
    [20:56:58] Shiannan tells the guild, 'gah pop west~'
    (end of wave)
    [21:00:16] You gain party experience!!


    (So we go and finish off the Spearmen that are left (lots killed already).
    (last Spearman dies).
    [21:06:26] Kromrif Spearman has been slain by Trime!


    [21:09:20] Shiannan tells the guild, 'pop centre'
    (end wave)
    [21:13:10] You have slain Kromrif Warrior!

    [21:15:05] Shiannan tells the guild, 'pop centre'
    (end wave)
    [21:18:45] You have slain Kromrif Warrior!

    [21:21:01] Shiannan tells the guild, 'pop east'
    (end wave)
    [21:24:52] Kromrif Warrior has been slain by Velinia!

    [21:26:58] Shiannan tells the guild, 'pop east'
    (end wave)
    [21:29:42] You gain party experience!!

    [21:32:43] Shiannan tells the guild, 'pop west'
    (end wave)
    [21:36:32] You gain party experience!!

    [21:38:05] Shiannan tells the guild, 'pop west'
    (end wave)
    [21:42:15] Kromrif Warrior has been slain by Pippi!


    [21:51:50] Shiannan tells the guild, 'pop south'
    (end wave)
    [21:56:18] Kromrif Warlord has been slain by Wory!

    [21:58:01] Shiannan tells the guild, 'pop south with wl'
    [22:02:22] Kementar tells the guild, 'warlord dead in a sec'
    (end wave)

    [22:04:37] Shiannan tells the guild, 'large pop west'
    (end wave)
    [22:09:10] Kromrif Veteran has been slain by Arielle!

    [22:11:10] Shiannan tells the guild, 'small pop east'
    (end wave)
    [22:15:25] Kromrif Veteran has been slain by Garet!

    [22:17:38] Shiannan tells the guild, 'large pop west'

    [22:22:03] Jeanna tells the guild, 'POP Narandi the Wretched'
    (OVERLAP WITH END OF WAVE.. A few still alive, nearly dead).

    (Kill last Giant)
    [22:22:29] Your faction standing with Claws of Veeshan got better.


    [22:22:54] Narandi the Wretched begins to cast a spell.


    Narandi is the final "boss" mob. He's easily recognizable because he's Vindi sized with a huge lance they you could barbecue a dragon on.

    He's lvl 63+ (red con to 60), and quads for 460 and flurries. Estimates put his HP's at around 150,000.

    Narandi pops at the end of the third "major" wave, after 4 Warlords have popped. He pops South down the river near the Wurm caves, and starts to slowly walk East.

    You have around 5 minutes now to engage him before he reaches the EW zone and de-pops.

    He often pops right in the middle of the last mini wave of Vets (incl a Warlord), and you won't have much time. Finish off the current mobs as quickly as possible, and have everyone move down the river towards him.. but make sure NO ONE engages him. If someone agro's him they have a life expectancy of 2 seconds, and will often agro onto someone else, causing mayhem.

    For Narandi, use Vindi tactics, except you have to do it in the open space so no pinning in a corner. You WILL need a CH chain on your MA. Also have someone with Cure Disease up. Narandi casts/procs a slow which needs removing for the MA to keep agro effectively.

    He flurries and enrages, and if your not careful can eat people very quickly. Make sure you keep people away from him until the MA has built up enough agro. Make sure you have a standby MA in case the 1st goes down.

    I'd suggest having a paladin or two with LoH ready for the first two heals so that the MA can build agro before the 1st cleric CH goes off saving them from being summoned/eaten.

    It's very easy for people at this stage of the war to get very excited and forget very basic things like agro range, waiting for assist etc etc. Remind them, calm them down. The point is NOT to be the one who gets the killing blow, or the group that gets the exp. The point is to act together to kill Narandi.

    It's very very important that people control their agro, because he only summons so often, and if he's just summoned he will run to the person, causing issues for the MA and clerics, making it so rogues cannot backstab and people can quickly die.

    You really don't want to be loosing at this stage.

    Don't forget to remind your 60th GB enabled wizards that Narandi CAN be Giant Baned.

    From my War...

    (Narandi is engaged....)
    [22:22:54] Narandi the Wretched begins to cast a spell.

    (as you can see, kills people so quick he attacks their corpses.. just like Vindi etc).
    [22:23:07] Narandi the Wretched executes a FLURRY of attacks on Shindeiru's corpse!

    (Bruke was in our group. Was at 5K hp, one second later was dead. So watch your agro !)
    [22:24:11] Narandi the Wretched executes a FLURRY of attacks on Bruke!
    [22:24:12] Narandi the Wretched says 'One more trophy for my collection! Good riddance, puny one.'
    [22:24:12] Bruke has been slain by Narandi the Wretched!

    (Typical. Wizard gets the kill).
    [22:25:12] Narandi the Wretched has been slain by Ztin!
    [22:25:12] Narandi the Wretched's corpse says 'Rallos! Please accept my soul... I pray that you may find me worthy.'
    138 seconds kill. A little slow, but not too bad.

    Once Narandi is killed, the following text should occur:

    Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'Outlander! You've done it! The Kromrif invasion has been frustrated! Bring me the head of Narandi and your Hero's ring.


    As I've previously stated, we never use the commands to move the dwarfs. Loads of them running around is not good. They get in the way, are hard to control, cause extra lag, and die, and as several of our guild are KOS to dwarfs would cause agro issues.

    However that is not to say we do not use them at all.

    If you can engage a giant within melee range of the static dwarf camps, then the giant will attack you, but the dwarfs will assist.. usually hitting the giant up the ass. This can be useful if you are engaged and being beaten on a little hard. Move close to the dwarfs and they will assist you. If they get the killing blow the giant poofs, no exp.

    However, be warned. Each "group" of dwarfs has a dwarf hero with them, and if the hero dies, you will lose one "end item".

    If you really want to use the Coldain armies, you should make 5 hot keys, titled "Garadain", "Dobbin", "Churn", "Corbin" and "ALL"; each one as follows:

    * * * * /attack off

    * * * * /target Zrelik

    * * * * /pause 10

    * * * * /say [command]

    The 5 "[commands]" are:

    * * * * Garadain to my side!

    * * * * Dobbin assist me!

    * * * * Churn protect me!

    * * * * Corbin, attack!

    * * * * For the Dain, attack! [this summons all of the commanders to your side]


    There are two ways to lose;

    1. Seneschal Alkidar is killed. This is by giants reaching Thurgadin.

    If you lose the war, then two lines (one either side of the river) of giants will pop near Thurg guarding the entrance. Anyone exiting Thurg without invis will be in for a shock, and anyone approaching the waterfall will see it's not safe.

    So it's usually best to at least have the decency to kill these giants to allow people inside to get out.

    Additionally, Thurgadin itself will be completely clear of NPC's for approximately two hours. No banker, no traders.

    Suck it up and learn from your mistake. Usually it's from not having enough forces, or having a particularly bad round of wave three mobs. Apologize to the zone for the disruption.

    2. You kill all the giants, but wipe on Narandi, or never engage Narandi

    He slowly walks to the EW/GD zone line. Upon reaching it, he will de-pop. So although you win the war, you will not loot the head so no 10th ring.

    COMPLETING your 10th RING

    Once you kill Narandi, he drops a Lance (which is droppable) and a head (no drop, and NO RENT !!). Take "normal" protection measures to make sure nothing is ninja looted. I'd suggest someone trusted immediately loots the lance, and then locks the corpse. Move everyone away from it and then when 3 mins have passed switch over and loot the head

    [22:28:35] Someone is already looting that corpse.
    [22:28:37] Shiannan tells you, 'releasing '
    [22:28:39] --You have looted a Narandi's head.--
    Then go back to the falls where the surviving Coldain Hero's will be gathered. Hand the head and your 9th ring to Seneschal Aldikar, and you will receive your 10th Ring along with the head back.

    [22:29:38] Seneschal Aldikar unsheathes a knife and shaves the beard from Narandi's face and returns the head to you, 'The Dain will require the beard for his trophy room, please accept this ring on his behalf. May it's effect aid you as you have aided us. Be certain to present the ring to the Dain when you're in town. If you remain an ally he will be most gracious, but be warned, if you fall from his good graces he will keep the ring.

    [22:29:50] You feel the blessing of ancient Coldain heroes.
    Then hand the head in turn to each of the surviving Hero's. Remember it's NORENT.

    [22:30:25] Seneschal Aldikar says 'Show the head to the surviving heroes quickly, we must report to the Dain and tend to the wounded.'
    For each one you will receive a droppable reward and the head back, some faction and exp, and the hero runs off into the distance. The order does not matter. Also Zrelik the Scout is NOT a hero.

    [22:30:08] Garadain Glacierbane removes a choker from the severed head and returns both items to you, 'Congratulations on your victory, Azathool. I couldn't have done a better job myself. May Brell protect and watch over you and your friends. Farewell.

    [22:30:22] Dobbin Crossaxe takes a facemask from the head of the giant, 'We shall always be in your debt, outlander. Take this mask, may it protect you from those who would seek to do you harm.'

    [22:30:32] Corbin Blackwell unhooks a glowing earring from Narandi's shorn head, 'Hmm, this looks like something special. Take it, Azathool, you've earned it! Be well.

    [22:30:42] Kargin the Archer picks up a stick and hits the back of the dismembered head with all his might, knocking one of it's eyes out of the socket, 'Bastard killed my brother! Hope his ghost felt that one!

    [22:30:54] Churn the Axeman pries a crown from the head of Narandi, 'The halls of Thurgadin will echo with praises to you for as long as we grace the face of this land. May this crown serve you well. Honor through battle!

    WARNING: Make sure you do NOT have any Narandi-loot items on you from previous wars. They are lore, and so you will lose the item as you get a duplicate and it poofs. I lost an Eye this way so had to give my old one in as recompense.. /mourne. At least I got my 10th ring to compensate.


    These are the items obtained as rewards for the war. Of these, the Lance, Crown and Choker are most sought after. The others often go to twinks or are used as trinkets. All are droppable.

    Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV


    Str/Sta +10

    Mr +10

    HP +100

    Effect: Frostreaver's Blessing, clickable 10 point regeneration/damage shield, and 10 ATK

    * * * * NB. Does not stack with druid/shammy line regen spells, but DOES stack with innate item regen items like Fungi, Heart of Fungus etc.

    Narandiís Lance

    Piercing: 44/45

    * * * * AC +8

    * * * * Str/Sta/Wis/Int _+8

    * * * * Dr +10

    * * * * Hp/Mana +30

    Crown of Narandi

    * * * * Head

    * * * * AC +25

    str/sta/agi/dex/wis/int +8

    * * * * MR/FR/CR/PR/DR +4

    * * * * HP/Mana +50

    * * * * Flowing Thought 2

    Choker of the Wretched

    * * * * Neck

    * * * * AC 8

    * * * * Str/Wis/Int/Cha +8

    * * * * Hp/Mana +40

    * * * * Flowing Thought 1

    Earring of the Frozen Skull

    * * * * Ear

    * * * * AC +4

    * * * * MR/FR/CR/PR/DR +4

    * * * * Mana +40

    * * * * Click Eff: Divine Aura, 4 charges

    Faceguard of Bentos the Hero

    * * * * Face

    * * * * AC +10

    * * * * Str/Sta +10

    * * * * PR/DR +10

    * * * * HP +10

    ( As an aside, the first person to ever complete the 10th ring war was Bentos from Triton guide on Povar. Hence the name of this item).

    * * * *

    Eye of Nerandi

    * * * * Range

    * * * * AC 4

    * * * * Str/Sta/Agi/Dex +4

    * * * * Hp/Mana +40

    * * * * Click Eff: Creeping Vision, unlimited charges

    Also a multi


    You now have your ring (congrats) and 1 to 6 items to distribute as you/your guild see fit.

    Be careful when distributing items, as it can turn into a "naggy fest" quickly if it's a joint effort, or it's got pickup people. If your guild is capable of doing the war, you can bet you will be doing it many times, so you will get many chances of handing out this loot. Every paladin and SK in our guild now has a Crown, just some had to wait a month longer to get it.

    If you have a lot of none guild people officially helping, set the loot rules BEFORE you start. ie, who gets to roll on what.

    The Nexus Scion and all GD zone mobs will start to re-spawn around 30 minutes after the end of the war, although if you lose Thurgadin itself will be "dead" for longer.

    Also if you don't kill the Giant Spearmen they will despawn soon after the end of the war, before the zone re-pops.


    We've had several bugs occur, including:

    1. Scripted words. I've never seen all the correct "scripted" words, esp the ones shouted by Aldikar and Narandi. But not to worry. The quest still works.

    2. The war not starting at all after handing in ring/note.

    3. The whole of "major wave" one not spawning. Just a 30 minute wait of nothing, and then straight onto major wave 2.

    4. Thurg does not re-pop when you lose the war. It's supposed to be out of action for 2 hours, so if it's any much longer throw in a /petition.

    5. Delays/Long pauses. Sometime when triggering the war, or between waves there can be "longer than usual" pauses. Just be patient.

    6. Zone reboot. We've had the whole zone reboot on us, throwing every person off in the zone and not letting you back on for 5 mins.

    7. At the end, multiple Aldikars. When you finally hand in the head and get each of the rewards, you end up with several copies of Aldikar spawning one on top of each other. Donít worry. Has no effect.

    Apparently most of the "bugs" with all waves appearing at once etc have now been ironed out, and we've never seen them.


    Be prepared to accept some abuse from the normal GD populace. There is always some disgruntled person who gets angry because their camp will be gone for 2 hours, and you will always get someone threatening to train and/or kill the dwarfs. Make sure you handle it appropriately. We always make sure we do a /report of their text, as doing so is harmless, and if they do actually disrupt your war you have proof. If they were just being dorks, no harm done.

    As stated above, providing free TL's out helps in most cases to get rid of people who do not or should not be there.

    Throughout the war people will be zoning in and asking for groups or asking what's going on. Just spam your hot key that a Ring War is going on, that there are no normal mobs, no exp groups, and it's not a safe place etc etc.

    Try and keep ooc/shout as little as possible, and if necessary create a channel for your War if lots of none guild people are helping. Getting into ooc arguments only causes grief.

    If you do see someone training Dwarfs off, quickly ask them to die and say you will rez them. If they manage to train a Hero to the giants the hero can die if you don't rescue them.

    Remember, on "blue" servers you are triggering a quest, and therefore it's against the PnP rules for someone to cause disruption to the game play by ruining the quest by killing Dwarfs or purposefully training.

    If it does happen, /petition them asap, try and /report as much of it as possible, and don't get into an ooc flame war over it. Whilst it's very unlikely you will get any recompense for it, the person can hopefully be cautioned and soul marked (of course, depending upon how much proof you have and whether the GM screwed his wife the night before !).

    If your on a PvP server, then good luck.

    Also be aware that GD is normally a lvl 30-40 exp zone. This means you will have people porting in via the Scion or Ring, with possibly no way out.

    Itís easy for them to accidentally get in the way if they are not careful, and either die or even worse, train giants to Thurgadin.

    NOTE on MQ'ing

    It IS possible for various stages of the quest to be MQ'd.

    The 1st hand in of ring/note can be done by anybody with 9th ring/note, although the note giver will lose their note so have to get a new one off the Dain. I've done this before for someone else.

    The 2nd hand in of the ring can be done by anybody with 9th ring, and they will be followed by Zrelik

    The 3rd hand in of the ring and head can be done by anybody with a 9th ring. In theory the head itself can be looted by someone other than who Zrelik is following, and the head looter can then finish up, or it could be MQ'd with someone else with a 9th ring.

    What does this mean ? It means that if your doing the quest for someone who lost/does not have their note, and someone else does have it your OK.

    It means that if the person doing the quest (and has Zrelik) goes LD, someone else with 9th can loot the head and hand in and get the 10th ring instead.

    However, as with all MQ'ing be aware that it CAN go wrong, and the GM's will NOT re-imburse any items lost due to MQ'ing. So be it on your own head. It's always best to have the "correct" person do all the bits, so at least you can be recompensed by a GM if you lose anything.

    We had someone lose their 9th Coldain ring when triggering the war because of an incorrect MQ, so Iíd suggest not doing it if possible.

    NOTE on KOS (to Coldain) people

    It's very easy for KOS to Coldain people to help in the war, just as long as they stay away from any Coldain. It's VERY important that they stay away, as if they agro and then train the dwarfs off all hell can break lose, and you can lose hero's. If they agro, either let them die, or you can try and spell mem wipe.

    A good place for KOS people to gather is in the middle up from the buff station near the "middle tree".

    Additionally it's possible for a KOS person to actually do the 10th ring.

    Minimum faction required for hand in is dubious, so sneak from behind gives you indifferent for the final hand in. Just be careful to not agro on the hand in, else any nodrop items will poof... ie, the head and your 9th ring.


    Once you have your 10th ring, there is an extra reward you can get as Seneschal Aldikar suggests.

    If you are Ally to Dain faction, handing in your 10th ring to the Dain himself will return you your ring, along with a LORE scroll which has one charge of Divine Aura - 2.5 secs click cast on it.

    You can do this as many times as you want (getting a new scroll every time you use it). As long as the Dain is up of course, and as long as you keep Ally faction. If you lose Ally and hand your ring in, he will eat it.. So always check your faction first !!

    The scroll cast is easily interruptible of course as monks have no channelling skill (so not as useful as a SBI for instance.. insta-click) but not to be sneezed at. Useful in some pulling situations or when you need to make suicide dashes.


    The war is great fun to take part in. Even after all these times I have done it, I still get a rush every time it's triggered and you go running around GD. It's a real spectacle to see, your guild charging over the white snow to engage a mass of giants running towards you. You can almost hear the battle cries of people, and as I've got a good system I have full particle effects on, so it's great to see giants being blasted all over the place.

    It can get scary at times when your tanking a mob alone, hoping it will be slowed soon or a cleric will get in heal range, and it's great to solo an (admittedly) slowed Veteran.

    The Narandi takedown is a whirlwind of flurries and death.

    When eventually your turn comes, and you trigger the war, and then do that final hand in, and click it.. it's a great day. It takes far more organization and effort and guild time than the Monk Epic does, and in it's own way is as much an accomplishment.

    I hope this guide helps you in completing your 10th ring.

    <table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
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    <p align="center" style="line-height: 100%; text-indent: 0; word-spacing: 0; margin: 0"><font face="Monotype Corsiva" size="3" color="#000000">NightWatcher</font></p>
    <p align="center" style="line-height: 100%; text-indent: 0; word-spacing: 0; margin: 0"><font face="Monotype Corsiva" size="3" color="#000000">7th Hammer</font></td>
    <td width="60">
    <p align="center">

    </p>Edited by: <A HREF= ikibadachi>BodiKibadachi</A> at: 11/29/02 5:00:59 am

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    Default Re: 10th Coldain Ring War Guide

    12 Sep 2002

    1st Draft entry to this board.

    13 Sep 2002

    Made a few minor mods to guide content

    Corrected some spelling mistakes

    Changed position of 6th Coldain Army led by Corbin.

    With new resist changes, 3rd wave mobs debuffed can be slowed.

    Added stats for items.

    Added link to current 9th Ring guide.

    Please feel free to correct any mistakes or omissions in this guide.

    </p>Edited by: <A HREF=>azathool</A>* at: 9/13/02 3:22:17 am

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    Default Re: 10th Coldain Ring War Guide

    Very nice!

    Sensei Saoshen Sih`ja`Tgzu

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    Driae Skynn

    Default cool

    Good read, it's interesting to see how other guildsa and other servers do it. Surprisingly each time I've done it, we've left the spearmen up.


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    Default Re: cool

    Very good read - I haven't participated in one yet, but I'm sure I'll use this guide when I do <img src= ALT=":)"> - By the way, if you want to fix it up a bit:

    lose: to lose something

    loose: My pants are loose

    Don't mind me, just being a spelling nazi <img src= ALT=":)">






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    Default Re: cool

    ooooo nice.......Now thats what I call a guide <img src= ALT=":)">

    <p align="center"><FONT FACE="Tempus Sans ITC">
    Bodi Kibadachi, member of United Kingdoms, and Master of the Celestial Fists on Bristlebane</font></p>

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    Driae Skynn

    Default just some tidbits I've heard added.

    There are now 5 spots the giants will come from, though two of them are very close.

    Spearmen will summon upon agro, no matter what, and when killed (This part I'm not positive on) they immediately respawn.

    These would be new changes since last patch, worth conscidering at least.


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    Default heard = not good enough. Actually done = good.

    You want to re-read my guide. As it states, giants come from 5 ways.

    1. South pop, march north down river to Thurgadin.

    2. East pop, march west to middle and then down river

    3. East pop, march north to needle.

    4. West pop, march north to Tizmak

    5. West pop, march North East to Turgadin

    Yes, spearmen summon, although not all the time and not everyone. I've been in the middle of killing them, and ran off fine no problems on a pop.

    No. Spearmen do NOT re-spawn when killed. We did the War last night (12 Sep 2002). I was in the spearmen kill group. No re-spawn.


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    Lif Thraser

    Default Re: heard = not good enough. Actually done = good.

    Heya Aza <img src= ALT=";)">

    to get declaration of war you don't need dagger, dagger is a clue to find the sentence to tell to get the declaration of war

    to get declaration of war u have to say to Dain:

    You can count on me

    Narandi never enrage and don't have 150Khp, more like 100K or less.

    Seneshal don't have to die to fail the war if he get HIT! he instantly depop and then war is over.


    <a href=>Hoang</a href>



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    Default Re: heard = not good enough. Actually done = good.

    There is a nice map here showing the five giant spawn points and composition. Having not done the quest I can't vouch for its accuracy, but it matches Azathool's description other than the distance between the two eastern spawns. Are the eastern spawns always 6-mob spawns and the center-west ones always 11-mob spawns, as shown on the map?

    Excellent guide, Azathool! I hope to use it soon as my guild is now just about up to the point of doing Vindi. Thanks.

    <div style="text-align:center">

    <a href="">


    </div></p>Edited by: <A HREF= angli>Chiangli</A> at: 11/21/02 12:11:24 pm

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    Default Re: heard = not good enough. Actually done = good.

    For enchanters, you can root any runners that you see. Aoe tash is very useful, and when you reach the third wave, slow is basically useless. If you can't assist with anything, keep your guild updated on the number of mobs left and their location.


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    Default Re: heard = not good enough. Actually done = good.

    Sorry, been VERY busy as of late, and even less time to do stuff in. I hope its not been taken as a slight that I have not updated this SUPURB guide to the main site, but I will do so very shortly.

    Apoligies again.

    29th Nov: Updated to the main site, and again, sorry it took so long.

    ....excuse me, my friend has a medical condition of salt deficency, and we are going away for the weekend.....</p>Edited by: <A HREF= ikibadachi>BodiKibadachi</A> at: 11/29/02 4:57:42 am

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    Apostle Master
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    Oct 2005


    Planning on completing.

    Was so excited and nervous that I got the Declaration of War 9/23/09 that I immediatly rushed to ask EQ friends to help and was in too much of a hurry and could not answer everyones questions.

    I also did not know it was important to give Zrelic the message regarding his commands for I was involved (melee only) in many a war where he was not used. I THINK this prevented the giants from spawning other than the spearmen. Learned can stop him from following one around last night!!!

    Folks can now refer to this info .
    Thank you

    formerly of Rodcet Nife then Quellious and now of Povar
    Too many merges:(
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