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    Default Monk or Bruiser

    As the topic states, I'm having trouble deciding. I'm kinda dishearted that its not the same as the monk in EQ1(a melee) but, It may not be so bad. I've leveled a few characters 50 in eq, including a monk to 47. Out of all my characters, the monk was my favorite, and that is what I planed on playing here. Is there really much of a difference between monk and bruiser? (Bruiser sounds awesome, like a street thug or something, but monk sounds much more Tranquil.) I'm leaning more twords the monk, I just want to know if one is better then the other. Thanks in advance for any replies.

    Have a good day!


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    Default Re: Monk or Bruiser

    You pretty much hit the nail on the head.

    Monks are about tranquility, they are more defensive then thier counterpart. They do not set out to fight kill or maim, mainly to learn, explore and pick up chicks. They react more with thier skills and make excellent tanks.

    Bruisers are about beating the snot out of people. In the real world you would know Mike Tyson rolled a bruiser. He beats up men, women, cars.... They are more physical and do a tad more damage, but take a tad more damage themselves when tanking.

    Pick what you want. <img src= ALT=":)"> I like Qeynos, I like being a monk. Some like bruisers.

    But what ever you do, don't go into the game thinking this is EQ part 2, it isnt. It is a new game. Oh, and we are melee, just different then the old game.

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    Default Re: Monk or Bruiser

    Also at level 40 Monks can turn into tigers! <img src= ALT=":D">

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    Default Re: Monk or Bruiser

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr>Also at level 40 Monks can turn into tigers!<hr></blockquote>

    !! ! !!!! !

    Are you kidding me?!

    I can't wait!

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    Default Re: Monk or Bruiser

    scroll down a bit for monk tiger pic

    I can't wait either! Looks sweet!

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    Default Re: Monk or Bruiser

    well shit...i was thinking about making a gnome bruiser, but now i think i'll make a gnome monk.


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    Default Re: Monk or Bruiser

    Personally, I'm goiing monk. My current 'main' is a 23 assassin, and I'm a bit tired of Freeport. <img src= ALT=":(">

    Gonna try Qeynos out. It seems a lot more fleshed out on that side of the world. Freeport seems somehow unfinished, to me.

    Go with what sounds fun for you.

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    Default Re: Monk or bruiser

    Well, I've been reading alot these last few days, and it seems that I do want to tank, just to what degree is what I have to figure out. The monk sounds like (from what I read) that at times they have problem, because just like on here, after the mitigation nerf, they sucked for tanking/soloing. On there, from what I read, they are more of an avoidance tank, and are really lacking in the ac department. That isn't so bad for grouping (unless its reds, because you get hit more often) but for any sort of raiding, what role would a monk preform? Is there even a use for a monk outside of grouping? Now that I'm thinking about it, whats the use for more then two tanks on any raid? Heh.. sorry, just rambling on here, I'll try to finish it up.

    What I'm really getting at is, are monks even that useful outside of average Joe pick up groups? I haven't played eq2 yet, so this is just based on what I'm reading, but it does seem that they have little to no use.


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    Default Re: Monk or bruiser

    I am currently a level 20 monk and I love it. I tank often, and well. Have another melee throw an intervene on you and a monk is actually one of the BETTER tanks, plus you get taunt abilities we didn't get in eq1. ALSO you can mend others, and you still get Feign Death (which does fail sometimes still). I think the monk in EQ2 is a result of a lot of the problems they had in EQ1 being fixed. You still do good damage tho too. If you are the main tank, you have to focus on that, and you end up doing less damage because you are mashing taunt buttons instead of dps buttons. If you're DPS you can focus more on damage, and thus EQ2 monks are bada$$.

    P.S.: No more "pokey pokey with a stick" like on EQ1, the 2H staff animations are nice.

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    Default Re: Monk or bruiser

    Actually, from what I understand, bruisers are better than monks.

    That is just statistically and DPS-wise though, because in my opinion monks have much more style. Monks CAN'T tank in the end game despite popular rumors, however well they may be able to in the early 20s.

    I once asked this question to a level 50 monk, and he told me this "I know plenty of monks, including me, that wish they would've went with Bruiser. But, I don't know any Bruisers that wish they went with Monk."


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    Default Re: Monk or bruiser

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr>Monks CAN'T tank in the end game despite popular rumors<hr></blockquote>

    Wrong. Just plain and simple. There are strategies that may opt for another class to tank, but that statement is wrong.

    At 40: no problem tanking, soloing or duoing. lvl 50, no problem. The 50's in our guild who raid the higher areas alternate between berserker and monk tanks for different mobs, and the monk is 48. If you can't do it, fine. Don't do it, but it's not because of your class.

    The problem at 50 is not tanking, it's that there is no point of progession after that. Actually at about 48 you start to find less and less mobs that give that great xp so if you solo, you end up fighting greens that only give .1 each.

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    Default Wrong

    Agreed Kanus, he is way off.

    At 50 I tank pretty damned well. I won't say I tank as well as a guardian, but hell that's pretty much their only roll. I like having more attacks than Taunts.

    I've seen a lot of monks that say they can't tank. Usually a quick inspect tells me why. It's simple guys, UPGRADE! Gear and Skills. Don't listen to the idiot that tells you that small changes don't make a difference. They add up fast. If all you can afford is an App IV, then get it. Don't have the money for a rare hide? Suck it up and harvest your butt off. I know it's boring, but upgrades make HUGE differences when added together.

    Also don't forget to use your lower level skills. At 50, I still take the time when soloing or tanking to use Toughness, and turn on Face of the Mountain(Stone stance almost useless unless I'm about to die).

    Then learn tactics, practice, experiment, talk to other monks to see what they do.

    Not sure how a bruiser stacks up, but at end game, my monk is pretty popular with groups or for duoing for XP/loot.



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    Default Re: Wrong

    Two different mentalities here so you really can't compare a bruiser/monk to a guardian in tanking. Guardian=high hp and def but kill slower where monk/bruiser=kill fast but when you get hit you feel it more since you have lower mitigation and hp.

    Soloing however monk/bruiser is better at least in my view since they can kill the mob a lot quicker than the guardian for example.

    Now which is better, monk or bruiser? It all depends on you the player and your playing style. Bruiser have better dps output where monk is better on defense. However, in a group with buffs I would take bruiser over monk just for dps output.

    Properly buffed my bruiser can take on stuff I had problem with my guardian at similar level. I 3 box now (I know call me insane) and my new "self group" is a bruiser, fury and a warlock combo. My groups dps is insane and a lot more fun than my old semi-retired group of a 50 guardian/inquisitor.

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