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Thread: The Complete Newb's Guide to Computer Stuff

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    Default The Complete Newb's Guide to Computer Stuff

    The purpose of this guide is to offer tips and other hints generally not covered in Estral's work of art. These are another set of the most common problems faced with users today who are either just starting out with computers, intermediates who get stuck, and professionals who want to show off but don't know about some things.

    General schpiel: Use Ad-aware, Spybot, any decent anti-virus program, and a firewall. You will regret it if you don't. The new Microsoft Anti-Spyware thingie is actually pretty good, surprisingly.

    Any comments and suggestions can be tossed at If you like what you read and/or found it useful, gratitude is welcome. Now, if you're a hot chick..

    If this offends anyone, I apologize.

    Index of Problems and Solutions:

    1. Floppy drive light is always on
    2. Computer continually reboots
    3. Virus lingering in the Windows restore folder(s)
    4. Emission of smoke from the computer
    5. Virus in e-mail from friend
    6. Building your first machine
    7. ActiveX suck-ass protocols
    8. Critical Windows updates
    9. Differences of broadband vs. dial-up
    10. Damaged CD and how-to ask for a replacement
    11. More for your internet..
    12. Will your computer run a new game?
    13. Integrated, factory-built system components and replacing
    14. No sound coming from sound card/speakers
    15. Windows Hotkeys
    16. Clearing cache of a webpage and grabbing new images
    17. 404 errors on webpages
    18. Geforce 5200 or not?
    19. Missing icons on desktop!
    20. The "Left Rule of Computing"
    21. Common internet ports
    22. Task Manager Madness
    23. Network Not Noticing No Nodes
    24. NTFS Drive(s)/Partition(s) Hath Disappeared

    The computer setup of the creator of this guide currently is:

    AMD Athlon64 3400+ Retail Box
    MSI K8T NEO-FS2R Socket 754 Motherboard
    1GB stick of RAM, and one 512MB stick of RAM, dual-channel (because I can)
    PNY Geforce 6600GT (AVOID PNY AT ALL COSTS!!)
    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Sound Card
    Some 500w power supply that glows blue
    Lite-On DVD burner, but it's originally some ND-2100A drive
    Three hard drives. one 30GB, one 60GB, one 200GB.
    CRT Monitor (Waiting for the exquisite 2ms response Flats)
    5.1 Surround Sound Speakers, Logitech X-530 speakers


    1. My floppy drive light is always on! It must be a virus!

    - No, you have a cable that is in the incorrect way. Open up the computer, locate the floppy cable, and flip it around. Also make sure to reinsert the cable, or else that light'll never come on ever again. Also make sure the computer is off, or else. ..OR ELSE!


    2. My computer continually reboots on its own. It must be a virus!

    - Ok, it could be.. Check first to see if there is a huge collection of dust on your hardware. Get a can of the mighty, handy-dandy compressed air and get all that crap out of the fans and little nooks. Don't blow air into the harddrive or even attempt to do so. Be sure to check your power supply and the video card fans.

    Have you overclocked anything? If so, turn it off and it should magically clear up. Then, go and find out how to properly overclock a computer.

    Have you defragged lately? Run error/file checks? Sometimes Windows, in its infinite wisdom, will decide to just reboot for the hell of it. Sometimes, however, it reboots because it has encountered an error that it decides, in its infinite wisdom, that the computer needs to be rebooted immediately, or you have the radio button checked to, "Automatically restart," in System properties -> Advanced -> Startup and Recovery : System failure


    3. Ok, this time I'm sure it was a virus, and it's lingering in MY RESTORE FOLDER!

    - Congrats, oh dumbass, you got a virus.. You're also running either WindowsBlowME... I mean WindowsME, or WindowsXP.

    Go to System properties -> System restore -> "Turn off system restore on all drives" for Windows XP.

    Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System -> Performance : File system -> Troubleshooting : Disable system restore for WindowsME.

    After doing the above, reboot and, of all things, it's gone. (Should be, unless you managed to not clean out the virus, then it'll just hop right back at you, in which case I would try to run the anti-virus program in safe mode)


    4. A puff of blue/green/white/black smoke just shot out of my computer.. should I worry?

    - Nah. That's perfectly nor... wait, smoke!? ...well, it was time to upgrade, anyway. The problem now is determining what hardware, if anything else besides the motherboard, was fricaseed. Find an old shambled-down computer that'll fit your pieces one at a time, replace the components from the old comp with your new ones. RAM sticks one at a time, check the processor for any marks, check to see if fan still turns/powers up, see if video card still makes legible figures on the screen, sound doesn't make exorcist noises when clicking the mouse..

    First thing to do, is to disassemble your computer (with the computer off, if it hasn't been turned off due to the excessive heat) and look for burn marks. Mainly check the motherboard, video card, processor, and every now and then the power supply.

    Make sure you replace the replaced pieces with one of the pieces that you replaced before you test another piece, otherwise you could end up burning a different piece while trying to figure out which pieces still work while testing.

    When you're done and you can replace the part that needed replacing, make sure everything is seated properly! Make sure you have the correct voltage set on the power supply (ya know, American and European thing)! Make sure you aren't using your computer during a lightning/thunder/tornado/anything with lots of lightning/dry, warm air (static electricity forming) weather. Make sure you're connected to a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), and make sure you don't have any power hogs *coughlaserprinterscough* connected to said UPS.


    5. My friend just sent me this awesome e-mail of a screensaver. I haven't run it yet, but I'm sure a file named OpenMeYouIdiot.vbs is safe. It's from my friend!

    - Ah, yeah, that screensaver is awesome. It only could, ya know, propagate a virus that's terrorizing the world and cause total and complete destruction to your computer and .exe files. Go ahead, run it, just don't be surprised when your IT manager starts swingin' around a guillotine blade in your general direction.

    Also, just because it's from your friend, doesn't mean it's safe. Most worm/trojan-type virii spoof (falsely claim) e-mail from addresses. E-mail headers usually tell you who it's really from. If you're unsure about a file you got from your "friend," call your friend and ask him. If he didn't send it to you, little button marked "delete." If he did, I would recommend taking a nice, big, metal baseball bat to your friends temple, then to his/her groin. Then you can beat the everlivin' crap out of his computer because he's not quite smart enough to own a computer.

    (Warning: Do not attempt to beat your friend upside the head with a bat, and do not beat up his computer, for he may really need it. Just politely inform him of his error in judgment. Then you may deliver the blow to the groin area)


    6. I'm building this awesome machine. I've got all the parts for it, too!

    - Very good, you've decided to home-build your own system. Do you know how, though? RTFM (Read The Frickin' Manual) first, to get an idea of the layout and what goes where. Then you may begin to insert the components. If you have no clue what to do, find someone who does. It is better to waste time finding someone who knows how to build your computer than to try it yourself and possibly end up breaking something or even yourself.

    Just about every piece on a computer today can only go in one direction. The trouble really is finding which slot of the 2+ slots available to use. Most computers and OSes today handle IRQ (interrupt requests) very efficiently and well enough that you shouldn't have to do much of anything with them.

    If you go the route of partitioning your 250 GB harddrive into an 8 GB C: drive and smaller chunks of the others, you may or may not want to move your swap file to an alternate partition on your disk other than your C: drive. To do this, go to (Control Panel ->) System -> Advanced : Performance : Settings -> Advanced : Virtual Memory : Change : Choose the drive you want the swap to be on, set it to either custom initial (8) and maximum (1536) or system managed size.

    Also you may want to move the temp folder from C: to an alternate, larger drive. To do this in WindowsXP, go to (Control Panel ->) System -> Advanced : Environmental Variables. In both User Variables and System Variables, find TEMP and TMP and change those to the drive you wish it to be located.


    7. What's this thing that says, "Are you sure you want to install SomeDumbProgram?" It says it's an ActiveX protocol..

    - Just say no. Unless it's a really good, trusted website, like Microsoft (don't hurt me, I'm just using them as an example). You can't remove these very easily. If it's from a porn site, do not under any circumstance install it. It will make infants really upset.


    8. I noticed that there was a critical update on the Windowsupdate page, but my friend said it's not important and I shouldn't get it because it only deals with something I don't use very often.

    - Your friend's a dumbass. All critical updates listed under the heading "Critical Updates" are wise to download and install. No matter what other people say, get those critical updates. Even if you use Mozilla/Firefox and Thunderbird, get those updates for IE and Outlook, because you just never know. They may send out packets and receive them even while not in use. Stay safe, download critical updates and install them.

    Service Packs, however, I would wait about one week, then research for all problems people are having and methods to fix them and then install it.


    9. Question by MonkDaddy - "Ok from what I've gathered there is Dial-up (I know what that is), high-speed, broadband, cable, DSL, and prolly some more. What I would like to know is what is the difference between all these, from what I can guess is that the rest are all faster than dial-up, and thats about it"

    - Answered by Estral LC - ""High speed" and "broadband" terms seen in the consumer market are generally referring to DSL and Cable. Above those two formats are your non-residential, multi-channel pipes like T1, T3, OC3, etc.

    Here are some links that explain the speeds and capacity of each type of connection:"


    10. My CD was damaged, and my repair kit doesn't do jack. ..Is the world over yet?

    - No. Unless it's an old CD that isn't made anymore. Then you're screwed.

    The first thing you would want to do is to try to find your receipt for the store you bought the CD. If you're like the millions of Americans who don't keep their receipts when buying a game, congratulations, you're normal. In this scenario, if the game is still being distributed or made and is providing support, write a friendly e-mail to the support e-mail address usually located on the company website saying something along the lines of, "Hi. My CD for (game/software) was scratched beyond home repair, and is giving me trouble (installing/playing/using) your (game/software). I was wondering if it were at all possible to obtain a replacement CD for (game/software)." Fill in the choices as necessary. Usually not a good idea to send a company an e-mail saying "(game/software)." It tends to look like a bot wrote the mail and is just trying to get a free CD.

    After all of that, be prepared. They'll ask you if you still have your receipt. Don't get sarcastic; stay nice and calm. Say, "I'm sorry, but I lost my receipt a good time ago." They'll usually take sympathy/empathy/apathy toward your situation, and you will likely receive a response saying, "Let me talk to my manager about this situation." After a remarkably short time (1 minute, I swear on my Wolfenstein CD), you will receive an e-mail probably stating, "Put your CD in a blank case, print out this ticket and include it with, like, $10 or something so we know what to do with it, ship it to us and we'll get you a replacement as soon as we feel like it."

    Some companies have a way to circumvent all of this hassle and include a method of obtaining a replacement CD in their "Support" area of their website. Usually.


    11. I want more for my internet.

    - Please, be more vague.

    Download Mozilla/Firefox and Thunderbird Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird


    12. Will my computer run A_Brand_New_Game01?

    - I dunno. Will it? The best way to know if your system will run a game is to.. well, run the game.

    Also, on the side of the game box is this thing called "System Requirements and Recommended Specs," which lists everything you'll need to run the game in the first place, and a recommended to run the game well enough to be considered "playable" in the day and age of desensitized players today.

    This information is also likely to be displayed on the game's website. If anything, visit the tech forums of the game's website, they'll post the req. and rec. specs you will need. Also, you'll find that a crapload of people will have posted the usual, "Will my computer run this game?" posts.


    13. I have this computer from A_Name_Brand_Company01, and I want to replace the video card. However, I had some trouble getting one side off. There was this sticker attached to it, so I just cut it and opened the case. Afterwards, I found the video card, but it's been glued on with some type of metal. Should I attempt to take it off the board? I have a blowtorch in my garage, and I saw my dad use it once..

    - Holy hell.

    First, that sticker usually means you just violated your warranty on your computer. This may or may not be a good thing. At least you get to see the inside of your computer..

    Second, your video card is very likely soldered on by the factory that made it. Removing it is not recommended. So please, put down the blowtorch, and step away from it and me. No, don't put it away, I'll do that. If you've already done so, you're pretty much screwed and you'll have to resort to building your own computer!

    The joys of building your own computer: You know what goes in it! You should know how to handle it. You'll learn how to overclock things! You'll learn proper maintenance and care of a computer! If one piece blows up, you don't have to replace the entire computer!

    bad thing: You'll still have to replace your computer, but not the entire thing (at once, at least)! If any piece does blow up, you'll have to RMA everything.

    I pretty much think the good outweighs the bad. You make your decision. ..I said, put the blowtorch away.


    14. This is based off of Wester 42's problem of no sound, for all purposes of respect, I'll not make any sarcastic comments - I've been using my sound card for a while now, but suddenly it's stopped working like it should. It plays sound up to a certain point but then just stops! It's a few years old, as is my motherboard.

    - This could be a couple of things.

    Your drivers could have become corrupted. It's possible. Just simply go to the company's website and download the latest drivers. If said company doesn't exist or doesn't have a website, try the other hints listed below. Otherwise, get a new sound card. And a new set of speakers. Dolby digital 7.1. With a huge subwoofer.

    There's an IRQ (Interrupt Request) conflict! This is usually caused by Windows with its damnedable ACPI. Somehow, Windows decided, in its infinite wisdom, to change the IRQ of the sound card to, oh say, the IRQ of the video card. It swears it's more comfortable there, despite the howling objections of the sound card. Later, Windows forgets what it did and reports a conflict. Couple of fixes: If you're using an early version of Windows (95, 98, possibly ME) you can go to the Device manager, right-click on the offending sound card, properties, resources, and change the IRQ from there to say, 5 or 10 - 12. Whichever one doesn't conflict.

    Alternately, you have to change the IRQ in the BIOS/CMOS, whatever you want to call it. There should be a list of IRQ somewhere where it states PCI configuration.

    Sometimes Windows doesn't like the card. Ya know, like a neighbor that always comes over to watch the game, every night of the week, even on Saturdays. Eventually you just want to get rid of him. Go into device manager, find the sound card, right-click and remove/uninstall it, the shut down the computer, remove the card, power on computer, shut down, reinstall card, boot up again.

    It could just be as easy as doing this: shut down computer, remove card, put card into different PCI slot, boot up computer and there ya go.

    Finally, your sound card could just be dying on you. Most of the time this comes with the card's swan song, where it will play music then bust out into static-y noises in an effort of saying, "Help me."


    15. My cubicle neighbor always plays games at work, but he never gets caught! Whenever I play games, I don't have enough time to click the minimize button on the titlebar before my boss comes by to tell me I have to come in on Saturday and Sunday. How does he do it!?

    - He's better than you. In every way possible.

    He also knows the windows shortcuts.. handy things, they are.

    Windows key + :

    D = Show Desktop, minimizes everything to the tray.
    R = Run box. Useful.
    M = Minimizes everything to tray.
    Pause/Break = System manager

    Alt +:

    Tab = Brings up that box that allows you to cycle through active programs
    Escape = Cycles through active programs without the box.
    F4 = Your most favoritest key combo in the world. Do this in dire emergencies. Just hit this key three times followed by the U key in WindowsXP and the Enter key in Windows9x.

    Ctrl + :

    C = Copy
    V = Paste
    F4 = Close current window/document, useful in like, tabbed environments.
    X/Q = Closes program, sometimes.


    16. This webpage I went to had some awesome holiday graphics.. back when it was the holidays! Now, the graphics are still there, and I don't want to be in a particularly festive mood right now! Argh!

    - Right.

    Neither do I.

    You'll have to force your browser to pull in the graphics from the website's server again. Majority of the time the images are cached on your harddrive so things load faster. This can be a good and bad thing. Good in it makes the pages load faster; bad in it makes the page's graphics stick as the same graphics until you do something.

    Or you could just empty your cache.

    To force your browser to regain the graphics, hold shift when you click on refresh. If that doesn't work, hold ctrl. If for some reason Windows in its infinite wisdom doesn't like that, hold ctrl + shift when you hit refresh. In place of clicking refresh, you can also hit the F5 key. This works in both mozilla/firefox and Unsafe Internet Explorer.

    Now, let us brood in our dark corners while counting our coins!


    17. Why am I getting these "404 Page Not Found" errors on this website? Why must my browser hate me? What did I ever do? Did I make it so mad that it just doesn't look hard enough? I yell at my computer to look harder! It does nothing! My friend Bob is getting this error as well from the same website. It must be a virus! Now I have to open up my harddrive to clean it out with soap!

    - ...Hm, any relation to the above questioner?

    Ok, don't worry. Settle down. *gets out tranquilizer gun and fires a shot* Good, now that you're semi-conscious..

    404 errors are common in the internet world. It means that the DNS you're using just can't find the website you typed. It makes very little sense to just keep refreshing the page over and over again. Your best bet is to just wait a day or so and try again. If it doesn't come up within the day or week, it's very likely that something tragic has happened to the server the website was hosted on. That, or your ass has been banned from the site's server. Likely for good reason.

    It's possible it could be a virus; however, it's more likely that it's just spyware that is blocking those things. Use the ever-helpful spyware removers you can find around the place. Just don't...

    Ya know what, go ahead and wash your harddrive with soap. That'll get the dust and the virus out of there.

    (WARNING: Do not attempt to wash your harddrive with soap. Just consider your harddrive to be French. [any flames/comments/deaththreats can be sent to my e-mail address provided above. And remember, it's all in good fun!])


    18. I've been wanting to upgrade my video from a Voodoo3. I mean, it's run well enough for me so far. I can play all those cool games like One Must Fall: 2097 and Doom 1 and 2. I want to run new games, now. I was lookin' at cheap video cards, and I found this awesome card called a "GeforceFX 5200!" It was only $25, and got good reviews!

    - Now, raise your hand, either one, to your heart, and repeat after me:

    "after me"

    no.. repeat:

    "I will not buy a 5200, unless I buy it for a friend. I do intend to not have this friend as my friend for very long after I give him said card. It is a curse I would not wish upon my fiercest enemy. I will avoid the 5200 like the plague. I will save $25."

    The Geforce 5200s are very underpowered. They have comparable abilities to the above mentioned Voodoo3. It does, however, have some redeeming qualities.... ok, maybe, somewhere. General thing is to avoid the 5200, no matter how cheap it is.

    Also, avoid anything that has "SE" or "LE" on it... just because..


    19. I'm missing a couple of icons on my desktop.. namely, my computer, my network places, and my documents. How do I get them back, o' master of computer tech knowledge (it hurt to say that)?

    - Well, there are a couple of ways.

    If you're using windowsXP, just go to the start menu, right-click on the icon you want placed back onto your desktop and click on the "Show on desktop" choice.

    Otherwise, click on a blank area of your desktop, properties, click on the desktop tab, click on "Customize Desktop" at the bottom, then click on any of the available choices in the list it provides.

    It may be the same for Windows95/98; I need confirmation.


    20. Hi. I've, like, built a computer and all, and I'm, like, having troubles with some things. I was plugging some things in and, like, the computer didn't like it, ya know? It started barking at me and I was, like, gyah, ya know? And I was wondering if you had any tips for, ya know, assembling the computer so it acts, like, right and all?

    - Pray we never meet. Now. Get to praying!

    The "Left Rule of Computing" states that you simply start on the left. With RAM, insert into the first slot on the left, which is incidentally slot 1. Except with RAM you sometimes have to skip slot 2 if you have only two sticks..

    (These are assuming you're staring at the backplane, or the backside, of the computer)
    Sound card? After the legacy gameport, first hole on the left is usually the first one you plug your speakers into.

    Dual monitor video card? Start on the left!


    21. What are ports? Aren't they places where you put ships? Airport? whojawhatthefuh?

    - ...right

    Ports, as defined by Hyperdictionary means "A TCP or UDP port number that is automatically allocated from a predefined range by the TCP/IP stack software, typically to provide the port for the client end of a client-server communication."

    Meaning, something a program or process uses when it wants to reach out and communicate to the spyware vendor.

    The ports you will want to allow access in either your firewall or router are:

    Everquest: 5999, 7000, and basically any UDP port >=1200

    Bittorrent: 6881-6999, with port 6969 for a tracker

    [more will be added/removed/changed later]


    22. (inspired by Stormfyst Starbringer)..My task manager is being selfish with the tasks, and is only showing me processes. Is there a way to make it show the other information before I have to go tell it's parents the ENIAC and Memex to get it to share?

    - Why, yes. When it pesters you, pester it right back! It's making sure you only see what it wants you to only see at the time. Two good shoves on the shoulder should get it to stop being a dweeb.

    Just be careful what you say about the Task Manager when you say it to the ENIAC.. hell hath no fury like a computer that knows you're mad.

    (Translation: double-clicking on the border of the task manager will clear it right up)


    23. (This question gleaned off Proetus Argolis's) I'm on a network. I swear I'm on the network, at least. Network neighborhood shows up. I'm getting the internet. However, I try to find the other computers on my network and.. it's not happening.

    - A couple of things to check. First, make sure you're all on the same workgroup. This is as simple as (for Windows XP) Hit the Windows key + the Pause/Break key, go to the "Computer Name" tab, look down where it says "Change.." In XP Home Edition, you'll only be able to change the computer's description and workgroup. In XP Professional Edition, you'll be able to change the computer's description, as well as join a workgroup OR a domain.

    For this example, we're going to make sure that we're all on the same workgroup. In the "Workgroup" entry box, input, oh, "MonksRule" (without quotes.. please think of the system!) and then hit ok and close out the system properties. Do this step on every computer attached to the network and.. voila, you're all on the same workgroup.

    Now, to make sure there's something for the network to do with files. Locate a folder or drive you want to share. Right-click on it, go down to "Sharing.." and it'll pop up a box. If it's barking at you that "Sharing could do some 'bad things,' m'kay?" just click ok and move on. Unless you're paranoid, then repeat the above steps backward. That'll get'em. That'll get'em good. ..Anyway. Select the "Share this drive" radio button and in the box below, do whatever you want, preferably either read-only or read/write access. Difference being, read-only only allows others to simply read what's on the drive, instead of being able to make any changes and copy them. Read/Write permissions allow those on your workgroup to to not only read and retrieve files from your computer, but also to make changes to the files they have. Meaning, they can make a file named "Bob Sucks.txt" and then tell your boss, named Bob, that you have that file on your computer. (Be sure to accept the changes, hit ok, apply, whatever)

    Now simply go to another computer on the workgroup and go to either "Network Connections" or "My Network Places." There, you can go to "View shared files/directories" or "View shared connections" of those, or close to should do it.

    (more to be added later)


    24. I.. was fooling around with another Operating System.. and.. Windows caught me.. and now Windows has erased my partitions.. and my important data is on there. How!

    Performing a "Quick Format" does not erase any data. It simply removes the indexing of the files (in NTFS). Everything is still intact.

    This is what I did. After using two data recovery programs (Restorer2000 Professional and GetDataBack for NTFS, both wonderful programs, both legitly gained) I managed to back up a lot of my important stuff. Then I went brave, and deleted the remaining partition of the drive (somehow one partition remained) and then went through and converted the drive to an extended partition, then separated it into 4 logical partitions. I did a quick format on NTFS for each drive.

    After that, I went back with the two programs and scanned the drives again, and managed to find data that they couldn't find before. It was easier to do, as well, because the drive was sliced into 4 partition chunks.

    So, all in all, I now have my data back.

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    Default Re: The Complete Newb's Guide to Computer Stuff

    Heres the #1 tip to not getting aggressive spyware on your computer in todays crazy world

    <span style="font-size:xx-large;">STOP VISITING ALL THE GODDAMN PORN SITES</span>

    Yeah, I know, its fun and uh.... educational, but its still just begging for spyware. If you absolutly have to, before you do it go into tools -> internet options, and crank security and privacy to max. Cookies are a bad thing, don't get them if you don't have to.

    Also, go here and download spybot. Run it, frequently, whether you do the porn thing or not.

    <a href="">

    47 Monk of Xegony<a href="">

    Tips to being an Evil Overlord</a>
    Monk Pulling Guide


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    Default Re: The Complete Newb's Guide to Computer Stuff

    I would advise running spybot, and ad-aware. They will each pickup things that the other misses. I've also found that the spywareblaster thing in spybot helps some also. Using something besides Internet Explorer helps alot as well.


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    Default Re: The Complete Newb's Guide to Computer Stuff

    For all your spyware troubles go here:

    Malware Warfare Guide

    It will help with 99.98% of all your problems.

    *edit* can we also get this stickied?

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    so far the only purpose of my life is to die...

    Guns don't kill people, I kill people...

    Life's tough. It's tougher if you're liberal<<(*edit* stupid.)

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    Default The proper way to use email

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