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Thread: Freeport faction for the aspiring Iksar

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    Default Freeport faction for the aspiring Iksar

    Okay... Level 17 Iksar monk here... Obviously I started KOS to the world- Hoped the PoK and killed all the way from level 5 to 17 in Crushbone, so I'm liked well enough by the guards arround that continent...

    How do I get guard Freeport Militia Faction?.. Or should I be killing the militia eventually to get get Freeport Paladin Faction?


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    Default Re: Freeport faction for the aspiring Iksar

    Why do u want freeport faction?

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    Default Re: Freeport faction for the aspiring Iksar

    I'm generally trying to reduce my KOS factor with the guards across Norrath...

    If it's not possible, then I can live with that...

    I know the Red Wine Quest in Neriak 3rd Gate will get me into the "Dread Guards Inner and Outer" faction... Black Burrow will get me good with Qeynos... Still looking at Gukta and Oogok...

    But Freeport used to be easy- Giving Dwarven ale to the Guy in the tunnels by the docks... Was wondering if there's any way into there now...


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    Default Re: Freeport faction for the aspiring Iksar

    I've got a level 33 Iksar monk myself and I'm working toward the same goal of being able to walk freely in human cities. The main reason I'm doing it is roleplay and getting double-takes from other folks, honestly <img src= ALT=";)">

    But the best way I know of getting better faction in Freeport (well, North Freeport, at least. That's where the monk guild is.) is killing deathfist orcs. And the best place to do this is in Nektulos forest. I believe there's three camps in that zone, but I only use two of them. Using this map:

    they're the camps marked #9. I clear one camp, go do the same to the other, and by the time that camp is cleared, the first camp is about to repop, so it's endless killing. I find this much more convenient than the EC orc camps.

    As for the rest of Freeport, I'm not sure on the faction yet. I'm not sure I'll worry about it since the monk guild is in the north.

    If you're interested in raising faction in other cities, you can get good faction with Kelethin and Felwithe guards by killing at the aqua goblin camps in Butcherblock. Now that the cash drops from there have been nerfed, they're almost never camped. I got my Dark Elf enchanter non-KOS to the other elves this way.


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    Default Re: Freeport faction for the aspiring Iksar

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr>But the best way I know of getting better faction in Freeport (well, North Freeport, at least. That's where the monk guild is.) <hr></blockquote>

    Monk guild in Freeport is in West Freeport.

    (And the best way to raise faction with North Freeport is...Killing West/East Freeport guards<img src= ALT=":)"> Been there, done that, but I cannot say the East/West guards doesnt roll out the red carpet for me when they see me... <img src= ALT=":)"> )

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    Default Re: Freeport faction for the aspiring Iksar

    I did this when Iksars first came out so it may not work or I may be misremembering. You'll want SoW and Invis. SoW because this will take a long time of running from east to west freeport then back to east and invis so you don't get attacked by guards. Best bet is to get a Druid to help you.

    There were two rogue quests in East Freeport.

    1) A note to Janam

    Say 'What message' to Harkin Duskfoot located in the rogues guild of East Freeport. Harkin should ask you to deliver a note to Janam in West Freeport. Janam then gives you a note to return to Harkin. You'll get faction and some junk armor for this.

    2) A note to Rebby.

    While you're doing the Janam quest you can speak to Nestral T'Gaza a dark elf near Harkin. Hail her and follow that quest. I believe you need to deliver some wiskers from or two Rebby.

    You'll have to do these quest quite alot if you want dubious faction with guards. I believe I got mine up to warmly.

    Another good one was the muffin quest where you feed the dwarf upstairs of the theater in West Freeport. If you gave him milk he walks away for a little bit. Not very useful. This won't help your Freeport faction though.

    One thing you might want to do is turn in Orc belts to someone(don't remember his name) in the Warriors guild. This will help increase your Knight faction at a slight cost to the Freeport Guard faction which you repair with the Rebby/Janam quests.

    The monks in Freeport should be easy. Just kill lots of Orcs. I think I'm still threatening though.


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    Default Oops

    Err, oops. Forgot where the human monk guild was! I think I was thinking of faction hits. . . killing the orcs improves faction with the Ashen Order. So even if the guards don't like you in West Freeport, perhaps eventually. . . after a few thousand orcs. . . the monks might.


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    Default Re: Oops

    I did the faction work so I could do my epic and quests without any problem, Faction is easy. Get wolf form for turn ins when you are kos or apprehensive..or just FD, stand, /con...repeat...lotsa stuff to do for hand ins...youll die. But thats ok...nice to run around norrath as an Iksar and not KoS

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    Default Re: Oops

    I did orcs in commonlands and hunted in highkeep and collected ears that you turn in to captain some one. The ear quest is for west/ east freeport guards ( militia) and also corrupt guards in qeynos, think a couple others but dont remember what they are. The orcs are good for north freeport guards and freeport monk faction. I dont remember if the scalps off of gnolls and orcs in highpass were good for anything other then highpass/keep guards. This was awhile ago, back in the day when highpass/ keep was the place to hunt thru 15-30, so was easier then, usually find it pretty vacant these days though.

    Qeynos is easy, kill gnolls and if you want to go a step farther collect the gnoll fangs and turn them into the quester above the arena, but you gotta be sneaky to get to the quester.

    Save ya some time now, dont think iksars can get on good terms with sure fall heh, still scowling at me and lots of time spent in Black burrow which gives faction for them. And Halas...its to cold there anyway.

    Just got paineel guards to on good terms with me the other night, that was pretty easy, might continue and get erudian on good terms, but that looks like its gonna be 3 times as hard if even possible (in warrens).

    Thats about all I ever bothered working on..halfling guards like me from hunting the guy in the prison cells of highkeep, but no one else there likes me there heh.


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    Default Re: Oops

    Its possible to get faction with gnoll teeth in Halas. Just need to use a tad bit of illusion potions to get you to do the turn ins.


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    Default Re: Oops

    You want East / West Freeport Faction?


    Orcs for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner , for tea, for supper, for snacks, orcs when you have one of those "not so fresh" days, orcs till you puke. Then go do more orcs. (Neriak or Commons or both if you have some sow potions and all camps are open) the orc belt quest builds faction with East / West guards well and fast but eats your faction with clerics and Palys....Then again all you have to do to regain that faction is kill East west guards......heheheh.....Orcs are also necessary for Monk guild faction for the epic so ....Love the orcs to death..

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    Default Re: Oops

    The Highpass orc scalps give you faction for Freeport and for the Corrupt in Qeynos without faction hits (well, ok, other then said orcs of course).

    Same for the Gnolls in Highpass, turn in the scalps with the 2 captains and you are set.

    I got my self from max kos to dubious with a 'mere' 1043 turn inns and promptly blew it when I helped a friend with the pally epic <img src= ALT=":)"> .

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