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    I by no means take credit for what is written below. All I have done is pulled various bits and pieces of lore from different sites and put them together as one big story. Please note that there is some big differences in this version of the current EQ story line and beta story line. Sony changed some of the original lore to fit their needs.

    Understanding a species requires an understanding of its history. This parchment discusses the main turning points of the great Iksar Empire, from her rise of imperial power to her fall into darkness.

    The Shissar

    No one knows where they came from or how long they were in power, but historians have no doubt that the great empire of the Shissar was powerful indeed. Quite possibly shaping much of Norrath's culture and planting the seeds of much that exists today. The Iksar had yet to unite. They had yet to learn the Black Arts and the ways of Fist and Tail. Divided, the Iksar were enslaved by the snakes. They ruled from the ancient city of Chelsith which rest deep within the land now known as The Overthere. From here would sprout much evil. The Iksar who showed genius were to help the snakes in their dark rites. They were devastating and vile, torturing souls for no other reason than their own pleasure and driving the largest slave army ever built to the brink of death and starvation.

    Their monuments are rare, for the Shissar paid little homage to their god, Cazic Thule. Only two great stone hands protruding from the swamp of Innothule show their acknowledgment of the deity. They drove the Iksar slaves harder then ever and brought the lizard-people to the brink of extinction.

    Freedom of the Green Mist

    The Iksar began to plot a revolt, but a greater force would strike first. The Shissar were an arrogant race. The power bestowed by the gods was not enough. They made pacts with other gods and demigods. They found the rifts of time and space and used them to gather magic items once held by the guardians of the planes. The Shissar's disloyalty and blasphemous pride would bring the wrath of the gods upon them. No power could stop the force to come. A green cloud formed in the skies above Kunark. The cloud began to descend upon the land. From its green core the face of death began to form. It was of no god they knew of. It opened its giant maw and spoke in tongues unknown. From the mouth of death rushed forth a green mist. The Shissar shaman began to cast spells in hopes of shielding their city and the necromancers began to assault the mist with great spells. All were futile. The mist rushed forth. The first snakes to be swallowed by the mist had their scales and flesh rot and fall from their bones. The Shissar's whip wielding hands fell and soon the slave races found themselves without masters. The Shissar had been wiped off the face of Norrath forever and freedom was given to a race that had known nothing but torment.

    For many years the Iksar wandered Kunark, seeking shelter and food. They began to form small packs, which formed larger tribes. After six decades, these tribes numbered five - the Kunzar, the Obulus, the Jarsath, the Kylong and the Nathsar. Feuds and skirmishes between the five tribes tore much of Kunark apart. Some shaman of the Iksar tapped into the powers of their original master, the god Cazic Thule, and their power grew. Others began delving into the darker arts left behind by the Shissar and others practiced hand to hand combat as an art.

    Born in the Kunzar city of Charasis, a young and powerful warrior-mage of the tribe rose to train the Kunzar to unbelievable levels of combat prowess. Venril soon slayed his father and took his rightful place as chief of the Kunzar Tribe. He led the Kunzar on many expeditions into the ruins and wilds of Kunark. What he sought was knowledge and weapons.

    Late in his youth, he found the hidden library of the necromancer, Kotiz. He would come to open a large book which opened into a small room. Climbing through the open book he finds another book floating in the air. The Unholy Writ of War is its title. Made of Iksar skins and containing great knowledge of combat. Venril became the books master.

    Venril soon showed signs of dark knowledge. He began to wield the forces of the dark circle and his knowledge of combat tactics became supreme. He trained his army in new tactics and even raised the bones of the fallen to fight yet again for their master. His army grew and marched to all the corners of Kunark.

    Venril Sathir's army was now unstoppable. He would soon plot the union of the entire Iksar nation. He no longer wished to be just Chief, but rather, Emperor. Under his direction the four remaining tribe states of Iksar would unite and a new age would dawn for the Iksar

    Emperor Venril Sathir

    Venril Sathir's empire grew quickly. Great monuments were built, embedding a great pride in all the Iksar and inspiring fear in all those who would oppose the huge empire. Venril Sathir becomes the first King of the new Iksar Empire and heralds in an era of magnificent empire building. Sebilis became the new Capitol of the Iksar Nation. Venril Sathir weds the eldest daughter of the Obulus wizards, Drusella, and together they built the greatest empire ever known. Venril Sathir outlives his wife Drusella and builds a great tomb in the canyons of Charasis in her honor to lay her remains. After her funeral and burial, Emperor Sathir cast all citizens from the cliff city. Only the royal guard and servants where allowed to stay, forever.

    These iskar were never again to feel the warmth of the sun or bask in the moonlight. It is written that Emperor Sathir crafted a spell to hide the entrance of Charasis from raiders and those who dared to steal his knowledge and defile his beloved Drusella's crypt. Emperor Sathir would visit the cliff city frequently. What he would do inside is not known.

    Sathirís troops crush and enslave the hill giants, forest giants and Froglok in a sweeping campaign of carnage. He orders the construction of naval shipyards at Viesar and Danak. Newly acquired giant and Froglok slaves are put to work, erecting powerful monuments and cites in the name of the Sebilisian Empire.

    Trade begins with other continents. Sathirís navy is immune to piracy because of its potency. He also uses the same to plunder the hapless vessels of other nations when he pleases. The cities of Charasis, Torsis (The City of Mist), and Sebilis grow in might, power, and grandeur. Venril Sathir gains the enmity of Mayong Mistmoore for the disappearance of Dencarja the rightful guild mistress of the Ebon Masks and the Imperatrix Zhelebati of Caerthiel.

    An aging Venril Sathir seeks to cheat death, and makes an unholy pact with Innoruuk. The weak and sick of the Empire are routinely sacrificed to swell Innoruukís Cauldron of Souls. Sathir is given the knowledge of lichdom, and prepares an amulet into which he siphons his soul. It is to be placed in his corpse upon his own suicide, and after dark rites performed by loyal initiates, Sathir hopes to rise again as an immortal undead king. However, his first son Rile, heir apparent to the throne, learns of his fatherís plans and interrupts the ritual, rendering it a failure. The priests rescue the amulet and speed it away. Rile destroys Sathirís body and assumes the throne. The amulet is hidden in the crypts of Charasis, where a new dark cult forms dedicated to reviving Venrilís soul once again. The cult is named the Arisen.

    Emperor Rile Sathir

    Rile continues the same egomaniacal empire-building strategy that his father began. He leads a vast army against the mountain giants at Konikor, seizing the most productive mine on the continent in the Battle of Konikor. The mountain giants are enslaved and forced east to erect monuments of power for the Sebilisian Empire.

    Rile orders the construction of a tower stronghold in the North Wood (now Warslikís Wood). He assigns his trusted general Karatukus to oversee its construction and to be its lord. Karatukus settles into his duty with fervor, slaughtering and torturing all who would oppose the Empire. This hated warlord swells the ranks of slaves in the East with fresh bodies monthly as he butchers and enslaves giant after giant.

    Kurn's Tower is established upon the field of bone. Kurn Machta presides and his ruthlessness spreads swiftly amidst the populace.

    Rile orders the construction of a southern stronghold similar to Kurnís Tower. The stronghold is named The Karnor, and is overseen by the vampire Iksar named Chosooth (What is the connection between Chosooth and Mistmoore?). Rile is pleased. Most of the continent definitely belongs to Sebilis. Only the dragons and pockets of mountain and forest giant resistance remain unconquered.

    The Ring of Scale meets in secret, and the dragon lords argue about the impending Iksar threat. Trakanon advocates powerful direct and immediate intervention on behalf of all the races against the Iksar. He is denounced by Jaled-Dar, leader of the Ring. Trakanon does not give up, and slowly gains support among the younger dragonkind. The Ring of Scale rules to intervene against the Iksar only indirectly.

    Rile sets out to attack the Teir'Dal Empire of Caerthiel on Faydwer, taking great naval vessels to the north. His campaigns are successful and he is able to plunder at will. It was said that a great storm destroyed the armada of Rile Sathir, but other historians know differently.

    Standing from the bow of his greatest warship, Rile pondered the strange messages his network of sages had given him, feelings of terror and confusion from the other ships of his armada. He looked out over the great sea into the vast waves of the storm around him. In the distance, a great wave traveled in the wrong direction and at its crest flew the enormous Trakanon. Giant arrows the size of trees were fired from the ballista of Rile's ship, tearing through the leathery wings of the huge beast. Trakanon flew only a few feet above the ship and crashed down onto Rile's sister ship, breaking the hull in half with its great claws. Balls of fire and storms of electricity raked over the dragon but Trakanon was relentless. He turned and breathed a great cloud of acidic gas upon the ship's deck, killing scores of the crew instantly.

    Rile watched as his weapons master, Vlzk Irontail, leapt onto the back of the powerful wyrm and crushed the beast's ribs with a great swing of his steel tail. Twisting too fast to see, Trakanon plucked off the heroic Iksar and bit him in half. With the grin of a thousand teeth, Trakanon leapt onto Rile's own ship and faced the soon-dead emperor of the Iksar.

    The battle was quick but its scale enormous. In the great battle, Rile Sathir's armada was sunk and Rile himself was lost at sea.

    The Insurrection of the Younger begins a civil war of the dragonkind which stemmed from the destruction of Rile Sathir and his fleet of warships. The younger dragons face the elder in a contest of wills, magic, and might. Every so often a great clash can be seen from the sky, from which flaming shredded massive corpses rain down upon the mountains with the crash of thunder. Trakanon becomes mortally wounded and makes a pact with the Plaguebringer cheating death. He is transformed from a dragon of sky, becoming the second plague dragon. Lady Vox and Lord Nagafen are cast out from the Ring for all time, after attempting to make a second Kerafyrm. It is a dark time for the children of Veeshan.

    Emperor Atrebe Sathir

    Atrebe delves heavily into the elder magic of the Shissar and of his grandfather. He is reclusive and mysterious, and all fear him. He uses his dark powers to conduct foul experiments in his mountain workshop of Kor-sha, the Temple of Droga.

    Atrebe successfully magically melds a captured dragon with an Iksar, creating a new and horrid race of intelligent dragon-men which he names the Sarnak. He breeds them quickly and secretly, bending and training them to his maniacal will.

    Atrebe successfully magically melds a dragon with a Froglok, creating a new avian mount for his armies. Fiercely loyal and deadly in the attack, Atrebe breeds them in earnest. He names this new monstrosity the Sokokar.

    Atrebeís newly trained air force descends upon the remaining giant strongholds in a massive campaign of conquest lasting just a year. In the end, the Iksar are victorious, conquering mines and cities and enslaving the last of the mighty giants. Now only dragonkind stood unconquered by the mighty Sebilisian Empire.

    Atrebe perishes in one of his own foul rituals gone badly. His workshop and most of the mountain that contained it is destroyed in a blast of black-green fire. His third son and lead general, Ganak, acts quickly to assassinate his brothers and rises undisputed to the throne of Sebilis.

    The Last Rule of House Sathir

    Climatic changes from a shower of meteors begin to reshape parts of the continent. Earthquakes occur more often than ever. Winds increase in the lands north of the Great Swamp, and the land becomes more and more barren and desert-like. Land rises on the south side of the Bay of the Moon, and the south entrance to the sea is narrowed. Viesar and Danak suffer great earthquake damage as well.

    A fifty-four year war erupts between the dragonkind and the Iksar, when Ganak attacks the Ring of Scale with all the might of his air force. His first victories are decisive, but he awakens a sleeping fury in the dragonkind, and many an Iksar town and city are laid waste by powerful dragon fire and elder magic. In the end, Ganak clashes in the sky above the Field of Bone with Jaled-Dar, leader of the Ring of Scale. In a mighty clash, they are both incinerated by magic and fire and explode into flaming chunks which rain down upon the land. The war is inconclusive, but the Ring of Scale is smashed and broken, and the dragons retreat from their relentless hunters. Jaled-DarĎs remains are taken to the Dragon Necropolis of Vellious. His shade which resides there to this day watches in extreme horror as the cannibal Zlandicar feasts upon his remains, driving the spectral visage of Jaled-Dar to depths of madness and despair. Jaled-Dar blames Trakanon for this end along with the many other dragons, and seeks to dupe adventurers into awakening the Sleeper, thus ending the world.

    In a final blaze of revenge, a horde of dragons attacks the imperial palace by night, destroying it completely. Only a handful of dragons escape with their lives, however, and they vow to return one day when the empire is weak. With no heir to the throne the Iksar nobles create the Emerald Circle, which will rule in the stead of a king.

    The Emerald Circle

    The Emerald Circle of nobles rules the Empire with total authority. Cities are enhanced and trade is expanded. The navy is rebuilt and prosperity returns to the empire. The Iksar join the Combine Empire, which vanishes almost as soon as it appears.

    Arguments over land and influence escalate to a feverish pitch within the Emerald Circle. With no enemies left to vanquish, the Iksar nobles turn on each other, and the Empire is split asunder into five great states, each based upon the ancient tribal divisions of the Iksar themselves.

    Over two hundred years of civil war wrack the continent, as noble families and merchant houses wage war after war against their neighbors, each seeking to gain the upper hand and claim the title of emperor. The Ring of Scale has its agents meddle in every alliance and affair, always pitting the lords against one another.

    Great earthquakes once again rock the continent as meteors strike Kunark again for the second time. Viesar drops into the Lake of the Moon and is lost utterly. Danak is slit asunder and half of it slides into the sea. The naval forces and merchant vessels of the states are destroyed in one day as massive tidal waves wash over ports and vessels alike. Cities are rocked by the quakes and commerce is disrupted. Starvation and want begin to spread across the empire. The End Days begin.

    The Iksar try desperately to rebuild, but starving Froglok and giant slaves begin to revolt. The Frogloks flee Kunark entirely and deposit themselves upon Tunaria, building the City of Guk. The Iksar are unorganized and desperately struggle to keep their minions in line. A Sledge merchant brings a wealthy haul of items to the Arisen. They discover one of the items is the pendant of Rile found in the North Sea. The Arisen believe if they can find the bones of Rile, they may be able to resurrect Sathir using the amulet. Their plans never come to fruition, however.

    All the slave races of the Iksar are in full revolt. Even the Sarnak turn against their masters. Cities burn and war is waged across the continent.

    Goblin lords in Faydwer hear of the calamities and begin shipping invading troops to Kunark to pillage the land. Kurnís Tower is smashed and broken by an army of giants led by the massive mountain giant Warslik. The Karnor is sacked by forest and hill giant forces. The cities of the Iksar are assaulted and burned. The Iksar flee in terror to the forests and jungles where they are hunted down like dogs.

    Trakanon and his forces descend upon the weeping cities of the Iksar and reduce them to ash and ruins. Clouds of poison float through the streets of city after city, slaying any remaining Iksar. They breathe fire upon the West Wood (now the Burning Wood) and set it ablaze, covering most of the continent with the haze of smoke which dims the sun for the better part of the year. Crops fail across the land and starvation kills more than the wars ever did. After a year of dragon devastation, it is clear that the Sibilisian Empire is no more.

    The bones of the Iksar and other slain creatures are gathered and spread across the Field of Bone by Trakanon and his followers as a permanent warning to any who would seek to fill the shoes of the Iksar. The Ring of Scale reforms about Jaled-Darís daughter Phara-Dar. They demand an end to the destruction lest the continent itself be ripped apart. Trakanon refuses to rest until death and vows to stand watch over the Iksar that if ever they should rise again, he would be there to smash them down. He takes of residence in the council chambers of Sebilis and remains there still to this day. His young followers rejoin their brethren in the Ring of Scale lest they be banished again or slain outright.

    Sathir the Lich King

    Over the next 500 years, the other races begin to build new cities and cultures and intercontinental trade begins once again. The goblins dig in the northwest, multiplying and raiding the giants and remaining Iksar. They establish mines and armies, claiming the land for their selves. The giants return to bickering among themselves, with alliances constantly shifting so as to keep the balance of power between them. The Froglok return to their home in the Great Swamp, to their city of Krup. The Sokokar forget their training and domestication, and become the foremost hunters of the Iksar in the Emerald Jungle. The dragons retreat to secrecy and seclusion, to once again pull the invisible strings of fate from afar. The Sarnak hide in Trakanonís Teeth, and begin to slowly and secretly build cities and mines, and to train for the day when they would take the place of the Iksar as masters of the continent. Smashed and broken, the remaining Iksar fall back into a tribal existence, scraping out a life of hardship and torment in the Emerald Jungle and the forests.

    A sledge explorer searches the ancient wreckage of the fleet which sank at sea under the leadership of Rile long ago. He discovers the corpse of Rile draped in jewelry and takes it whole as a trophy.

    The corpse of Rile is sold to a goblin king, Kaboktok, who places it in his throne room for all to see. He claims it was his goblin ancestor who slew Emperor Rile at sea.

    The mountain giant king, Farslik, descendant of Warslik, descends upon a rich goblin city. The mountain giants, with the aid of frost giants, capture the city-mine. Farslik takes the bones of Rile as a souvenir.

    For the first time, the Sarnak venture out into the ruins of the Iksar cities. Few return, but those who do possess priceless scrolls dealing in dark rituals and forbidden magic. The Sarnak begin to explore dark magic themselves, finding they have an uncanny knack for its use.

    The goblins mount an all out offensive on Konikor, sacking it for all its worth. Part of the bounty is the bones of Rile, which are sold to an Iksar merchant who then travels east. The mountain giants retake Konikor that same year.

    The merchant (whose name is Vlistis) sells the bones of Rile to the descendents of the Cult of the Arisen. They take the bones to Charasis and begin to search for the Amulet of Sathir in the wreckage, hoping that by bringing the soul of the father into the body of the son that they may perhaps bring back the first king of Sebilis.

    Fifty years of searching finally reveals the Amulet and dark rites are performed upon it and the bones of Rile. Nothing happens and the cult members believe they have failed utterly. They leave the bones of Rile on an altar beneath the ruins of Charasis.

    The Sarnak hungry for more dark knowledge, journey into Charasis to loot its ancient tombs. A priest in the group finds the scrolls the cult was using and in the presence of the bones of Rile unwittingly completes the ritual. Venril Sathir is sucked from his place of torment and after 1600 years is joined to the body of his backstabbing son. He rises from his bed-like altar and slays all the Sarnak. One of the Sarnak is spared, one that will loyally do his every bidding.

    For one hundred years, Venril Sathir travels among the ruined cities of the Iksar, collecting what remnants of power he can, and building about him an army of the dead. He travels west and seduces goblin and giants lords alike with promises of immortality and untold power.

    Venril establishes himself in the Dreadlands and begins to rebuild the shattered ruins of the Karnor. His minions raid caravans for weapons and supplies, and he begins to build expeditionary forces. He magically perverts some of the mortals to make a legion of lycanthropes, led by Thuuga, a wizard Iksar serpent changer.

    The giants meet in the council and decide to unite against an unknown enemy in Karnor, whose horrid legions are pillaging their cities and caravans. The goblins are asked to join to stomp out this new presence in the Dreadlands, and agree to do so for a price. They would receive Konikor, the richest mine in the world as their own. The giants agree and an assault is planned. The dragons are the ones to leak information to both sides that this threat in the Dreadlands must be stopped, fearing themselves that this unseen force may be an Iksar wizard of reborn power. The dragons also convince Thuuga that Sathir believes the lycanthropes are expendable and untrustworthy, and that he will eliminate them soon. Thuuga secretly joins the Alliance of the Stone against the undead.

    The Alliance of Stone (giants and goblins) descend unwittingly upon the Karnor. Venril is alerted to the attack before it occurs, however, by an agent of the Ring of Scale. The battle lasts for an entire year, and in the end, Sathirís forces are crushed and driven back, most decisively by the betrayal of his lycanthrope troops. He takes refuge in the Bile; at an outpost he names Varis.

    Agents of the dragon council convince the goblins that the giants have no intention of giving up Konikor (which was untrue). They council the goblins to sneak attack and take it by force while it is weak. At the same time, agents of the council advise the giants that the goblins intent to take Konikor in battle and other mines as well. The dragonsí plans work, and war ensues.

    A thirty year war is fought between the giants and the goblins, called the War of Lies (in that each side believes the other to be liars). It ends in a stalemate, with very heavy casualties on all sides. The giants retain control of Konikor.

    The Sarnak establish outposts in the Frontier Mountains and being to capture Sokokar young and train them to do their bidding.

    One of the members of the Ring of Scale disappears over Trakanonís Teeth. Trakanon is implicated, however no evidence can be found. In fact, it was the Sarnak testing their prowess in combat against their dragon ancestors.

    The Sarnak invade and conquer two small goblin mines in the Frontier Mountains. The giants take once again to squabbling amongst themselves. The Sarnak begin to breed Goblin and Froglok slaves.

    The first landing by elves is made at the ruins of a Combine Port that is now known as the Firiona Vie Outpost. The elves are slain within the year by Froglok raids. Venril Sathir relocates back to the Karnor and begins to rebuild once more, only more quietly. He rousts the lycanthropes from Karnor into the wilds of the Dreadlands. He begins to animate an army of the dead once again.

    Again, elves land at the Combine Port. This time they are able to resist the Frogloks. However, the swamp and hill giants see them as a threat and descend upon the small settlement in force. All the elves are slain save for a few who escape back to the sea. Sathir re-establishes his outpost at Varis as a lookout to the East. He sends his best lieutenant, Xalgoz to the lost city of Kaesora in the Field of Bone.

    Outpost of Firiona Vie

    Venril Sathir vowed to rebuild his empire to its former terrible glory of two thousand years past. However, he had learned a valuable lesson at his last defeat. Choosing to stay out of the public's eye from now on, he has since become secretive and has been rebuilding his strength quietly, biding his time as the tendrils of his influence snake their way into all levels of society. He has many agents and moles placed strategically all across the continent that report to him and see that local politics resolve themselves in a manner favorable to his designs.

    One such agent is a shapeshifter by the name of Korucust. Appearing as a Sarnak, Korucust managed to become a member of Sarnak Overking Bathezid Di'zok's council. The Ring of Scale had a representative that once sat upon the Sarnak king's council but he disappeared mysteriously, shortly after Korucust was elected. The truth of the matter is that Korucust assassinated this representative at Venril's behest. One of Venril's goals is to subvert the influence that the Ring of Scale has over the Sarnak. Indeed, he views the Sarnak as a means of eventually destroying the Ring of Scale.

    Before he ordered the assassination, Venril learned very important information about the Ring of Scale through the reports he received from Korucust. He found that a few years back the Ring of Scale were able to steal the memories of a certain High Elven Paladin. The notion that it was possible to actually steal the memories of another and take them as your own was one that was quite attractive to Venril.

    Venril has been watching the elves and their small settlement with interest. Far from posing any sort of threat, they have been creating a pleasant distraction that has kept the Frogloks, giants and others busy much to his delight. Nevertheless as in all things, he pays close attention to their activities through his spies. He favors the Lycanthropes, those that still remain loyal to him, for that particular duty. Their superior senses allow them to watch and hear things from a great distance, without alarming the elves.

    He was fascinated when he began to hear that the elves were telling stories, once again, about this certain High Elven Paladin that had her memories stolen. The rumors say this High Elven Paladin currently has in her possession a staff, allegedly given to her by Tunare, which seems to have an enchantment upon it that is helping the High Elf to regain her memories. Furthermore, Venril hears that this High Elf will be travelling to this small elven settlement very soon, to embark upon a journey to find and confront the Ring of Scale.

    Upon hearing that the Paladin would soon be traveling to the continent, Venril swore that he would learn the secret of stealing memories. He sees this as a way to exponentially increase his knowledge while destroying his enemies at the same time. Indeed, a ruler without memories is one whose kingdom is easily conquered. If he can gain access to this ability he feels he may finally realize his goal of total control of the continent and eventually, the entire world.

    Venril Sathir wants both Firiona Vie and her staff, The Lifeguide, so he can study them both and learn how it is that he can steal the memories of others and take them as his own. Venril begins to hatch a plot to bring this about.

    Of course, the last thing Venril wants is to gain the attention of Ring of Scale or anyone else for that matter. He tasks a powerful shaman and Leader of the Cult of the Arisen Danak Dhorentath with kidnapping Firiona. He will have her hidden in a remote location, far away from his Castle Karnor. Venril knows without a doubt that there will be elven search parties and the like for a time after her disappearance but he is not concerned. Patience is a trait he has learned in his roughly 400 years as a Lich.

    Danak Dhorentath hatches a foul plan to accomplish this goal. Venril lends Danak a powerfully enchanted magic necklace. This necklace has the ability to open a gate to remote encampment far from Venril's domain. Taking a team of four Lycanthropes and a lesser Initiate of The Arisen, Danak and his party make their way to the small elven settlement to fulfill his dark master's wishes and capture the High Elven Paladin.

    King Thex enraged by the failure of Firionaís companion Lord Galeth Veredeth to protect her, orders him to go back to Kunark and take his comrades with him. The king gave a good number of Fier`Dal and Koada`Dal to assist in this mission and build a stronghold upon that land to return his daughter to him. Galeth's knighthood was torn from him when the news of Firiona's capture by the Iksar was first delivered to his majesty. "I cannot allow those vile creatures to keep my daughter and only heir to the Koada`Dal throne from fulfilling her destiny," says King Tearis Thex. "Galeth Veredeth had best not fail me." Stolen from her by Klum Machata is the Lifeguide, a staff given to Firiona from Tunare herself that restores lost memories to people.

    The elves land once again upon the port in force. A fort is erected and the giants are too busy squabbling amongst themselves to notice. The Froglok raid continually, but are unable to breach the elvesí defenses. The Firiona Vie Outpost is born, named for the daughter of King Thex.

    A high level source in Neriak confirmed that the Dark races would not be outdone in the endeavor to acquire new territory and power. The source said, "We believe that this nonsense about a kidnapped princess is just that. If the lesser `Dals and their human and stunted playthings think that they can wander the new lands unchecked, they are quite mistaken." Not to be left behind in the settlement of Kunark the Ogres, Trolls and TieríDal set off from a base in South Ro to set up an outpost in the Overthere on the ruins of the Shissir city Chelsithe in response to the settlement of Firiona Vie.

    The Rescue of Firiona Vie

    The annual festival of Tunare's Harvest was held at the newly created outpost of Firiona Vie on the continent of Kunark. The year had been a hard one that began with the capture of Tunare's Chosen, Firiona Vie, by the Iksar Danak Dhorentath. One year before, after Firiona Vie's capture, Galeth Veredeth oversaw the construction of the elven outpost on the shores of Kunark by the command of King Tearis Thex, to find and return the Chosen.

    Presiding over all was Galeth Veredeth, Firiona's most faithful protector, who felt responsible for her abduction. He deemed it proper to celebrate Tunare's Harvest, but with Firiona gone and her condition unknown, the elder paladin's life was without direction, save to investigate clues to her whereabouts.

    As a soft, cool breeze washed over the shores of the outpost, birds' songs blended in a beautiful ballad. An enchanting and soothing voice spoke in the breeze, saying, "Galeth Veredeth... the time has come..."

    Tunare, the Mother of All, seemed to coalesce from the mist and music, glowing with an inner light as the mortals gathered at her feet. Galeth and the others ran up and bowed low before her. She bade all to rise, and told them that the time had come to rescue her Chosen. She had learned that Firiona Vie was being held by the Iksar shaman, Danak Dhorentath, in the ruins of an ancient civilization amid a verdant jungle. A ward had been set in place by the combined efforts of Cazic-Thule, Danak himself, and Danak's master, Venril Sathir that prevented Tunare from rescuing Firiona. This ward, with the power of mortal, immortal and divine essences, prevented even her from seeing the condition of Her Chosen. Tunare told Galeth that he and Firiona's companions should gather what forces they could and go there as quickly as possible, for when the day ended, so would Firiona's life.

    Al`Kabor reasoned from Tunare's words that Firiona could be found in the Emerald Jungle near the ancient City of Mist. He gave a map to Thubr to plan their assault, and then they were off

    The Dark Ritual

    The ritual spoken of by Tunare had already begun. Vahlai Ka'Izal, a dark elf in league with Danak, had come across a dark ritual that would turn the power of the Lifeguide, the staff Tunare herself had fashioned for Her Chosen, into a thing of evil. A necromancer sent energy flowing between Firiona and Danak.

    Vahlai distilled this power into a crystal vial she carried. Danak then drank the potion and channeled the power through the staff. Its clear gem turned a hideous shade of greenish black as he dedicated the power of the staff to The Faceless, Cazic-Thule. Firiona cried out to Tunare to forgive her; but even as she did so, the Lifeguide shivered and exhaled a miasma of noxious vapors.

    As they entered the jungle, Galeth challenged the dark ones and vowed to stop their ritual, but Danak's shriek of triumph shattered the tomblike stillness like a hammer through a windowpane.

    Galeth swore that Danak would join his master in the Plane of Fear, and Thubr gathered the ranks and charged through the forest.

    Galeth's sword erupted in fire as he tore into the minions of fear and hate. As Dabner healed them all, Thubr's axe swung like a machine and Dagda's sword protected Ognit while his spells picked off enemies. Dreezil's blade stabbed the evil ones in their backs and Al`Kabor's gaze alone was enough to bring many of the dark ones down.

    They finally won their way through to Firiona's side. Galeth's image blurred as the full power of regret and pain gave his sword-arm new strength. Danak was sent reeling until finally his back was against the wall. He surrendered.

    The evil ones were taken into custody as Thubr struck the shackles from Firiona's arms and legs. When Galeth took Danak into custody he lost himself in his rage and it took all the efforts of Firiona's companions to stop him long enough to demand the corrupted staff back from the evil shaman. Danak spit in Galeth's face and refused. He hissed that he would not allow the staff out of his grasp, save that it be pried from his stiff, cold fingers. Galeth growled that wishes like that could be granted, and began beating him once more.

    Danak used the power of the staff to defend himself as he shouted to good and evil folk alike to look upon the cowardly actions of a 'good' paladin who would cut down a surrendered enemy. Thubr rushed to Galeth's side, leaving his prisoners unguarded. With her captors distracted, Vahlai was able to open her shackles with a spell, then did the same for her assistants, Ghargin Bumblok and Rogkasth Vr`I.

    Vahlai yelled to Danak that she was free, and the Iksar threw her the staff. She grabbed it in her dark hand and created a portal through which she and her two companions fled to safety, telling Danak to seek her in their "usual place" when the time came.

    Firiona rose above her own pain as she begged Galeth to put aside his anger. She said that though the staff was gone it could be found once again.

    Unnoticed, Danak pulled a talisman from his armor, chanted some words and faded away.

    Danak and Vahlai were last seen in Velious with the corrupted Lifeguide. No one has seen them since and Veneril Satherís plans for its use remain unknown.

    The Current Empire

    Emperor Vekin is the current Emperor in power over the Iksar nation, which makes its home in what remains of the city of Cabalis. Vekin and his legion are aware of the return of the lich Emperor, Sathir. They vehemently oppose Venril Sathir and also are enemies of the Teir'Dal who occupy the ruins, turned Outpost of Overthere.

    For reasons yet unknown, the Sarnak rose up from out of their lair in Chardok and launched an attack against the Outpost of Overthere. Many adventurers were slaughtered along with many TeiríDal that seemed to be their target. Their aims seemed to be to remove the allies of Venril Sathir from Kunarkian soil. Sometime later in an unrelated event, undead Frogloks wielding the arts of the dead launched an attack against the Firiona Vie Outpost. They were met by the defenders and brave adventurers who dispatched the undead minions of the lich.

    Return of the Shissar

    Grand Master Glox sat silently staring into the black waters of the Cabilis aqueducts, his thoughts tracing and retracing the recent visions that had upset his nights. The Lord Cazic was trying to tell him something, but he could not yet decipher what it was. The hand on his shoulder startled him and he turned quickly, striking the intruder with a quick blow to the chest. The figure crumpled to the cold ground.

    Glox stood over him with a look of horror; it was one of his own pupils he had struck. He lay bloodied and bruised at Glox's feet breathing heavily with much effort, he was obviously dying. The pupil reached up toward Glox with something in his hand. Glox took the items from his hand and peered at them intently. There were two items; one was a glistening serpentine scale, the other an ancient stone symbol. Glox recognized the symbol almost immediately with horror. It was the symbol of the Soriz, the ancient Iksar tribe that had been the slaves of the Shissar Empire. Glox looked down at his pupil again. "Where did you get this?" The dying Iksar used his last ounce of energy to point up toward the night sky and the moon of Luclin. "sSs... Ssraeshza... has... returned..."

    Sensei Ryujin 65 Iksar Transcendent of the Swift Tails. Zebuxoruk...</p>

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    Default Nice

    Great story - thanks for posting it.

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    very nice

    Look at all my stuff


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    Damn thats some good reading.


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    I really enjoyed this! I still have my booklet that came with the Kunark expansion pack - love to read through it to remind me of when Norrath was uncharted and dangerous..

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    There was a website that had all of this stuff compiled. I want to say it was called mages compendium but i just went to that site and found no lore. The cool things those guys did was to gather all written content and "in-game" content (such as quest text, books and notes, random babblings from NPC's, item identifiers). I really wish some well financed producer would have picked up the everquest story and made a movie out of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZoSo View Post
    I really enjoyed this! I still have my booklet that came with the Kunark expansion pack - love to read through it to remind me of when Norrath was uncharted and dangerous..
    If you still want this feel, re-roll a level 1 human monk and try to run to the other side of the continent at night. Good luck in kithicor.

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    eh.. the zone "revamps" have really ruined some of the older content feel for me. i pray they never touch cabilis...

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    This is a fantastic read.

    Thanks to the original compiler!

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    I always thought one major flaw in EQ was that while they had some interesting lore, they presented it very crappily. The one event i remember involved Friona Vee (sp) crossing kithacor and by the time i heard about it in general chat and got to the zone, it was over with no evidence anything happen.

    Wow does this very well.
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    That was part of the fun and mystique of it though.

    It loses meaning when everyone and their cat says " I was there "

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    Yeah but it also loses meaning when you never get to see any of the neat stuff.
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    Loved the old lore stories. None done anymore for new expansions. Not sure last Lore Story that came out.
    Loral the Cleric was good at those.
    Used to be able to the tales on SOE site somewhere. Lots of them.
    Oh , a mention made regardign Kunark book an dI fished out the expansion box and darned if I could find the book.. bah! Has to be around somewhere - Have the original cloth map.

    As always am late in responding but trolling a bit before doign laundry and chores that seem to accumulate and I do not do after work !!!
    Better late than never so Thanks for memory lane read.
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    wru history of the EQ human?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelefane View Post
    wru history of the EQ human?!
    90 pound barbarian weaklings can't make it in Halas, move to Karana where it's warmer. Eventually, they become 80 pound weaklings, and found Oceangreen village, which becomes Qeynos. Unfortunately, the wolves they bring with them become more intelligent thanthe humans, and rebel. Further degenerate humans lay out in the sun too long, causing a dark skin tone and huge genetic forehead tumors. Tired of the poor health care and lack of leash laws in Qeynos, Erud leads them to found Erudin, where leash laws and neutering keep the gnoll population in check. However, the forehead tumors are found to be untreatable. The end.

    ~History of EQ humans, Khoza's version

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    lulz, oh and don't forget we had relations with an elf or two to make the half elves

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    Lots of nice Iksar history here, as well.

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