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    Default The Softskin Hermit


    place - Field of Bone (FoB) and Kurns Tower (KT), Kunark.

    characters - Stormfyst Starbringer 59th Quellious Monk, Druydia Galestorm - 45th Halfling Druid

    narration: stormfyst starbringer

    I awaken on the cold concrete slab at the base of KT. As my senses come to me before I open my eyes, I hear the ever so familiar sounds swelling in the pit of the FoB: an undead's cackle; the grunts and wheezes of the burynai; the snorts and growls of the chokidai; and few and far between, the hissing of the iksar. my eyelids begin to feel light and reveal a bright morning sun. i ease up off the slab to perform my morning ritual of meditation and eating. as i prepare to sit and meditate, i see druydia still asleep; her wonderful bosom rising and falling with her deep breaths.

    "...quellious...i pray that today i am brought a step closer to becoming indifferent to the crusaders of cabilis....may each bone my hardened fists break delight the senses of the audience i seek....please look over my faithful companion and grant me the powers to protect her in times of need...."

    i hum a silent chant as i sit completely motionless in the dew filled morning ground. small animals scurry about, unable to break my concentration. i feel the presence of druydia's beautiful green eyes on my body. i relax, take a deep breath and open my eyes. as before, the sunhine pours in and the whole world seems anew. druydia is indeed looking at me, in a somewhat admiring gesture.

    "good morning" she says.

    "good morning druydia. did you sleep well?"

    "not with all the trash walking about in the pit. i always fear a sneaky iksar will come up in my sleep and slit my throat".

    i chuckle confidently. "i doubt nothing will come near you without alerting my senses."

    druydia grins and makes a soft cooing noise; halfway between a chuckle and a jesture of comfort.

    "well, i must depart our bedding and earn my keep. i must get these iksar to trust me if i am ever wield the whistling fists"

    "of course stormfyst. might i ask you to remind me again why you desire this weapon?"

    i look off into the distance, and hear the ocean shores being pounded by the cold, sparkling blue water. as the wind blows across my face, i start to remember the tale i once heard at a monestary on antonica. several monks were gathered around a long wooden table, eating fish rolls and running over philosophies to try to solve the mystery and history of monkhood. several of the monks are displaying the power of the whistling fist and their connection to the mystical robe of the whistling fist clan. "even though they worship an enemy to Quellious, they are still part of our heritage, and any pure monk that seeks the truth knows this, and therefore must seek to know this side of their heritage. we must stand before the great master glox himself and show him that the peaceful have as much courage and fire as the followers of fear!" ah yes! the words of Paub Klosk, my humble and mighty teacher.

    "stormfyst, snap out of it!" druydia interrupts laughingly. "you look like you're daydreaming again."

    "yes, i was remembering the words of my master. he speaks the truth, and he speaks of peace. he speaks of the duality of nature and the duality of monkhood. i must earn the respect of my scaled bretherin. until then, i live in chaos..incomplete."

    "oh stormfyst, i don't know if i should hug you are call you batty. i see sense in your wisdom and nonesense in your actions. but i still love you very much."

    "very well then. i must go. will you please bestow your powers of the wolf upon me so that my journies are more effecient?"

    "of course dear" a mystical glow surrounds druydia's fists as faint sparks explode from her hands. she raises both her arms and circles them downwards. i feel a brief lupine aura surround my legs.

    "goodbye my dear. i'll see you before sundown"

    my legs feel particularly light and willing to run at a faster pace. i run up the dusty old ramp towards the entrance of KT. i imagine the feel and sounds of bones cracking on my nuckles. in an odd sort of way, i have grown somewhat comfortable to the feeling and look forward to collecting more bonechips for my scaled bretherin.

    **loading please wait*** <--- more to come

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    <--- Happily waiting for more <img src= ALT=";)">




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    As I enter the dusty, cobweb filled hallways of the entrance to kurns tower, i hear the sounds that have rung through my sleep for over a week: skeleton bonesteps grinding on the marble floor and the ever so annoying chatter of undead babble and laughter. i race around the corner to the archway that leads to the 1st floor. 2 skeletons are guarding the entrance, one on each side of the entryway. they both seem somewhat aware of my presence, but hesistant to leave their post.

    i reach into my tinkered bag and pull out my trusty robe from the whistling fist clan. briefly i run my fingers over the tan and red material, remembering the journies and fights it took to aquire its magnificance. i can only ponder that Zan Fi was a great warrior, and has changed the path of the brotherhood of monks forever. the cloth seems to have an impermiable essence to its texture, although its weight and snug fit would prove otherwise. i take a look down at my tunic, deciding whether to change or not. the light peering from the windows in the tower glimmers on my scaled tunic. the magical fungus that encases it seems seems transparent in the light, making the tunic give off a shiney green glow. knowing it's magical properties of natural healing, i balk at talking it off.

    "so what will it be today my boney friends? fast and furious deaths? or the assurance that you will not harm a hair on my body?"

    suddenly, i feel the crunch of a skeletal fist on my face. in an immediate response, i take its arm during its second strike and whip it around my head, sticking my elbow out and jamming it into the nose cavity of its skull. finishing the move by throwing the skeleton to one side, i follow through with a flurry of 3 punches. the skeleton swings again only to miss me twice. i leap up and kick the skeletons dusty skull, attempting to knock it off it's spine. before the skeleton has time to respond, i connect another round of flurries directly with the skeletons skull. i can feel its jaw bone break into peices with my knuckles, accompanied by the fullfilling sound of a large crackle. the boney skeletal structure collapses on the ground, even more lifeless than before. i remove 3 chips of bones from its corpse, wondering if this poor soul was once male or female, and stash them into one of the 4 backpacks i carried. this one seemed to have a decent quantity of money on it: 1 gold piece, several silver and copper peices. i throw the copper and silver to the ground and destroy them. hopefully today i can collect enough gold so that the passers-by will sell me their bonechips.

    "Only 5,000 bonechips to go" i tell myself for reassurance.

    "Hello? Anyone here?" i shouted. i hear my voice echo in 2 different directions: the tower directly above from where the light is shining through, and deep within the basement, where the burnyai reside. as my voice resonates through the basement, i hear bones clattering and snorts and wheezes which are probably from the burnyai.

    As my echo fades I await a response.....all is quiet. Perfect! I will be able to clear the entire tower and basement in less than 20 minutes! I salute the gods in pure admiration for this opportunity to impress the lizards.

    (edited some of the sentencing and grammar and added a true description of a reposte...thanks for the advice)

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    Suggestions edited out (make storyline more continuous)... Mods: Please delete. <img src= ALT=":)">

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    ah, the battles, it would seem that you would need to include a riposte or two in there.

    "then all of a sudden I sense a skeletal fist careening towards my torso, but as he is about to strike, I turn his attack and respond with one of my own, instantly shattering his cold lifeless complexion."

    however, its all very well written, a good sense of what a monk would actually do in a fight


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    I swiftly make corpses of all the skeletons in the upper portion of the tower. my legs have become a bit sore from running up and down the stairs all day and night. i must remind myself to ask Druydia for some fruits and vegetables to snack on in order supplement my poor diet of Fizzlecutters and fish rolls. i pass by a window on the 3rd floor that has been baracaded with large boulders. the light that peers through the spaces between the rocks breifly warms my skin. i remember the days of enduring the harsh summers in the deserts of ro; the harsh climate changes of the dreadlands; the cold and damp Crystal Caverns. each environment posing its own pleasures.....and pains.

    "I wonder if the mysterious fingered skeleton is lurking about?" i ask myself.

    As swiftly as my legs can take me, i rush down a few flights of stairs, slipping on a dusty step or two. the entrance to the catacombs are guarded by a series of skeletons, none of which can pose a challenge to my skilled fists. a "wooshing" punch here, and a crackle there; i dispose of these vermin, checking their corpses for peices of loose bone. As I open the door to the basement, the hinges emmit a spine tingling creaking sound that echos through the hallways. i hear the inhabitants stirring about, anxiously awaiting their unknown guest. as i run, carelessly through the basement, the burynai seem to ignore my presence, even though i know they have grown a great disliking for me. i stop at the intersection near a broken bridge and stairwell to take a quick rest. as i breath heavily, i smell the stinch of musky burynai fur and wastes. a slight pungent odor fills the air...i have always wondered how the skeletons have managed to reside with the burynai.

    (still more to come...)

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    Default Re: The Softskin Hermit

    nice nice nice, was picturing my newbie days back in KT, well worded imagery

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    bumping this shit just because. :-)
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