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Thread: How many people played Planetside past the free month?

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    Default How many people played Planetside past the free month?

    I quit completely after 2 weeks. This game just has zero appeal for longterm gameplay. It's content is consumed in under week and anything after that was just repeating itself.

    Just wondering if there is anyone out there who still plays this game.

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    Default Re: How many people played Planetside past the free month?

    I played it for two months, then lost interest/ran out of money.

    It is not hard by any stretch of the imagination to burn out on PS, though I do say it's a quality game.

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    Default Re: How many people played Planetside past the free month?

    I've played it for about a month now. I love it.

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    Default Re: How many people played Planetside past the free month?

    I burned out on both PS and SOE during the PS beta. I never even got as far as retail with it.


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    Default seriously...

    It would be a great game I would go back to every few months if I didn't have to pay for it. $50 for the game box is steep enough, but ~$12 per month after is not worth it. Sorry, Sony. Greed = bad. Make it $5-6 a month and I'll consider it.


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    Default Re: seriously...

    Yeah, the price was one of my main complaints..

    You can play Tons more FPS that are free, are a shit load less laggy, and the controls are made to be a twitchy game. Rather than the dulled controls Sony has set which makes any personal skill completely void.

    The only thing PS ever had was the ability for there to be Massive battles... and they were never really that great.

    You put the monthly cost on top of that and the game is not worth the disk it was printed on.

    Sadly it had alot of promise in Beta, right up until the end when they decided to screw up exp, went crazy with the respawn penalties and alot of other things.

    I agree with the above poster 5-6 dollars a month, maybe make the game skill based.. (It never made sense to me that they would dumb it down so much) and I would probly play it.

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