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Thread: The Epitome of Planetside

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    Default The Epitome of Planetside

    Having these signals would have saved so much time..

    Sir Dalantia Silverwing

    Crusader of the Burning Heart, 60th Protection

    Mercenary of Fennin Ro

    Dalantia, Commander of the Cobalt Guard

    Perhaps it's impossible to wear an identity without becoming what you pretend to be. -Ender's Game</p>
    Gallant Dalantia
    The Valorous Gentle Guardian
    The Peerless Redeemed Heart
    The Softest Touch
    Valiant Archinlar
    Zhuge Jiang
    All on Virtue, City of Heroes

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    Default Re: The Epitome of Planetside

    Those are great..

    If my post has a link in it, its probly Not Safe For Work

    "Classes are not that out of balance -AbsorEQ"

    2 Ti 4:7


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