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Thread: Could you compare PS to tribes (1)

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    Default Could you compare PS to tribes (1)

    does PS and tribes 1 have a lot in common?

    well, let me make that more clear. for those of you who played tribes AND played the shifter mod, is it like that? varied classes where a single guy thats good can do a lot, but a team is what wins (unless the single guy gets really freaking lucky)

    could people devote themselves to base D and actually have fun (planting mines, perhaps turrets, and than patrolling)

    hows the ratio of indoor action vs outdoor action? and how long does it take (roughly) to take a base

    spawn time? delay in getting to battle?

    how do you get certified in things? please tell me there isnt some limit to the number of certs for each thing

    any jetpacks, or mostly walking? if walking, is there anyway to get "up" quickly inside bases?

    difficulty in acquireing a vechile? respawn time?

    thanks much

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    Default Re: Could you compare PS to tribes (1)

    1. No, probably not. Though you can leave mines and turrets at a base before moving on, you stand a pretty good possibility of sitting on your arse and doing nothing for a few hours.

    2. About half indoor, half outdoor, I'd say, for the average grunt. It takes about 60(?) seconds to apply a hack to a base, and then another 15 minutes for the base to change sides.

    3. 15 seconds to 30 seconds after a death, modified by the amount of times you've died recently. Delay is dependent on how far away your friendly AMS/base/tower is.

    4. By spending Certification Points. You get four to start out with, and can do enough in the VR simulations to get to BR 3, which gives you a total of 6 CP. Every time you get a BR, you get a new Certification point.

    5. Mostly walking, for a grunt.. MAXes have a run mode which moves at a pretty good clip. Vehicles and aircraft go pretty fast, though. Galaxies are pretty prized for their ability to get a full squad into place quickly.

    6. Have to be certed. About 3 minutes between using a Vehicle Terminal for teh same vehicle.

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    Default Re: Could you compare PS to tribes (1)

    Feels more like base Tribes2 than base Tribes1, i never played any of the mods cept ultra renegades cause its so retardedly fun <img src= ALT=":p">

    OGL played base so i did too

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