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Thread: I quit Planetside someone else can take over the rolecall

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    Default I quit Planetside someone else can take over the rolecall

    thread if anyone wants to.

    Had fun in all but I've already seen everything there is to see done just about everything other than the Comand stuff but was never interested in it. Too agrevating heh

    Just lost lost all intrest in the game... the FPS action is Just way to dulled with the Very dumbed down with the lowered mouse sensitivity settings, the CoF to a degree, the slow respawn times, the lack of different shot areas (and yes I know how hard to impossible it would be to implement a head/leg/ect shot in a game like this witht he bandwidth limitations, and all the rest of it, but it still sucks), and how boring it gets to drive a vehicle, how IMHO boring fling an airplane gets considering you can't (whatever its called when a airplane raises or lowers its altitude) very much. You can't stall your plane, and 90% of the fights consist of you and your enemy flying in circles wtil someone gets tired..

    Only once has anyone followed me thru a mountain crevasse, thru a forest, or even thru building and under the bridges on the water or on the base.

    Anyways hope you all continue to have fun, ect. Sorry for the rant esp since it is in Block form, heh

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    Default PS

    I am also wondering how they plan on keeping me playing. I haven't given up yet because a friend of mine is also playing but I cannot see myself subscribing to this game longer then a month.

    At BR12 I cannot see anything new to do or try other then get more certs for vehicules. I wonder what SOE was thinking would keep the subscriptions...


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    Default ohh

    Well its been well over 2 weeks since i have played, not by choice i really like the game but i hope i still like it if not, oh well. I really do see myself going back to DAOC, miss me friar.


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    Default .

    I think they may have to lower the subscription rate to keep people interested. (or add a lot of stuff, naval battles, better reasons for defending bases etc. etc. etc.)

    It's a good game, but it doesn't seem to have enough over and above the 'free' multiplayer FPS to really make it worth paying the same as EQ for. <img src= ALT=":">


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    Default Re: .

    Oddly enough, I love the game, but I don't want to play it quite as much as I used to.

    Perhaps when EQ2 comes out, I'll snag me a copy and feel justified in paying the all-access.. <img src= ALT=":p">

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    Default Re: I quit Planetside someone else can take over the rolecal

    Same here..

    I find I have to balance my time to play both EQ and Planetside, but I really have fun in PS.

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    Default Re: I quit Planetside someone else can take over the rolecal

    I just got into PS... seems reasonably fun, first mmog i have played seriously since EQ

    But all my counter-striking makes this planetside FPS style seem veeeeeeeeery slow


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