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Thread: OMG not again! (Multiple Class(empire) disorder?)

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    Default OMG not again! (Multiple Class(empire) disorder?)

    I had this with EQ for awhile. I made mass alts lvling almost every class to 15 or so never able to pick one till I played my monk to 58(then cleric to 58 and monk to 59 so far). Now with Planetside I can't seem to decide which empire I want to stick with. First I thought I liked NC best. But then I tried out the TR weapons (mmm cycler and striker) and Vanu (mmmmm nametheirheavyassaultpurpleterraneatergun here) and now I can't decide which I like best. Am I the only one who suffers from MCD in online games? (Hum did this with diablo2 also I use to have 4 accounts)


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    Default Re: OMG not again! (Multiple Class(empire) disorder?)


    Its in the book, so correct me if im wrong. TR has the fastest shooting weaps. The other day i was alone on top of a base and a TR was there with the cycler, the fast as hell gun. The gun i always pick off TR corpses. I had the NC equivalent ( im NC) we were both strafing in circles ( the best way to fight) needless to say he won because his bullets were coming out way faster than mine. Therefore he had a better chance to get me.

    NC has the best armor. Doesnt really matter though, i find that skill > equip/weap. UNLESS its against max.

    VS? The red headed step child as everyone says. Havent played them so dont really know what they are good at. But they are usually the LEAST populated empire on all servers.

    So, if you get nothing else from this post get this:

    Skill > equip/weap unless MAX is involved.

    NC has best armor

    TR has fastest shot.

    VS is has the least population.

    Jackhammer is less than or equal to Chaingun ( if you know how to use it )


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    Default Re: OMG not again! (Multiple Class(empire) disorder?)

    Close, but no cigar.

    Terran Republic - Fast weapons, "more is better" equipment, as their MAXes have TWO weapons, one on each arm, making them fire super fast.

    New Conglomerate - More power in the punch. They hit hard, but somewhat slower than the other two empires. (NC rules!)

    Vanu Sovereignty - Versatility. Most of their weapons have an Anti-Infantry and Anti-Vehicle mode built in, eliminating the need for seperate ammo or other weapons.

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    Default Hm.

    NC is just pure punch.

    EVERYTHING of theirs does the most damage to their targets per shot.

    (except the AI MAX.)

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    Default Re: Hm.

    Tried the new Vanu Lasher yet? Holy crap that gun is unbalanced. Well, at least it seems like that from the recieving end of it. After the patch yesterday we were trying to take Ish from the Vanu, and everyone and their mother used it. I quickly dumped my medium armor and went into inf mode, so I could live longer than 10 seconds in an assault.


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