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Thread: Is it worth it?

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    Default Is it worth it?

    Okay ive read through the various topics, and the game sounds pretty fun to me. My question is, does the game still have alot of bugs in it? Is lag a problem? and what would you say would be the min system specs to run it smoothly?


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    Default Re: Is it worth it?

    Never had a problem with bugs, though some people bitch constantly about them.

    *shrug* Lag sometimes, but relatively infrequently

    Don't know about system specs..

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    512 MB RAM is an absolute Minimum to enjoy the game, 768 MB runs it better though without as much swapping to/from pagefile.

    As for CPU speed and Vid Card I'm not sure. Could probably get away with a GF2/3 but 4 is better of course. Ran it on a P4, 1.7GHz, 512 MB RAM, GF2MX400 and it was bearable, I now have a GF4Ti4200 and it is fine but still saving for more RAM. As I said though it was playable on the lowest config I had there.

    Lag I notice very rarely and usually only when they do a patch which screws it up for a day, ala EQ style patching. Dear ole Sony.

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    Default Re: Is it worth it?

    okay then iam assuming my p4 2.5 ghz 512 mbs and geforce 4 mx (eww i need a new graphics card)


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    Default specs

    I have had very few problems with bugs.

    Only issue that bugs me the most is the Instant Action not always available because of population locks or no hot spots being reported.

    System specs I think they say 256 is minimum, there is NO WAY you could enjoy this game with that. I haver one machine with 256 I use when a friend is over and lag is terrible for him. On my AMD 1400, 512, ATI radeon 7800 I can still hit lag when I am driving quickly onto a major battle.

    I am still having a blast, just too bad that if I want to increase rank I need to cap bases instead of defend but either way I usually get in a 3 way battle royal.


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