I'm glad you asked forum poster!

It's the Bug Report forum, its in place to replace a fan run program DGC Issue Tracker, which has recently ended it's time. Many thanks to all the players and fans from other games that worked on, moderated, and maintained that space!

Q: What should go here?
A: All bug reports except for those related to ToV Beta, they have their own separate section for those.

Q: How does it work?
A: The ultimate goal is that it will function similarly to DGC Issue Tracker within the limitations we have on a different platform. We will be making changes as well as time goes on.

Q: Where is X feature?
A: Since we wanted to get this up for you as quickly as possible some features are still being tested and worked on, some features aren't available on the forums, and others are down the line. We will continue to test and iterate as feedback from players and developers comes in to make the experience simple and easy to use.

I know there are probably lots of questions, the ones I can answer I will, so I will leave this thread open for a while before closing it.