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Thread: Recuiting 1 monk, Drinal, Red Band Brigade

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    Default Recuiting 1 monk, Drinal, Red Band Brigade


    RBB is looking for 1 quality monk that knows his class and plays that class as their main.

    Raid sched mon tues thurs 9pm est - 1130ish sometimes running past midnight but most usually not.

    We recently went through a slight revamp in guild leadership, with an abusive raid leader finally leaving. Currently we are 3-4 t1 kills from being t2 flagged. Hate, fear, vim and vigor are currently on farm. We have beaten lady of life twice, and sometimes at the end of the week we go back to do arx for recruits.

    The atmosphere in the guild is quite jovial. We have fun on raids now and operate as a team where anyone's input is quite welcome.

    We also have many players online outside of raid hours and several religous players who are on everyday at certain hours, particularly the mornings.

    It's a good time to join this team. Currently we have 1 full time raid monk(myself), 1 approximately 60% ra monk, and a third that has not been online for 2 months or so. A group of 3-4 monks is our max, meaning we have room for just 1.

    Contact - drinal.Sokonx Quiniter Bellmont or Remien

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    monk found. closed.

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    Default monk recruited!

    originally Rodcet Nife, Merged with Quellious and then Povar

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