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Thread: AA advice (magelo link) 2hb focus

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    Default AA advice (magelo link) 2hb focus

    Hi friends.

    I just acquired the Adbreviura from our raid last night. I'm not sure if it was the server lag we were experiencing or a lack of rounded out aa's but i wasnt seeing the dps that i have seen others post.

    Whats more important?
    1. Way of katori
    2. other blunt aa (cant think of the name)
    3. Triple attack AA (15/20 atm)
    4. Something else i'm not thinking of at the moment?

    I havent had a chance to parse standard non burn damage yet, but from what i saw last night it was 20-28k sustained with auto attacks and keybind/kicks.

    Any advice would be great.



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    Your magelo is private so I can't look at it. I can say that the triple attack aa's are pretty lame so get the others first.

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