I don't know if it is really for grown ups, but it is something so far I have been able to play with my kid who would never get into traditional MMOs. Trove is a mix between wow or other MMORPGs and minecraft. There are classes, mobs, build/break blocks

I am not into minecraft at all... but this has worked as a good way to bridge the gap. The best I could manage before this game was terraria, but my son wasn't super into that game all that much either.

It did recently launch, and it is having a rough time with servers and ect... but being old school it's nothing out of the norm, and if anything still a million times more smooth than almost all the mmo launches I've done

If you do want to check it out. It would be cool if you let me send you an invite. You can eventually get a mount well a special mount. You get mounts right from spawn, another cool thing.

PM your email or /spoil tag it and will send. And if not that, no worries. I just think for what it is for me... it's actually well put together. No monthly fee, nothing I have seen yet you HAVE to buy like in other FTPs. You can choose to pay monthly for exp bonuses and tons of other bonuses but again its just voluntary.

The last FTP I played you had to buy resources for that games version of raiding and the cost would have been much more than a subscription. I never got into it and have not really got into any FTPs for more than the introduction.

I don't know if that will be different for this game, especially since it is just sooooo basic and easy but again for me its just a game to play co-op with the kiddo

From what I can tell all the classes just have 3 skills/moves/spells which is great because that is well within the grasp of my 8 yr old that can get overwhelmed with other games we've tried.

Hope if you've been looking for a game like this, like I have been that this one works out for you