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Thread: Any new cultural with patch?

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    Default Any new cultural with patch?

    Based on this part of the test update message:
    *** Tradeskills ***

    - New recipes for cultural armor are available! These recipes have come around through the hard work of the New Tanaan Merchant Alliance and have removed the subcombines. You can purchase the Compendiums from Culturalist Devari in the Plane of Knowledge. You can also get more information from Instructor Tenn. Please note all old recipes still currently function.
    - Due to the increase of froglok martial arts enthusiasts, there is new leather cultural armor for frogloks. This armor only comes in the new cultural recipes.

    Its not clear to me whether these new recipes are for new cultural gear, or whether they are just alternatives for the pre-existing RoF cultural gear.

    Anyone know for sure if there will be new cultural in the next patch? I've had a couple of mixed messages now. I thought there was cultural planned, with simplified recipes as they did not have time to do all the intermediate bits due to lack of manpower. In which case, I'd like to know if this will use AoAA again.

    Alternatively, I asked in serverwide last night, I was told there is no cultural but there is some self made gear. In which case I'd like to know what level the stats are on that.

    Any infos from anyone?

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    When I was on test looking at it, I saw new recipes for all cultural ARMOR, (not augs), and no new equipment. It's going to be VERY easy if this goes live. No more sub-combines, you buy 3 items and use an existing dropped pelt, and it has the same triv as the old stuff.

    The Augments appear unchanged.

    The gear you were told about likely refers to to CotF crafted equipment, which is about RoF T4 group equivalent.

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