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Thread: Jellybean Android Noob

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    Default Jellybean Android Noob

    I am officially a smartphone noob. I have an Ipad but couldn't bring myself to pay the cost for an iPhone or the data plans. I opted for a cheap $49 android phone with a $40/mo no-contract unlimited talk/text/data plan.

    I am slowly figuring out this thing but having a tutorial of some sort sure would be handy. Only thing I found on youtube was for Android programmers. Any pointers out there? - Check it out today!

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    It is likely going to vary somewhat depending on which phone you have; each company modifies the OS to include special phone specific tweaks. The name of the phone you got and a bit more specific questions would probably help with the advice we can give.
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    what he said...

    jellybean hmm let me look,

    quick googlefu:

    for features etc.

    Look up You May See Stars Tonite

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