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Thread: [Progression Guild] The Faceless Order

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    Default [Progression Guild] The Faceless Order

    The Faceless Order is a Level 80 progression guild (Currently the #1 **Non-TLP** Progression Guild) on Test realm, currently in the 'SoF' expansion.

    You can see our progression list here:

    Some of our accomplishments include

    Emp SSRA kill @ Level 60

    Rathe Council @ Level 65

    Tunat in Tacvi slain on first attempt @ Level 65

    Mayong Mistmore defeated in Demi Plane @ Level 70 - Making us the #1 Non-tlp Progression guild, and the first guild to break the 'Progression Curse'

    Full Deathknell clear @ Level 70

    First Non-TLP progression guild to successfully reach the SoF expansion and unlock level 80

    What are we working on now?

    We just defeated the final encounter in Solteris 'Two Gods' recently. Our members are now leveling to 80 and getting ready to start SoF raids.
    What are we recruiting?

    Bard – Low
    Beastlord – Medium
    Berserker – High
    Cleric – Medium
    Druid – Medium
    Enchanter – Low
    Magician – Low
    Monk – High
    Necromancer – High
    Paladin – Closed
    Ranger – High
    Rogue – High
    Shadow Knight – Medium
    Shaman – High
    Warrior – High
    Wizard – High

    More specifically: We have room for a few more monks with high playtime.
    What are our raid times?

    Monday 6:00 - 9:00 PM PDT
    Wednesday 6:00 - 9:00 PM PDT
    Thursday 6:00 - 9:00 PM PDT
    Raid attendance is not mandatory, but we do expect potential applicants to apply with the intention of raiding -at least- once a week.

    What type of loot system do we use?

    We are currently using a closed DKP loot system
    Interested in giving us a try?

    You can find more info on us at our website at:

    No gear? Not a problem; come talk to us on the forums and we can work something out.

    You're also more than welcome to contact one of our officers in-game:

    Nitsuu, Tanulie, Dradee, Oksain
    Recruitment Officers:

    Raynard, Quazie, Deadmau, Arandris

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    Since my last post, we've defeated:

    Octa the Collector
    Overseer Gakkor Deepscar
    Big Bynn
    Steam Factory: Spindlecrank
    Steam Factory: Mining Behemoth
    Steam Factory: Power Station (Clankwrench)
    Crypt of Shade: Soulbleeder

    We're currently need a few more high-playtime monks.
    (Random SoF kills (Including Big Bynn)
    Two Gods event in Solteris

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    We're now working on defeating Kerafyrm in Crystallos. We could still use one or two highly-active monks. If gear is an issue, we're also able to set you up with a testcopy set (As long as you don't mind making a new character)

    Feel free to hit us up on our website.

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    On 3/6/2014, The Faceless Order went into the Tower of Discord and defeated Lord Brekt, unlocking the Underfoot expansion.

    We are in high need of Monks at this time. We accept fresh rerolls or deleveled testcopies, as long as you're at the appropriate level and in in-era gear.

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