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Thread: Finding Old Players

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    Default Finding Old Players

    I wasn't quite sure where to put this it could fit in several forums but I decided to start here. So with the announcement of EQ Next of course every one wants to start a guild. I am no different. So i started my guild and I started looking for the people I use to play with. One of those people was Dythan on these boards. Now to communicate with him joined the boards and signed up and now after participating in the community I can finally pm him.

    The question I have is as a community do we want a way to be able to look each eachother up and upon mutual consent trade emails addresses. Basically a way to look up and restore contact with a person based on their ok to give the email and finding them by game, guild server and char name.

    Is this something you guys would find value? Would you use it?

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    The dangers of using the same name for 15 years =P

    Imo it would be an interesting project to put together a database of people, listing games, toon names, guild affiliations through the years. There are definitely friends I've missed over the years.
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    I like this thread

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