I got this game a while back, Loved BL1 for the pc but I am liking the console version cause I can play a bit of multiplayer and it isn't a huge ass chore to find a non modded crazy jacked up game like it was for the PC for BL1

My main is 30ish and if anyone plays

Ryum852 is my PSN name

hit me up sometime and I have some twink gear I can give out

This game really satisfies my loot, and detailed nature the way D3 does but since I stopped mmorpging I have gravitated towards fps games more than anything though I am awful compared to my glory days of TF2, but it's still super fun and this game kinda has raids and a quasi decent end game from what I understand... and til you are insanely geared the difficulty seems to be a lot better than most games of this nature.