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Thread: let's post some click orders!

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    Default let's post some click orders!

    i pick up bits and pieces here and there but there doesn't seem to be a definitive post regarding how not to suck with the second round of rof out for a bit now. so, some crap that is probably tl;dr for most of you, but help a noob out.

    prior to t3, i'd rarely get a shm/bard/bl group. i pretty much never even look for bl fury. i know some people AT that for it's goodness. has it taken over ruchu as the primary burn disc that i should be concerned with?

    i'd click epic, bp, zan fi and glyph immediately prior to engage.

    wait for ruchu, and then go with something like:

    iron, crane, fpp, eagle;s balance. let iron run the entire length because even our burn fights go long. real long.

    then i'd go with CoP (hoping that it was running for the first burn), DF, infusion, speed and second spire.

    terrorpalm on second ruchu.

    finish up with heel and eye of the storm. i'd even use shuriken during storm since i couldn't use pets.

    i crush my regular buttons (fk, synergy, stunning, pets) like a beast and am ocd about making sure DMS is always running.

    this got me decent numbers. not great, but decent compared to the other monks and dps. our raid coordination could be better, but that's another topic.

    now with rof, i read that heel should be my primary? and use fang if pets are going to die to ramp? fang sure seems shit damage. and tiger's balance has replaced eagle's balance? should monks be cycling wasp on rotation to be sure it's always up or should i just worry about it when i'm using tiger's balance? i've added tiger claw to my mash buttons.

    thoughts? and best use my glyph? i was away for approximately two months become a cow baron but i'm back full time now and i want to polish up my game like a real hardcore iksar thug.

    would really appreciate detailed thoughts and advice. please and thanks.
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    If we come together to get something looking really solid, I'll sticky the result, and we can update it each expansion release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moscato View Post
    real hardcore iksar thug
    0. Race change to human

    1. Define the fight length and what you're trying to do. 60 second fights for glory parses are different than 500 second fights for value/grind/not looking like a slacker parses.

    2. Understand that your support is going to have an impact on various length fights. Beastlord ZOMG FURY adds more to Terrorpalm than it adds to Heel. Holding a disc for a 2nd shaman epic click only matters if your shaman actually keeps you alive and also clicks epic in a reliable fashion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moscato View Post
    i want to polish up my game like a real hardcore iksar thug.
    Monks are not "thugs". We are artists, and death is our instrument.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rasputyn View Post
    0. Race change to human
    Because you aren't allowed to DPS well AND have a cool race. (It makes everyone else jealous.)

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