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Thread: BG heal proc aug for raids?

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    Default BG heal proc aug for raids?

    I was wondering about the Corrupted Brimstone aug (, which gives +5 dmg and procs a 360 hitpoint heal on target's target.

    Question is, on a raid, is a monk better off having this aug equipped, thereby splashing the main tank with heals, vs. using one of the +10 dmg augs (cacophonic shard, etc.) instead? Wonder if this would be interesting to parse or if anyone has any ideas. Haven't thought about off-hand vs. on-hand. Concerns are obviously we can only have 1 proc go off max per swing, and the 5 damage is a big loss especially when disc'ing; although one could envision swapping the healing aug in after say a terrorpalm disc burn.


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    Why would you want to heal the main tank? Are your healers really that bad?

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    +10 all the way.

    To give you an example, a long time ago when +4 was the biggest damage for an aug, there was also a +3 with a 175 point life tap.

    I parsed it and found that a +4 was more DPS then teh +3 and lifetap. So if you counted healing as equal to damage for our role (which I do not), then it would need to be AT LEAST a +8 and 400 heal to match a +10.

    I suspect with the changes we have had to add damage to things a +9 and 500 lifetap would equal the damage of a +10 but there are no appropriate augs to parse it against.
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