So, my kid has been talking about this "contest" on youtube and how he really hopes he wins, cause he has been bugging me to buy him a razer keyboard for a while now. I of course am a little skeptical about any type of contest, since I always think there is some kind of catch, or the fact that there are just so many people trying to win that the odds are ridiculous.

I get a text from my kid yesterday (he is 11) that he just got home from school. I then get a text two minutes later "I think I won! He said my username!" "I am so surprised, I heard 77, then the rest, and I almost screamed!"

Then I get this link sent to me.... Needless to say, I am super stoked for him and will now have to keep him from sitting at the front door waiting on a delivery for the next week or so.

btw.. He got a ton of items to choose from, headphones, mice, keyboards, etc... so he chose the "Razer Black Widow Ultimate Stealth" keyboard. Sorry would link but razer site is blocked at work.