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    Having gotten spanked a few times no Sep 3 I was curious about something. We know healing tends to mess stuff up, but do people usually remove weapons with Vampiric strike?

    From my logs
    [Wed Sep 05 21:22:02 2012] Eagles hit a devotee of Melretia for 280 points of non-melee damage.
    [Wed Sep 05 21:22:02 2012] A devotee of Melretia is withered by a vampiric strike.
    [Wed Sep 05 21:22:02 2012] The Focus of Light appears to gain power from your healing effects.
    When first beating this do most guilds have people make sure not to use lifetap weapons?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ughbash View Post
    When first beating this do most guilds have people make sure not to use lifetap weapons?
    Lifetaps are not a factor. You have to heal to stay alive, and lifetaps are just a small heal compared to what the shm/clr/dru dish out. I would consider it too small to be of consequence.

    Now controlling the types of dps you do on the boss is of HUGE consequence.

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    I haven't noticed this from procs, but I did get that message from clicking epic. We haven't worried about the procs in any case.

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    In my opinion it is more of a combo of your raid makeup and capabilities. You are going to get AoEs... it is a matter of not having them wipe the raid. Different guilds will obviously use different strategies. I like to run up between add waves and be back out of named melee range and use special atks that hit him. We get enough movement of the named that this is both dangerous and exciting . Shoot me a tell in game and we can talk more details if you want.

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