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Thread: Leveling 85-90 Spots

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    Default Leveling 85-90 Spots

    Well EQ pulled me back in...

    I'm looking for some advice for a spot to level from 85-90. I'm using my shaman bot, whos also 85. I'm currently in Valde or Unrest, just kinda bored out of my mind. I do not have my T5 mercs sadly and I just transfered to FV, so unfortunately I haven't met anyone yet.

    Any advice would greatly be appreciated!

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    Well house of the Thule was the 85-90 expansion, and it's good exp with ferrot being a hot zone and with the task exp you can get while killing, but it might be hard to get groups there now. For soloing, I'd look to sod zones like the weak cons in field of bone, or the sod hot zone, maybe.

    Find a guild or friends and you can get t5 merc easy. The toughest required mission can be easily soloed now by 95's. -don't even need a merc.

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    After Valdholme, try Illsalin. Illsalin will green out at 87 (in the Royals area) at which time you can try Mech Guardian. Be aware the Mech Guardian XP will vary with your gear.
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