Not sure if anyone is trying this out... but pretty important warning!
A handful of players have reported, that running Microsoft’s Disk Cleanup tool, after installing Heroes & Generals, corrupted their Windows installation.

We have managed to reproduce the problem and can confirm that it is a bug in Microsoft’s Disk Cleanup tool, which is triggered if the full path of a file becomes longer than about 260 characters. As a result Disk Cleanup starts deleting things it should leave alone.

So this is actually an issue with Microsoft’s tool, but we are working on making a workaround for Heroes & Generals instead of waiting for them to fix it.

Our recommendation is simply to not run Disk Cleanup until we have made a workaround and patched it into the game. So if you don't have the need to run Disk Cleanup, then you can just wait for our workaround patch, which will be installed automatically when you log in when we have deployed our upcoming build 'Bradley'. The 'Bradley' build will most likely be ready and up next week (maybe even this week).

But if you wish to run Disk Cleanup before we deploy the patch, you should locate and delete the '%temp%\HNG' folder first.
You can locate the %temp% folder and delete the HNG folder like this:

  1. Click on the "Start" button in Windows
  2. Write '%temp%' in the Search field and press enter
  3. This opens a window showing the content of the %temp% folder.
  4. Find and delete the folder called 'HNG'

If you log in on, after deleting the 'HNG' folder, then the files will automatically be re-installed.

We're terribly sorry about any inconvenience this may have caused and hope that we with this mail are able to save you some trouble!

Best Regards,
The Reto-Moto team