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Thread: AA or Lvl?

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    Default AA or Lvl?

    Hello everyone,

    I have recently started playing my level 85 monk again with the transition to F2P, and with the recent sales have signed up for a few months of gold membership. I'm sort of at a loss at the moment, and would like some advice.

    Lately I have been gaining AA's, but it feels like it's getting to the point where all the AA's I really want to work on are reaching 86+ caps. So my question is, should I continue to work on AA's? If so, can anyone point out any critical ones I might be missing, and should aquire. Or should I start making my push towards level 90?

    For now, most AA's are allocated for soloing & dps. For exp I mostly solo in RSS and Loping Plains, with the occasional SoD task with my shaman box. I've also tried messing around in Underfoot with my shaman and two mercs. Sadly if feels like my monk can tank better than the J5 merc, and it's quite the difficulty transition from SoD. So I don't do much adventuring in that expansion.

    Here's a magelo link for an idea of where my monk stands.

    Any input is appreciated, thanks.

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    Get levels so that your at the social part of the game.

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    If you intend to mainy paly F2P once these few montshof gold are up, might as well get as much AA as you can during that time. Then levle up when F2P.

    If you want to stay gold then I would level up.
    Going for AC before AC was cool.

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    I agree with that plan. Unless you buy an unlock you're capped at 1000AA. However when you go from Gold to Silver you don't lose any over that cap you just can't earn any more. So it really depends on what membership status you plan to maintain going forward.

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