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Thread: Mists of Pandara- Beta Commentary

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    Default Mists of Pandara- Beta Commentary

    here are my thoughts after playing with the beta for a few hours....

    1- original game character models NEED an upgrade, this is not an option, draenai, blood elf, worgen, goblin and now pandaren models are SIGNIFICANTLY better looking than the original game character models.

    2- pandarens have no clothes naked.

    3- male pandaren while being the gender that has been active the most, is VERY buggy in game animation wise:

    roll does not work, the model freezes during idle times etc... vs the female pandaren where there are not these issues..

    speaking of female pandarens, to quote my wife...they are CUTE...their emotes -the ones that work currently- are awesome. i'll nab a video of those in game and post em sometime this week

    4 the beginning turtle zone, looks great, very scenic, very "asian" the new mob models are well done.

    now onto the Monk class itself. plays decently/good i have not gone that high so i cannot judge their healing/tanking ability as of yet, but the animations are very well done. i am getting my rotation down and figuring out what works best where,,, but basically it goes -atleast initially- "dps" spec

    2 jabs, tiger palm, jab, palm, kick to finish. this will change as i get higher level and more attacks are avail (i just got the spinning kick)

    AE LOOTING,,,is FUCKING AWESOME!!!! no more,, ok i killed 9 things they are stacked in a loose pile,, loot one, loot another,...move mouse around until i get the bag repeat until you think you got them all.,.. now kill same 9 things, they are all stacked, loot ONCE, all done.

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    Draenei and Blood Elf are not far behind the original models either. Their animation skeletons are just as bad and their polygon count is only slightly better.

    Have you seen the human male monk animations? They had to contort the arms/legs in very uncanny ways to even get the animations to work. I'm almost of the opinion that they should lock the monk class to only pandas until model updates happen. You can have mini events as they unlock new models which unlocks monks for new races, similar to AQ gates event.

    For those unaware dwarfs are supposed to be updated at or near launch. Humans/Orcs are to follow soon after. So the worst models are getting updated quickest. Though you'd think orc would be first considering they can base them off thralls new model.

    As far as the monk class goes? I'm not disappointed. Healing and Tanking is very underpowered at the moment, but that'll be fixed. The animations for pandas that work are impressive. Pre-Activision Blizzard quality impressive. Much better than Worgen/Goblin were at Cata's launch.

    Warlock tank might end up being my main over monk though. Caster tank? That's new and refreshing. And they do it in demon form with a pet out.

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