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Thread: New Scroll of Resurection available

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    Default New Scroll of Resurection available

    Quote Originally Posted by Blizzard
    The Scroll of Resurrection is currently on cooldown, but will be resurrected soon. Once itís available, you will be able to earn a free faction mount when you use a Scroll of Resurrection to bring a friend or former guildmate back to World of Warcraft, but this offer will only be available for a limited time. Any active World of Warcraft non-trial player can send a Scroll of Resurrection. To be eligible to receive a Scroll of Resurrection, your friend must have previously purchased at least one month of game time at any point in the past, and your friendís account must have been inactive since March 4, 2012 or earlier.

    Once your friend accepts your scroll and pays for at least 30 days of game, you unlock your choice of the following rewards:

    A Free Spectral Gryphon for an Alliance character
    Or a Free Spectral Wind Rider for a Horde character

    And, to enable you and your friend to play together in Cataclysmís newest content, any friend who accepts your Scroll will also receive the following epic benefits:

    A single character immediately boosted all the way to level 80 -- DING!
    A FREE upgrade to Cataclysm -- regardless of your friendís original box level
    An optional FREE character move -- to your realm and faction so you can play together
    7 FREE days of game time -- available immediately

    A few other prerequisites apply -- such as a free upgrade to a account for players who havenít played since 2009 or earlier -- so be sure to check out the FAQ below for full eligibility details.

    Weíll provide an update once the Scroll of Resurrection is ready to be cast on your friends. Keep an eye on the World of Warcraft official Community site for more information.
    Anyone interested in getting one sent to them? I have codes available

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    Wow... those are some strong incentives. Instant level 80 character, free Cata upgrade, free transfer. All great ideas to try to bring back some lost players.

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    and a week of free game time!

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