this year's recipe to make for the superbowl is


simple no nonsense recipe for your slow cooker. EASY to make, will be Loved by you and the eaters...
prep time- 10 minutes
"marinating time" ~8hrs or overnight
cooking time & assembly time ~14hrs
i start cooking this at ~midnight the night before using.


~6 whole cloves
2 sliced red onions
~4lb pork shoulder roast- bone in
favorite pork bbq spice rub- ~3tbl spoons or so
2 cups water
~16oz favorite bbq sauce- i use jack daniels honey smokehouse

rub the pork shoulder so it is all covered by your favorite spice rub
place in refrigerator wrapped for ~8hrs or overnight to let spices absorb.
take roast of of fridge insert ~6 whole cloves into roast
into slow cooker put a thin layer of onion slices(just enough to help the roast not stick to bottom
place roast in cooker fat side up
dump rest of onions on top of roast
pour 2 cups water over roast
cover slow cooker
cook for 10hrs

suffer for ~6hrs smelling the aroma. you will drool.

remove roast from cooker, place in tray, let "rest" for an hr (so you can handle the meat easily)
pour ~2 cups of the juices into a measuring cup set aside- keep the onions too

strip off fat layer, toss it out
pull the pork apart with forks, fingers, whatever keeping or discarding as much fat as you want. put pork/onions back into the slow cooker mix in bbq sauce and 1-2 cups of the juices until you have the consistancy of the pulled pork you want.

put on low for an hr...

switch cooker to warm and keep warm til you need

place in bun pour on top some more bbq sauce if wanted...

pig out

also doing homemade soft pretzels.