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    Default Retirement story

    I recently re-retired but i really enjoyed my original retirement post.. I took a year off and came back during SoD and called it again as we (Crudaders Valorous on Bert) are entering SS and on the very day of our 9th aniversary. Enjoy, if you will, my (re)reading of my final story.


    The battle was over. King Odeen had surrendered the cherished access to FrostCrypt. Everyone was celebrating… it was WONDROUS.

    As everyone walked away the old leezard.. put his hand to his side… he had a wound and he didn’t even remember getting hit. Closer inspection revealed that the wound wasn’t a new wound – it was from and old battle long forgotten. He looked down and one of the scales on his leg dropped off revealing another old wound returning to deliver the message he knew would someday come.

    His time was done. He was dying. After thousands of battles, the weight of it all finally caught up with him.

    He sat down and tried to mend, but these were not wounds that would repair with a quick fix, these simply were not wounds that would repair at all.

    As he watched them rush off to the celebration of victory, and prepare for the new battles, to stretch their abilities to the new levels that had just opened up to them he shed a tear… he wanted to yell … NOOBS YOU HAVE NO SKILLS, but he chuckled – these were people of the highest moral fiber in the land, but also wondrous folks to lead into battle… folks that it was an honor to fight by their side.

    He worried for a moment, would they falter without him… he shook his head, no they are bound by the values we had all instilled together… they will prevail. But MOG I will miss them. He smiled when in the distance little Hord turned a flip and bonked his brother Bordo on the head and ran off, someone was trying to tease Aolora into kiting Bordo. The sturdy Ironforge just rumbled a deep laugh.

    Oh what greatness he had seen in them, the Ogre that tried to charge a windmill on a donkey…. /sigh… such spirit… all the monks (Zzam had been one of the all time greats but alas was gone and the rogues (his adoptive son Luke – what trouble he was)… little Spinul… wow he had developed into a fine battle leader… all before he was even old enough to drink… hmmm, drinking might help.

    He looked over and saw a shimmering. could barely make out his old pal Marduuk and Nomyar standing behind him… he knew what was coming… seems like the Paladins had held a special place in CV even from the grave.. Aolora and even the new Fenri had a special place now, all the knights had turned the Odeen battle into ease along with the warriors. Oh all the dwarves (even Kawfup with those god awful colors), … oh my the power of Aani, Mindaan and the rest of the necros, the wizards (oh the nobility of Lhamo).. the gnomes the help that Danrael and the mages had always provided that had been lifesaving over and over, the Druids – Aula and Kam, the rangers with Levit and yes even Warren was solid now All the Shadow Knights… how Khoii would give them fits.. especially Sparkley . All the speedy little bards with Swift and Lite; and the beastlords with Kodo and Rex. Its funny, but they were all great… all of them. Greyreaver had done especially well with the healers.. and Rowyna, I never thought anyone could step into the place of Lidori but she did. How proud he was to have been by their side and fight.

    All the officers, such a privilege to have served with them – Embraer and Loki would continue to bring greatness to CV, but I wonder who she will bark at now.

    The shimmering was becoming more visible - Ansar and Evelle were there next to Mard now.. and there was Bain with Faz too – oh and there was Qillz standing next to Kerson. Freeim was standing there now and Solanari too… all the fallen CV were coming out to take him home. He thought he heard a door open and there was Vishe.. we had all been great together.

    He stood.. and removed the Red robes and mask of leadership – these no longer belonged to him. He knew that King Odeen wasn’t CV’s final battle – but he knew it was his final battle. He hurt all over now, but he threw both fists into the air and cheered for the glory of the people he would not see again in this world, and his sadness grew into a smile and the smile turned into radiance… what a ride we had, it was glorious together.

    As he turned to the door where Vishe had been standing, now all the former CV folks were there.. forming two lines for him to walk between. As he started the walk – as he passed each person they nodded their head in acknowledgement… he shivered – it was cold with out his robes .. .but those just did not belong to him now. Someone put a cloak around him…. He took a few more steps .. faltered and fell. Several came over and helped him up… there was a light behind the door.. it looked warm and soothing. He smiled at his friends and released their support and stepped through the door – and it shut. All over Norath, everyone in CV looked up and knew what had happened, they felt it in their being – the leezard was gone. They all bowed their heads for a moment then as one they all pulled out their weapons and raised them into the air as high as they could and cheered… celebrate CRUSADERS VALOROUS!!, we did great things together.
    Sensei Daesean of Crusaders Valorous

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    Default Just saw this thread

    Nice farewell Daesean - I enjoyed the reading.
    Be safe


    Rodcet Nife to Quellious and now Povar.

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