A list of abilities / spells many classes do not have but we need on the raids to be a success, please get these asap if you do not have.

For everyone else :
Major Philter of translocation – gate potion
Invis potions
Haste potions
Clarity potions
Shrink potions or some form of shrink (cobalt bracer for warriors)
Maps – www.mapfiend.net - seriously
Levitate - Philter of Gulon's Impunity

Purifying Chorus (ae raid disease/poison resists) level 56
Elemental Chorus (ae raid cold, fire, magic resists) level 54
Slow/snare songs (Requiem of Time level 64,
Occlusion of sound (fire/cold/magic resist –10) /Harmony of sound (level 65, resists-15),
Chorus of Replenishment / Chorus of Marr (64), Cantana of Life (69), Erollisi's Chorus ) 73, Chorus of Restoration (78) Chorus of Rodcet (83)

Pet Hold
Beastcrack – don’t unmem this and keep offering it in chat channel
Attack speed slows. You are to cast it on every mob you attack unless it won’t take hold due to chanter / shaman slow. Shaman is busy healing , you are not.

War Cry of Dravel (level 64) and better line

Divine arbitration
Radiant cure level 3+
Word of vivication or better line (group hot + pois/dis cure)
Divine intervention (level 60, craftable)
Remove Greater Curse
Bestow divine aura (onto someone else)
Promised renewal - why do so few clerics cast this ? its cheap and a lifesaver ! cast it more !

Immolation of the sun (67) Torrid Sunray (76) AC + fire resist decrease
Remove Greater Curse
Radiant cure level 3+
Circle of Seasons
Zephyr Plane of Time – single target transport for melee to plane of time

Maxed aa for charm would be nice for OMM
Gather mana class AA
Have clarity + haste buffs up at all times
aura for mana regen

Call of hero
Pet Hold
mana, many mod rod types
Mala (Level 60 , crafted @ skill 224) – cast this on EVERY raid mob first. Then land other malo line spells if you wish. It’s unresistable, like chanter tash. Get this on asap so we can slow the mob so we don’t wipe. Seriously.

Aura ?

Pet hold
Undead slow (eg. Frostcrypt) - shackle of bone @ 17, shackle of spirit @ 38 (70 % slow !!)
Scent of Midnight level 68, scent of twilight @ 72, afterlight 77, gloom @ 82, pois + dis resist debuffer
Exhumer's Call @ 71 (to summon corpses)
Convergence level 53 (93 % rez after successful FD)
Mind Wrack @ 58, Mind Flay @ 70 Mind Dissection @ 74, Mental Vivisection @ 79, (drain target mana, feed group)- don’t unmem this
Harmsheild (invulnerability)
Sedulous Subversion level 56, mana feed
Dead Men floating for resists + levi

Group heals, don’t unmem
Stuns – have 2-3 up
Rez – you are battle rezer to rez up the dead
Remove greater Curse
Divine Aura

Archery mastery level 3
Endless Quiver – every raid mob should be you = bow use so you don’t take ramps, you also help heal instead
Circle of winter / summer (lvel 61/ 63)
Cloak of scales @ 77, Cloak of feathers @ 82 (cast this on every tank listed, always)
Nature’s Balance @ 69, Nature’s Entropy @71 - It's a cancel magic that only strips beneficial effects - IE buffs.. now we don't have to worry about stripping the slow or snare we put on the mob...
Weapon Shield

I don’t know, aura ?

Pet hold
Bobbing Corpse
Voice of death @ 55, and better series, cast this on the main tanks
Harmsheild @ 50 (divine aura)
Exhumer's Call
Vilify @ 74, Revile @79, Burst of Spite (pbae taunt). Seriously, why do so many SK not have this ?

Torgor line
Remove greater curse
Pure blood
Radiant cure level 3
Pet hold
Plague of Insects @ 54, Cloud of grummus @ 61, Hungry Plague @ 70, (disease based slow – useful If necros debuff first or resistant to magic based)
Malo (level 60, UNRESISTABLE, researchable)

AC aura
Call of challenge (prevents runners)
Press the attack (pushes / places mob/stuns)
Vortex blade @ 74 (ae attack for agro)
Area taunt (unresistable saves casters, gets agro to Main Tank)

Teleport @ 62 AE xloc to get everyone home (researchable)
cast it as soon as the target mob dies
cast it when loot is done
cast it AGAIN 2-3 minutes AFTER the mob is completely looted, you should be one of the last people out.

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