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Thread: For the record POT - cause likeway it is SO clear.

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    Default For the record POT - cause likeway it is SO clear.

    Thanks to Boluk
    Starting 25 Sept 2007, we'll try a start time of 9pm east (that's 7pm mountain, 6pm pacific.).

    6 channels in effect here.

    OPEN time channel (please put most of your chatter / links here) - currently it's openraid password takethat
    RAID chat (only super important messages here, like INC, mez, etc)

    you can modify colours of different chat channels - fix them. I am busy with other crap during start of raid, not being able to read chat to follow directions is not an excuse.

    Also make a seperate window for this chat crap. having raid + opentime + team chat is not a lot - honestly. and have ONLY that stuff go to that window. Fix it. I am busy with other crap during start of raid, not being able to read chat to follow directions is not an excuse.

    If you are a druid / shaman, you HEAL and debuff ONLY. no nuking no dotting unless > 75 % mana. we are always short clerics, therefore YOU are the clerics. get mana feeds from necros / use mod rods.

    How it works for plane of time

    any time left over from any previous phase will be added to the next. (if you finish p1 in 45 minutes, you get 1h 15 minutes to do phase 2, etc)

    15 % of the raid can be unflagged. this means MAX 8 unflagged people for phase 1 IF we have full 54 . sometimes we don't have that many. I usually have about 5 unflagged join phase 1, and get more during phase 2

    For setting up main assists for phase 1 and 2 - i suggest picking rangers/rogues/berserkers. hopefully they don't have to deal with adds to save the trial, since they don't have to heal / taunt/ root / stun / offtank / slow etc etc.

    Phase 1 (Bring gate potions if you cannot gate, pref bind @ time dial. Max = 54 people, 18 each of 3 areas)
    5 trials (Undead, earth, air, water, fire)
    If you WANT to be in undead trial, let me know - i'll put ya in.
    1 hour time limit for all.
    only undead doesn't have to zone, but they MIGHT if another trial wipes and i send them there.

    Undead Trial (North West)
    4 Waves of spawned mobs. All mobs immune to mez except 3rd wave.
    I suggest having the MA assist the main tank LAST in each wave.
    First wave = 4 mobs (offtank all) once all dead 2nd wave pops
    Second wave = 4 more mobs (offtank all) once all dead 3rd wave pops
    Third Wave = 4 more mobs (offtank all, but give a necro / chanter / bard a chance to mez ONE if you can to allow med time for named +2 adds). Once last one dies , 4th wave pops.
    Fourth wave = named + 2 adds immune to mez (need to assign 2 offtanks) - BURN the named dead asap, then clean up adds.

    Earth Trial (east)
    easy trial.
    3 big unmezzable rocks. Offtank all. DPS only assist the MA !! or else you can and will wipe due to adds.
    I suggest the MA freeing up the main tank FIRST. Each BIG rock that dies randomly spawns between 2 and 4 little rocks.
    have the main tank get aggro on the adds as much as possible - all other tanks and YES RANGERS get aggro on the little adds that pop - they are easy. (will confirm root/snareabilty, but randomly about half are mezzable of these little rocks.)
    Once the little rocks are dead, once again, kill a big rock.
    Generally, 2 big rocks must be killed , but for sure 6 little rocks must be killed for the named in earth to pop.
    When the named in earth pops- BURN the named, then clean up adds after (there should only be max 1 big rock and 1 small rock running around with the named up)

    Air Trial (west)
    2 waves. burn disciplines for the named.
    wave 1 = 4 unmezzable birds. if you take too long to kill any one bird. the bird "splits" into 2 more when it dies. so assist the MA.
    Each bird you kill spawns an untargettable, nonaggro bird @ the clock. Ignore them.
    wave 2 = When all 4 birds are dead, the named (Nemion of Air) + 3 birds will become targettable. BURN the named then kill the adds. The longer you take to kill the named, the more adds that pop. birds won't split from taking too long to kill them in the 2nd wave. so kill that named , offtanks hold odds.

    Water Trial (south)
    easy trial
    Named + 2 adds RIGHT Off the start.
    MT tanks named this entire fight from start to finish. kill the 2 adds.
    2 more adds pop when named gets to 90 % . hopefully first 2 adds are dead but if not, tanks gett'em and announce it as such if 2 more for a total of 4.
    Assist the MA killing the adds, then go back to named.
    2 more adds pop when named gets to 45 % . BURN NAMED, clean up the 2 adds after named is dead.

    Fire Trial (north east)
    This is by far the hardest trial. I put the heavy tanks and extra healers and dps in for this. I might even pull members from undead to help and swap some fire folks out.
    Wave 1 = 3 big named memphits. immune to mez. works same way as earth trial. kill 1 big named, 2 little adds pop per mob killed, kill the little ones first.
    Wave 2 = When all are dead, named fire pops. this mob triple attacks for up to 1200, and has a nasty assed damage shield. cast a few rounds of cancel magic (great if you have a clicky or chanter strip enchantment) OR better yet have a cleric cast healing DS (mark of karn?) series on it to cancel the dmg shields.
    BURN THE named fire mob , dps ALL IN. burn disciplines. healers spam heal to start your tank will go down fast. GET IT DEAD. because as you burn him, adds pop off him (total of 8 !!), offtanks use stonewall / any other defensive discipline. All other offtanks with anywhere near 10k hp help offtank these mobs until named is dead.
    each big memphit again will spawn 2 more adds, so be sure to assist the MA for the adds clean up.

    Phase 2 (max 72 people, max 36 / area except undead =18)
    Undead = alone 1 named

    3 main areas
    Earth + air = connected, 2 named
    Water + fire = connected, 2 named
    1 hour time limit for all.
    have INVIS potions , most like to pull to far clock to clear (more room )
    Undead works slightly different than the other 4 - main tank tanks the named the ENTIRE fight. as you drop the HP on the named, adds pop ( I think 4 at a time) - not sure how many waves or when these adds pop.
    what IS important is every tanking class (HELLO PALLIES / SK / PETS) get aggro on the addds save the healers !! ( i cannot tell you how many times undead wiped due to pallies not grabbing aggro, or people continueing to dps the named. STOP DOTS ! on named stop nukes stop melee. get the adds that pop dead, then continue burning the named. At least 2 or 3 waves of adds come in (wander in through the door). PETS OFF Named ! get on AnY add, and re-assist your pet to MA when a target's chosen.

    Phase 3
    INVIS , drop to lava, swim around the circle to ramp, meet @ blue portal
    keys drop in this area for flaggage (known as gimp flaggage cuz you didn't get the proper key that takes a year to get)
    1 hour time limit
    Starting in Phase 3 - we will be announcing Loot per God & Phase that was listed as dreamloot - If you don't send a tell or say anything that your name + loot listed was missed, AFTER the loot drops is NOT th time to let somebody know, it's too late then. It is now partly YOUR responsibility to read raid chat and make corrections.

    Phase 4 - to get here takes between 2.5 and 4 hours AFTER starting gather time.
    The 4 Evil gods begin.

    Phase 5
    The 4 Evil Gods Continue

    Phase 6
    Quarm (dragon)

    "/makeleader name" makes someone in your group leader. HOTT (health of target's target) is the most valuable thing to have. Delegate main assist the next most (makes it easier per group). Work on AA on your own time for this if you don't have it. why do i need HOTT ? so if im a non main tank or a d**ned RANGER, i KNOW if i need to help taunt or not to get mob off a healer !

    "/makeraidleader name " incase I go linkdead and you become raid leader.

    BUFFS - send TELLS.
    /raidsay i need haste.
    what kind ? beastlord ? shaman ? is chanter even THERE ? 7 shamans in raid, no chanter, lets have ALL the shamans unmem some spells and load up haste, then all 7 cast haste on you and waste 7x haste mana for just you. f**k that nuts. come on . alt R brings up a raid window, or /who shaman can work. colour code your raid window for appropriate classes (I do - necro = black, cleric = bright blue, druid = teal green, slowers (bst/shaman) = purple, chanters = red - but do whatever you need to do). makes it FAST to find your buffers.

    2 boxing or friends = good. let me know what you need in group / trial team. You'll find me most accomodating. (for phase 1-2 anyways).

    total raid time from gather time - 6-8 hours.

    there is a big ass egg at the back of quarm - DO NOT TOUCH OR KILL THE EGG in any way, it starts a script that will BOOT EVERONE to plane of knowledge. stay the hell away from it, if we see you doing dmg to it before loot is done you will be banned for life with that character. I am designating someone to watch the egg from now on - anyone even goes NEAR it they will be banned.

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    why is this here?

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    Default why?

    Maybe monk in training will lead a raid in Plane of Time for that level ?

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    Did you mean to post this on your server's forums? This is a monk board.

    Confused as well...

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    While it has specific information about old open raids that aren't even run anymore, it also has some info about the particular raids themselves, so maybe that's why she posted them here.

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    Specific info on Phase 1? Not really sure that this adds anything useful when everything else is pretty much ignored...

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