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Thread: UIGrygan v3.0 available

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    Default UIGrygan v3.0 available

    Hi friends,

    I have been playing EQ a little less lately, but I just managed to finish updating properly my UI with all the latest patches and features, plus a few tweaks here and there.

    So for those of you who used to like it, as soon as my upload has been approved, you should be able to download and install it from

    I will post the exact link when I have it.

    And they will have a nice screenshot in 1600x1200 of me fighting 35 skeletons and scorpions in the Field Of Bone as well <img src= ALT=";)">

    Take care and enjoy,



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    Default Re: UIGrygan v3.0 available

    It has been aproved and is now ready for download.

    The link is below my signature...


    View my custom mix&match monkly UI here!


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    Default Re: UIGrygan v3.0 available

    I'd like to mix'n match your UI with another good one. Can you tell me which files are needed for the player window? (obviously Player Window... but assuming there's another file or more with graphics). Also, can you tell me the files for the group window?



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    Default Re: UIGrygan v3.0 available


    Thankyou Grygan =)

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    Default Re: UIGrygan v3.0 available

    Woot! Thanks Grygan, Love your UI


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    Default Re: UIGrygan v3.0 available

    Here is the screenshot of my setup:

    View my updated custom mix&match monkly UI here!


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    Default I'm back...

    Hi guys,
    I recently came back to EQ and trying to update my (very) old Monk UI... Unfortunately, it looks like they pulled the file on EQinterface, so I was wondering if anyone around here would have a copy of the old zip file somewhere on their drive that they would be willing to send me so that I don't have to start over from scratch again!
    Thanks in advance,

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