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Thread: Maps? help im computer illiterate

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    Default Maps? help im computer illiterate

    can anyone explain to me step-by-step exactly how to get the new map function to work? as far as i know i need to download some maps from someone who made them ... other than that i have no clue ! <img src= ALT=":)">

    please help !

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    Default Re: Maps? help im computer illiterate

    download the maps. put them int he everquest/maps directory.

    RUn game. Hit backspace to bring up the map window.

    Turn off height filtering and zoom out. You should be good to go.

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    Default do you need LoY?

    do you need to have upgraded to LoY to use the map feature for all other zones? I can get it to work in newbie areas and bazaar/nexus, but no where else.


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    Default Re: do you need LoY?

    I didnt think it worked with out LoY at all. Maybe they added the newbie areas recently as a freebie. But if you dont have LoY that would be the reason for not seeing maps in other areas, assuming you have downloaded them.

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    Default Re: do you need LoY?

    LoY is required for maps to function outside of cities and newbie zones.

    SOE did mention they opening up maps just to them zones. Outside that will require the LOY expansion.

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