Wasnt interested in this when the newest expansion was released a few weeks ago, but then I saw the armor and weapon rewards and knew I wouldnt be getting anything better (I dont group or raid). So I ended up trying it out. Its fun, reminds me of Unreal Tournement. Best of all I dont have to beg people to let me play with them, THEY"RE STUCK WITH ME LIKE IT OR NOT.

Not that Im a jerk, I try to help and be a beneficial part of the team, there are some real fascist jerks though, talking about getting on voice chat and sticking with a stategy no matter how much it isnt working. Its just a game. Like Im supposed to overcome a team with 3 healers, 2 casters and plate tank with 2 bruisers, 3 rougues and a necro. Its not happening. I get mezzed, I get nuked, I die.

You can usually tell which side is going to win in the first five minutes most times, playing catch up is brutal, the winning strategy is to seize the advantage and KEEP IT, nothing else is viable. Most people dont follow directions, really helps when someone steps up and takes charge...and that aint going to be me, I have to remember to not accept the battle for about 10-15 seconds or someone might mistake me for being in charge (Raid or Group leader positions).

Whatever, Win you get 3 trophies, lose you get 1. So I guess all I need to do is compete 300 times in each of the 3 types and I get my armor and jewlrey and weapons. Most items require 30-45 of 2 different types and you need to be level 90 to use.

Gears of Akanon- Standard 6 on 6 match where you seize the "Artifact" which damages the holder over time, This one, is brutal if you dont work together. My least favorite.

Battle of Ganak - 12 on 12 capture the flag battle. Speed and damage resistance is your friend.

Smugglers Cove - 24 on 24, capture and hold towers. 4 surround towers, 1 central. Not sure why people dont seize and hold the center right away, can be brutal if you find yourself isolated, overall the most fun of the 3.

overall matches last about 10-15 minutes each. Still its fun.