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    Hello I am a new monk, not new to the game but haven't played in like 5 years. I need help on which aa's to work on. I have looked for guides but haven't found one. I am lvl 61 and want to start on aa's but I also dont want to waste any by putting them in the wrong ones. Can anyone help plz.

    Remember I have NO aa's neede a list from the beginning.


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    That sort of depends. First off, what type of player are you? Do you mostly tank, pull, or dps? Solo, group, or prospective raider?

    Basic needs:

    Imitate Death, and Hastened Death (all ranks)
    Stonewall (rank 5)
    Runspeed 5/Weightless Steps 3
    Purify Body (none of the timer reductions, though)
    Ambidexterity/Sinister Strikes
    Infusion of Thunder
    Zan Fi (6)
    Extended Ingenuity (4)
    Planar Durability
    Some AAs in Combat Agility/Stability (maybe 10-14 ranks each)

    That should be a good start.

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    The mend AAs are also pretty great

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