The mexcian food beverly hills follow a large number of simple recipes which are really tasty as well as delicious. Besides this the simple mexican dishes are very easy to prepare. One such easy dish within the mexican cuisine is the corn bread which is a very simple food item in the vast cuisine of mexico which is sought after all over the world.
Only a few simple steps are required in preparing corn bread. We had gone through the ingredients that are required for this dish. Now its time to know how this delicious corn bread is prepared. Corn bread can be prepared in every household. The first basic step is to take a large bowl and add a few ingredients such as corn meal, baking powder, salt to taste. In addition to these ingredients we also have to add flour as well as sugar into the mixture.
Mix the above ingredients well. You also have to mix the dry ingredients with a spoon too. Now we have to add egg into the bowl and beat the mixture well. In addition to this, we also have to add the following ingredients into the mixture such as liquefied corn, melted butter as well as milk too. You will have to mix these added mixtures very well and should well blended for making the corn bread tasty. Make sure to use liquefied corn in this mexican food.
After beating the eggs properly its time to mix the egg mixture with the flour mixture. The two mixtures are combine to form a single mixture and continue mixing it till the flour in the mixture becomes moistened. Take a glass square dish and grease it evenly and pour the mixture into this greased dish and bake the food stuff for about 25 to 30 minutes in an oven. Just try out the prepared corn bread which is warm with butter, its really delicious.