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Thread: I miss "epic" Quests

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    Default I miss "epic" Quests

    I'm not asking for Epic 3.0, but I miss those big quests. I'm glad Ngreth is looking into doing the Shawl 2.0 I have high hopes for his shawl 2.0 quest since Eron's was so good. But taking things one step beyond Eron's, I liked the raids/mini-raids needed for the original epic quests. You didn't need great gear. For the most part you just needed people and organization. I'd like to see quests that in the end require 3-4 groups of Baz geared folks working well together accomplish a progressive goal. Kinda like the 8th shawl quest. One of the greatest feelings I'vee ever had in gaming was when we accomplished killing the King in Chardok for the first time ever, and did him 5 time in that same day because we got the technique down.

    This is what questing should be in games IMO. Not the kill x number and return crap you see in most games these days.

    Anwyay, just sharing a thought....

    p.s. - Hated the camping for hours crap part of the original 1.0's however (Raster *cough*)

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    i think you're referring to a different MMO, the one you're thinking of is down the hall, 2nd door on the right, 8 years ago :(

    ps- i think we all miss epic adventures!

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    Eron's was good, and being a monk I even went back and did the 8th shawl, and enjoyed it. Thinking of even going back and doing the Signit of Arcane from POP just for fun. 85 monk of Test server. Retired

    80 Ratonga Bruiser of Oasis Everquest 2

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