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Thread: Soloing 1.5

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    Default Soloing 1.5

    Hey guys, i was just wondering what you guys think i could reasonbly solo for the 1.5 quest with my gear along with a tier 1 journeyman healer merc.

    My magelo is, got about 18k with just merc buffs and about 250 aa's. I just would like to try and do epic just for the heck of it, let me know what you think i can solo. Thanks!

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    It'd be a tough solo, I believe. There are a lot of fights for the 1.5, and some hit for 1500, which is pretty tough to solo through with just a T1. Wygrish, the 7th Hammer, Windrush, Kragsmash and the Keeper will be difficult.

    If you must solo, get to 80 and start looking for SoD rot loot, which will help a lot. Also, try getting a Club of Slime in PoEarth and a Sap Encrusted Branch off Tunare; once they are slowed and snared, they are much easier. Try to get through SoD Earth progression, a T5 merc would help a lot as well.

    Of course, a good group would be able to burn through all these in a sitting, so that's the best option.
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    aye get one powerful friend to help you and your set. the tough and time consuming parts will be the damn tradeskill stuff.

    I soloed most of my 1.5 with a druid bot before mercs were around. And i had my 2.0 from start of 1.5 prequest to end of 2.0 in like 2 weeks. Which was before all the sod gear and even before i had any sof gear really. I did need help on the end mobs, and that thing in POJustice but thats about it.

    Im sure if i tried it now i could probably molo the whole thing.

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    i was able to do everything other than 7th Hammer and The Keeper with just a cleric merc at level 83 - just needed to enlist the help of a good tank and healer (or merc) to drop them.

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