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    Was just messing around with some old games last night (all online MMOs). I wish there was a site out that gave you the quick and dirty to "catching up" in games that have been out awhile. For instance, Vanguard. I played in beta, but its totally different now. I come back and I dont know what the hell is going on. A simple FAQ that was updated (Im not fond of getting lost in 876876587 wiki pages) and told you go here, go here, get this, get this, do this quest to be ready for this. It could even include links to current guides or info on other sites. But just a place to "get started".

    I dont know, it may seem dumb, but I feel like its hard to start a game 2+ years after its started and have no clue whats going on in content that no one does anymore.

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    The only problem I see with this is actually having the data to make such a site of use.

    I could probably do a couple games tops..

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